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  1. Simple 2 burner gimbaled stoves

    I have the Origo 3000 stove. Pretty good for holding the kettle and fits in the space provided on the Ross 930. But for actually having to boil water for tea/coffee/freeze-dried at sea, the Forespar single burner is the tool of choice. Too bad they don't make the Forespar anymore.
  2. Flicker Construction

    After cutting my hands to shreds on an old UV-degraded batten flicker while trying to reattach a block to it, the new powdered coated flicker I got from North for $20 or $30 was the best money spent on the boat! I'm pretty sure the little Harken block from West Marine cost more...
  3. My Tackticks display below 1.3 kts. We are often going slower than that in English Bay...
  4. Strange sounds from the boat

    We adjust the dynema runners by what sound/resonance they are making... A good hum usually means we have enough tension in 8-12 kts. When the spin halyard is flipped around the spreaders on the port side (ready for the next hoist) and rests on the runner, the sound goes away on that tack only.
  5. How to replace Olson 30 quarterberth track

    I always wondered what the rivets were attached to on my Olson. Glad I never had to try and figure it out...
  6. Shore power for idiots

    Buy this: https://www.westmarine.com/buy/marinco--dockside-30a-to-15a-adapter-with-ground-fault-protection--10066835?recordNum=5 Plug into this: https://www.westmarine.com/buy/marinco--30a-125v-50-economy-shore-power-cordset--14272439?recordNum=4 As said above, cut small ~1" diameter notch (i.e. thickness of cable) in top corner of wash board to run cable through. Really not that difficult...
  7. Sheaveless double block

    At what point does friction overcome the mechanical advantage? Interesting work.
  8. macerator question

    I got a nearly new Raritan Head, Macerator, Holding tank and Y-valve for free, just for helping remove it from another boat (who was going composting head). Afterwards, I can say with some authority that it would have been worth paying full West Marine retail to not have experienced that... Gruesome job. However, the flip side is, after re-installing it in my own boat, I now know exactly how it works and how to fix it if it breaks. You need to hacksaw almost every hose off of each fitting. They almost never slide off if installed properly. Wear gloves and a mask...
  9. Best sport boat battery operated LED nav lights

    The Navisafe lights are superb. I have the tricolor for the bow and a white only for the stern. Lots of mounts and options for install. A little spendy, but compared to installing permanent would cost less. Well built, waterproof, lightweight. Highly recommended.
  10. clearcoat on cf sprit failing

    I sailed for years on the Magic 25 "Good Vibrations" in Hong Kong. Glossy bright pink prodder, boom and carbon tiller. Looked the bomb!
  11. Mold? Other Toxicity?

    I have had the dehumidifier running 24/7 for the last 8 years on my boats. Drain into the bilge. Auto bilge pump overboard (as rain comes down the mast anyhow). My (clewless) crew even dropped the dehumidifier over the side packing up one day. Went straight to CanTire and bought a new one. Best thing you can do for the inside of the boat.
  12. The Hong Kong pleasure craft license is required for boats with motors >X hp and >X metres. It is not a difficult test, but you have to know all your lights, signals, safety, fire, etc. From what I remember there is a Marine and then Engine exam. The only challenge with the multiple choice test is that the English version is translated from Cantonese. 2 of the possible answers are always clearly wrong, but often the other 2 answers say basically the same thing and you end up guessing. There are reference books you can read and then challenge the test. Vic Lock taught an excellent and entertaining course on the subject out of RHKYC back in the day, but unfortunately nowadays Vic's occupying a bar stool in the Main Bar in heaven. Google or call RHKYC for more info.
  13. Round the County

    I've been looking but alot of places require 2 nights, anyone got some tips? Finding somewhere to stay that is walking distance from Roche is next to impossible right now. Kind of like VanIsle, but worse.
  14. Changing from Wire/rope halyards to just rope

    You know you're a crotchedy old man when you're defending wire halyards on the Internets...
  15. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Just checking in. See that "Our Hero" is still alive and well. Been busy with things and still back at post 14202, however, I'd thought I'd share this gem from FB posted to "Our Hero's" page for your perusal. I'm not sure, but think it might be significant...