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    McConaghey 38

    MC38 "Whiplash" was bought from San Fransisco in 2014/2015 by some guys in Stockholm Sweden and named "Carbonara" with Happy Yachting as their sponsor. They raced it on the east coast in Sweden under ORCi and the local rule "SRS", in 2015 they were 3rd of 15 in the Swedish ORCi nationals. Some mods were made like a longer fixed sprit for Code0/bigger assy on it to make it even faster in the pretty common light wind conditions. Was always a blast to see it at the regattas and they even raced it at the 350nm Offshore "ÅF Offshore Race"/"Around Gotland Race" every year with good results, but it had to be veeeeery weeeeeet onboard. ORCi cert: Old ad from when it was for sale in Sweden:
  2. Frick

    Appointment at Kiel

    The film do not work outside the UK.....
  3. Frick

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    ABC Hobart will do a live stream of the finish on their Facebook page
  4. I've got a B&G H3000 system with a Halcyon 2000 Compass in my Farr 30. But the compass is not behaving like it should. Every time I start the system the magnetic compass is not working. But if I connect my computer with H-Link to the H3000 CPU and open expedition and go into the H3000 settings in Expedition there's a setting called send magnetic compass from H3000 (or something like that) and then the magnetic compass works and shows up on the 20/20 and GFD displays. But if I disconnect the computer or start the system without turning on that setting in expedition the compass won't work... Can't seem to find anything in the GFD display settings for turning on the magnetic compass. Anybody got a clue why the Halcyon 2000 Compass behaves like this?