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  1. Frick

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    ABC Hobart will do a live stream of the finish on their Facebook page
  2. I've got a B&G H3000 system with a Halcyon 2000 Compass in my Farr 30. But the compass is not behaving like it should. Every time I start the system the magnetic compass is not working. But if I connect my computer with H-Link to the H3000 CPU and open expedition and go into the H3000 settings in Expedition there's a setting called send magnetic compass from H3000 (or something like that) and then the magnetic compass works and shows up on the 20/20 and GFD displays. But if I disconnect the computer or start the system without turning on that setting in expedition the compass won't work... Can't seem to find anything in the GFD display settings for turning on the magnetic compass. Anybody got a clue why the Halcyon 2000 Compass behaves like this?
  3. If you want to join the big boys club, here is a possible S2H supermaxi world championships budget alternative... Capgemini/Hyundai was ordered by the former Swedish handball player Bertil Söderberg that still owns it. His original idea was to order two identical 100 ft racing yachts for business match racing, but the money run out after just one boat. He told Ron Holland that he wanted a 11 metre one design scaled up to 100 ft.. Upscaling a big dinghy was maybe not the best idea, Hyundai is probably one of the slower 100 ft race yachts out there. Did not even manage to break the old 90 ft Nicorette (now CQS) old record for the Around Gotland Race.. But hey its a supermaxi for only 300 000 euros...
  4. Frick

    Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    They have a Livestream on Facebook: