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  1. Ultraman

    New imoca boats

    I think this is why they are going to have to sleep feet forward...
  2. Ultraman


    I shipped a 40' race boat on a cradle from Honolulu to Seattle in January: carbon mast down but keel still on. Jim Maynard from PDF is the guy you need to talk to along with the Keehi Marine Center. They are very, very helpful. Alaska/Aloha Marine Lines has a barge service from Honolulu to Seattle and they were great to work with and accommodating. Boat got here in perfect shape in relatively short order. Main problem is that you can't sail over and get loaded at Pier 27 and will have to truck from the yard in Keehi and need to deal with max 16' road height, oversized/wide load permits and police escorts. All this is not for the weak of wallet (or faint of heart). Getting craned down 3 stories from the barge down to the Duhamish river with a giant forklift was one of the highlights! PM me for details and contact info.
  3. Ultraman

    Vesper Cortex

    Looks very cool. Would definitely need a wrist strap or lanyard on that handset as I don't suspect they'll be cheap...
  4. Ultraman

    Manuard C40 & IMOCA 60 interview

    Many thanks for the translation. That was a pleasure to read.
  5. Ultraman

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    We just wrestled one of these Harken Carbofoils on. It was easily the hardest and most stressful job I've had to do on the boat. Unroll it 24 hours in advance if possible. Let it sit in the sun. Putting it in a hot tub might have worked... You will need a proper heatgun and a good extension cord (our was smoking until we switched directly to the 30amp line) if you want any chance of getting it on. Lots of soap. Do not use McLube. Fitting the barrel nut onto the top part over the bow in the water is stressful. Plan on it taking the whole afternoon. You'll need two people and a sense of humour.
  6. Ultraman

    2019 Southern Straits race

    Upwind in breeze we need to do a lot of work figuring out the boat and tuning the rig for the conditions. It was only our fifth sail and second time in any wind. Boat is powered up in any breeze. We also had crap on the bulb and had to do two back downs with a huge branch and bull kelp coming off. Helm is very neutral and didn't give off vibrations. Must pay attention to boat speed and polars. Downwind, we were much better. Rounded Sisters at 9:30pm-ish 14th around. Botched the initial hoist with the A2 and went with the A3. Were sailing well (even gybed), but later had a wipe out due to the wave action. Dropped and saved the kite, gybed Main only (ripping the mainsheet attachment off the boom - thankful for the safety strop), hoisted the S5 Frac chicken kite and then made off like scolded banshees, hitting 17.8kts on the surfs and regularly in the teens passing 8 boats on the run. We stayed mainly in the middle and went wide on approach and pipped Dolce and Rubatto on the line crossing 3rd at 2:30am, but correcting 13th. 11 hours up. 5 hours down. Ross on the X-41 was sailing in a completely different class than the rest of the Medium Course. He was at Sangster when the rest of us were at about Ballenas. The wind was light for him at Pt. Atkinson finish, whereas we rode the kite all the way in at speed. Going to be heaps of fun on the Outside. Bashing our way to the Nawhitti Bar for a week, not so much...
  7. Ultraman

    Baltoplate and 355 Thinner?

    Able to answer my own question now. Called Interlux and they recommend 216, but can of Baltoplate says use 355 right on the side of the can. Guess they can't recommend a discontinued product.
  8. Ultraman

    Baltoplate and 355 Thinner?

    I've got a couple of left over cans of the discontinued 355 Thinner I used to use with VC Offshore for the last 10 years. I'm putting on a new Baltoplate bottom job this weekend. Do I have to buy 216 Thinner as specified by Interlux or will 355 work? Also, my cans of Baltoplate are older (yellow label) and been sitting in storage for a while. Will these still be effective if we make sure to mix them really well? Worst part of the job is going to be removing the remaining Pettit Vivid White that is on there. Thankfully most of it has already sluffed off.
  9. Ultraman

    2019 Inflatable PFD's

    Only other option I know of is Salus http://www.salusmarine.com/?products=coastal
  10. Ultraman

    2019 Inflatable PFD's

    Mustang Khimera is inflatable foam combo, but only Type III. https://www.mustangsurvival.com/en_CA/products/khimera-dual-flotation-pfd-MD7183.html
  11. Ultraman

    Re-wiring mast: UV Sail , red deck lights

    This just reminded me of the line "leave a puddle of pleasure on the .6 runner." from SA's best ever post: the classic response to an LR rant: This place used to be fun!
  12. Ultraman

    Looking for emergency Nav lights

    The navisafe lights are an excellent product. Way better than some cheap plastic Chinese knock-off flashlight with a coloured lens. They have great mounts and should last a long time, but aren't inexpensive. Also, make sure your triple AAAs are full charge as the tricolour only shows Green on poor batteries instead of Red and Green. Otherwise, highly recommended.
  13. Ultraman

    Thoughts on Novasail VS Prostart

    I first met the Velocitek guys in Maui in May 2008 and picked an SC-1 from them. Upgraded to a ProStart after it launched, which is a great device that has served us well for years. When they first launched the American's Cup AC-45 catamarans the only devices they had were a ProStart. I think that's all the recommendation you need.
  14. Ultraman

    Long throw door latch

    Small door latch on the inside and sail tie to the handhold above on the outside. Works great on my Ross 930.
  15. Ultraman

    Express 34 hits submerged object, now what?

    I ran my Olson 30 aground and went from 5kts to 0kts in a few inches. Similar damage to yours, but less cracking at hull. The lead keel mushroomed on impact at the bottom, but it pivoted separating at the leading edge and pushing up the back end. All the stringers gave a dull thump and everything needed to be re-tabbed. You will likely need to grind out the stringers and replace along with fix the keel. Cost for my repairs was C$12K in 2011 and that was after getting quotes up to C$18K+. I had insurance, which was a good thing since Olson 30s were trading at about $10K at the time... This is something you want done right. And remember, it's not whether or not you'll hit a rock, it's just a matter of time...