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  1. Chuck L

    Charter in Grenada

    Thanks for the tips everyone -- I need to re-read and make notes..... We have confirmed with Horizon. I'm first mate on a Jeanneau 45DS in late January starting in St. Vincent and ending up in Grenada 10 days later. (I've been captain 3x now, so it's someone else's turn!) Air Canada "Rouge" flys YYZ-St Vincent (the "new" airport on the eastern shore) on Thursdays next winter, and back from Grenada on Mondays. It's just the connection back to Ottawa that's the challenge. Two sailors and 2 non-sailors. It'll be a little less wild than BVI last year -- different group, that's OK. Plus I realized that our inflatable SUP fits within AC's checked baggage limits! Cheers
  2. Chuck L

    Charter in Grenada

    Interesting - thanks for the input, folks. We would be on a mono, so upwind not as painful as a cat (although I have yet to sail on a charter cat...). Cheers
  3. Chuck L

    Charter in Grenada

    Folks, I've been to BVIs three years in a row (and loved it) but we're stepping out next winter. We're looking at Grenada (and Martinique). Planning on 9-10 nights on board. Grenada appeals because the Grenadine Islands from there to Saint Vincent are closer together and seem to offer lots of opportunities for anchorages and shore excursions (hikes, just walking around). Martinique was less interesting because you can go around it, or sail to St Lucia or Dominica, but with longer distances and fewer stopover opportunities, it doesn't seem to suit our mixed crew. Speaking of that, we are four guys: two fairly experienced freshwater sailors, one guy who can dump the Laser at his cottage, and his fun but land-locked brother. We're heading off Jan-Feb 2018. We're all over 50 so party life is over for us. A few good bars/restaurants, good hikes and good sailing is what we're looking for. Now, I have three CA threads to read through, but before I get through all of that, I was looking for opinions on Grenada (and Martinique) as well as charter companies. We've identified a few four-cabin monos including an older Bene 51.5 from Horizon (chartered from them twice in BVI, and I've always been happy with them). Specifically, does anyone have any experience with Cosmos Yachting (UK-based broker with more activity in the Med, but with some deals in the Caribbean)? Cheers!
  4. Chuck L

    My newest project

    I jumped ahead to page 81 for this??
  5. Awesome thread, and agree with pretty much everything. Been twice, planning trip #3 now. Chartered out of Nanny Cay the last 2 trips, going east end this time, and flying into Tortola (via San Juan). Last year the snow slowed us down, but we only lost a few hours -- instead of getting into St Thomas and onto the fast ferry in the afternoon (easy trip, but don't be the last one off at Tortola), we ended up at the airport hotel in St Thomas (took an hour to find the hotel in the dark, dragging our gear behind us). Coming home, I've never tried to go from boat to ferry to St Thomas airport the same day -- it's possible but maybe a little nerve-wracking for the last day of your holiday. Stayed at the Bunker Hill both times. All the prices in St Thomas drop at 5pm, when the cruise ships leave, but there are only 3 restaurants open in the evening... The first day's sail from Nanny Cay to Norman's is a short, easy sail, and you can throw in a stop at the Indians. Get to the Baths early, and do the walk up the hill and around (I did it in bare feet, but YMMV). We did the hike from BEYC up and around the hill (I wore shoes there!). BEYC was pretty quiet last year, but Saba Rock had a big buffet the year before. At Jost, get to a ball in Great Harbour early. From there you can go to Foxy's or dinghy over to White Beach (Jost). Little Harbour is much easier (dinner at Harris, drinks at Sidney's Peace and Love). Cooper Island YC was a really nice dinner. And watching the Superbowl at Peter Island Resort (we were on a ball in the big harbour there) was a lot of fun! My mates did big walks on Jost and on Peter Island, as well as at BEYC. Marina Cay was OK, but I want to try White Bay at Guana Island -- maybe the last night before we return the boat. And Anegada is on our list this year. Have fun!
  6. Chuck L

    Our Beloved mainsheetgirl

    It's all been said, I have nothing to add... ... except that I still don't understand why I can feel so emotional about losing someone that I have never met. It always sucks when someone who we love is lost to us. To any of us. All we can do is wish peace and our love to those left behind. And hope that they can heal enough to keep memories alive, and to keep loving everyone else around them.
  7. Chuck L

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    This is going to be a VERY goood turn out and a great party. Get a boat, show up, race, have fun. EYC is a great venue - easy to get to, easy to park, lots of room to party after. Just hope you have more wind than we did at the FBYC Open last weekend. Minus the thunderstorms, too. And if you meet Frank Dietl, tell him I said hello! (I used to crew on his CS33 20 years ago...) Cheers,
  8. Chuck L

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Just the bowling green. [unbelievable snorting sounds...] Sorta told me the story about "Lawnboy" a few years ago. I hurt myself laughing so hard. Is he still banned from RCYC?
  9. Chuck L

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    LORC site is up. Forum, too, although it sees very little action. Chris Steer and Thisbe are also active on SA. There was a thread here while they were working on the GTASR&PU (RCYC replacement for the NOOD). I am looking forward to EYC! Missed the cottage at Henderson though, too bad. Cheers,
  10. Chuck L

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    You and Hung, sheesh. I hate hearing how difficult it is when it snows, so hard on all the daffodils and tulips in February... We got hammered with snow last year, particularly in March (just as we were heading south for March Break), so it's not "over" by a long shot yet. Having said that, we are just about to get 13 degrees (what, mid 50s?) tomorrow and a week of above-freezing days. I'm ready for that! Cheers,
  11. Chuck L

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    Thanks for the update! Not much snow here in February -- we got it in December and January, during our bus strike, of course. Visited the boat today. First time on board since October (I did too good a job sealing her up -- it's a pain to get on and off the boat, under the tarp, around the mast support (mast comes down), over the pushpit). Everything intact, did some test fitting and planning. Damn phone didn't ring all day until I got there. Then it didn't stop until I got home. Figures. Cheers,
  12. Chuck L

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    Bump, Too cold to work on the boat, Bitches? I was thinking of heading out to climb under the tarp for the first time this winter. I've been doing field measurements on an uncovered sistership that's closer to the clubhouse, but it may be time for a proper visit myself today. Cheers,
  13. Chuck L

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    Very cool -- a moisture pump for boats!
  14. Chuck L

    Older well known IOR Boats

    That's a C&C (Charisma), right? What happened to Evergreen after the Fastnet? Cheers,