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  1. Ultraman

    All-New Velocitek ProStart

    Get a ProStart to augment your old instruments. I have a full NKE System on my 40 foot race boat and we still have the ProStart mounted on the binnacle. Driver can ping the line, get the countdown, see Speed, Direction, etc. We can do all of this with the NKE and/or Garmin plotter too, but the ProStart's simplicity and ease of use trumps the others (we usually do both). I have had Velocitek SC-1 and Pro Start on last 3 boats. When it is time to sell: you unclip the Velocitek, slide old boat out of slip, drive new one in, attach Velocitek, go sailing. New ProStart looks great and is on my wish list, but old one from 2012 still works fine, so having trouble justifying spending money on something that's not broken.
  2. Ultraman

    Reasonably priced sextant

    I have a 1986 Weems and Plath Sextant made in West Germany (it is a beautiful, quality made precision instrument) which is in near new condition that I bought on eBay back in 2011 for ~$500 including wood box and pelican case. They are going for much more nowadays. Most in questionable shape. Mine sits proudly on a shelf in my study next to some yacht racing pickle dishes and one day I hope to use it in earnest. There used to be a lot for sale on eBay from India when they were dismantling Freighters and Ships. These would be left on board and flogged online. Not sure when the requirement to carry a sextant on a Ship ended, but I haven't seen these for a while. You don't find Sextants for sale very often anymore, but this might be worth a punt for C$90. https://vancouver.craigslist.org/nvn/bpo/d/north-vancouver-ebbco-sextant-complete/7221364944.html. I know nothing of this brand or listing. Just saw it browsing and remembered your post.
  3. Ultraman

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    I did this on an Olson 30 after a keel grid repair following a hard grounding. There was fiberglass dust absolutely everywhere, in spite of all the plastic sheeting we put up and vacuums attached to grinders, etc. So we ended up hosing it out and shop vac'ing the slurry out the sump. Took a couple of rinses. However, there's not much "interior" to wreck on an Olson 30 that isn't used to being wet all the time anyhow.
  4. Ultraman

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    I had put the T in after the raw water strainer to stop it sucking up anything from the sail drive intake. At least that was the theory! Not positive on the production rate as it is an older/second-hand unit came used out of a TP52. Think it is up to 125L/hr as it looks like this system https://citimarinestore.com/en/village-marine-ltm-series-watermaker/1514-ltm-800-220v-90-6050.html#/1355-volts_ph_hz_amps_watermakers-110v_1_ph_60_hz_18_amps/1338-membrane-no_0/1348-salinity_monitor-no Unit was put away professionally but is going to need a full service/filters/etc., before using, but I've been delaying this project/expense as we are not likely going offshore until 2022 as this rate. Sorry for the thread hi-jack everyone. I will follow up with Miffy by PM. Thanks! BTW, the Pogo 36 looks awesome! And sure you could maybe save some money by installing all the extras yourself, but no one buys a new Porsche and tries to install an after market stereo/GPS head unit. They just tick the option box on the order form. Self install is for the1999 Boxster you picked up for $10K. Kinda like what I'm doing installing used NKE Instruments and Watermakers on my 2006 race boat. After all the pain, the main benefit is that I should know how to fix them in the middle of the ocean when they break...
  5. Ultraman

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    On my 40 foot flat bottom race boat, I've set up my water maker (used Village Marine Little Wonder) salt water intake to T into the sail drive intake for the time being as I'd need to do a haul out to put a new thru-hull in. Plan to do so in the Spring. Would this work? I've only plumbed it in, but not tried to run it yet in earnest. Putting the Y-valve half way between, do you think I would I be able to get enough water flow to run the engine to charge the batteries while running the water maker at the same time? I have all the right pieces installed and it looks like it should work, but it's a bit of a science project right now...
  6. Ultraman

    New Pogo 44 first sailing pics

    That f@cking sock! I know that's basically the only way to get that big bastard down by yourselves/two-up in a blow, but still...
  7. Ultraman

    Importing a EU sailboat into US

    New EU boat Yes. Pre-owned EU boat No.
  8. Ultraman

    Henri Lloyd -40% "No more middlemen"

    40% off but most everything is sold out anyways.
  9. Ultraman

    Storm jib vs. Heavy weather jib

    Heavy weather jib has tell tales which you trim to make the boat go as fast as possible. Storm jib has lines that you tie around the forestay when things are going sideways. If you've ever needed a storm jib up, you wouldn't want to only have a no.4.
  10. Ultraman

    Old Skool gear

    Send this to Leo!
  11. Ultraman

    Settle this for me : PHRF TOD

    Problem with PHRF-ToT is that it uses other arbitrary factors that aren't always the same. Normally ToT is calculated as below' for calculating the Time on Time multiplier. A= 650 B= 550 Formula = 650/(550+TOD) Scratch Boat = 100 (ToT = 1.000) But sometimes the B factor is changed to 520, etc. If it's in the NOR I think it's fine. Don't like it, don't enter that race.
  12. Ultraman

    Best way to get code zero luff tension?

    Could consider 2 tack lines? One with a 2:1 or more purchase for code zero and another straight line for the Asyms. Putting in a 2:1 is pretty easy on the tack line. Just put a block with a snap shackle onto the tack line and have it terminate at end of the poll with another block (or antal ring) at the end of the pole. Can easily remove. In light air, we can adjust the tack line by hand with this set up on my 40 footer with 1350sq ft kites.
  13. Ultraman

    Santa Cruz 27 Plans/Lines/Drawings?

    I love people instructing others what they can and can not do with their own boats/property. If these Santa Cruz 27s are so valuable, go make an offer to him that he can't refuse.
  14. Ultraman

    Trucking a 40.7

    The boat and cradle were on a 20' shipping platform (which is half the height of a 40' shipping platform) to be fork-lifted onto the Aloha Marine Lines Barge to Tacoma. The boat had to be moved from Keehi Marine Centre to Pier 29 (only 2.3 miles) as it was not possible/allowed to crane the boat onto its cradle on the Barge at the Pier. Believe me, we tried... We were well under the electrical wires/stop lights at 15'11", but a couple of years earlier the Army was towing a Tank down the highway and took out an overpass, so the Highways Dept. were being extra strict on regulations. We had a flashing light police escort and everything. This was not a cheap exercise, but Jim Maynard at PDF and the Keehi Marine Centre guys did great work to get the boat ready and come highly recommended. Aloha Marine Lines was very accommodating and helpful on the Hawaii end as well as in the Tacoma shipping yard where I was a bit of an oddity (they generally ship dangerous goods down to Hawaii by barge and send broken dreams back as Hawaii has little produce...). Was much better than trying to sail a boat you've never step foot on 2300+nm upwind in the middle of Winter in spite of its ocean racing pedigree.
  15. Ultraman

    Trucking a 40.7

    From where to where? Height restrictions are going to be an issue. Also width. I have an adjustable cradle originally bought for a Bene 40.7. When I moved my boat (JV designed S-40 with 9'9" beam and 7'8" draft) on it we needed to remove everything from the cabin top including cutting the binnacle off to make height restrictions with the keel on. Boat on a low boy and the centre beams cut out of the cradle. Came out to 15'11" with 16' max height. BTW, moving 40 footers around is not for the weak of wallet.