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  1. Frick

    Full Main + HW Jib?

    Farr 30s don't reef because of the risk of decompressing the soft carbon rig from the loads when reefed.. The class rules states that you need 1 reef to comply with Cat 3, but everyone just have a "fake" reef. It works kind of ok with no reefs, when to windy you just take the main down and keep going with the jib. We did an 350nm offshorerace (around gotland race) with our old Farr 30 this summer with wind speeds up to 50 knots on the baltic sea... At 35 knots we just took the main down and kept going with the #2 jib. When it came closer to 50 knots we put up the HWJ and asked ourselves why the hell we were on a submarine on open waters far away from land in those conditions..
  2. Just bought a Corby 33 with an Origo 3000 alcohol stove in the galley, but want to throw it out and replace it with a gas burner stove instead. Would like to get one of these gimbaled skeleton racing stoves with 2 or 3 simple "camping" burners , those were you connect the gas/propane bottle directly under the gas burner. Have seen those on different race boats like Farr 40, 1D35 etc. But it seems to be impossible to find were to buy them. Does anyone know who makes these skeleton stoves or are they only custom made by the boat builders?
  3. Frick

    McConaghey 38

    MC38 "Whiplash" was bought from San Fransisco in 2014/2015 by some guys in Stockholm Sweden and named "Carbonara" with Happy Yachting as their sponsor. They raced it on the east coast in Sweden under ORCi and the local rule "SRS", in 2015 they were 3rd of 15 in the Swedish ORCi nationals. Some mods were made like a longer fixed sprit for Code0/bigger assy on it to make it even faster in the pretty common light wind conditions. Was always a blast to see it at the regattas and they even raced it at the 350nm Offshore "ÅF Offshore Race"/"Around Gotland Race" every year with good results, but it had to be veeeeery weeeeeet onboard. ORCi cert: Old ad from when it was for sale in Sweden:
  4. Frick

    Appointment at Kiel

    The film do not work outside the UK.....
  5. Frick

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    ABC Hobart will do a live stream of the finish on their Facebook page