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  1. kmcfast

    PNW Race Week 2021: Who's In?

    Y not Port Townsend?
  2. kmcfast

    New foulies?

    My old Line 7 smock still works for me.
  3. Portland OD Cal 20’s a 39 boat fleet with jibs and 180% frack spinnakers might do it.
  4. Ed is gonna lay a whopping on ya.
  5. kmcfast

    Schock 35 vs J/35 - Redux

    Our setup on the Santana 35 is a J105 a sail and Main has the same total SA as the J 105. Santana 35 is 600# heaver. How much of a rating hit did you take?
  6. kmcfast

    Schock 35 vs J/35 - Redux

    How did the turbo job work out, we have a J 105 A sail thinking about turboing a Santana 35?
  7. No worries Mate, Wait till Winnard gets the “Blue Light Special” Venture 21 back in the water. It’s a renaissance of old killer shitboxes...
  8. Ouch, Ed don’t lump all us Trumpers in one group. Mad Max would be crying like a little bitch watching that E 35 rail down, double head Jib top and staysail blasting outta SD bay. Picture a blender below full of Margaritas to spiff the Grinders and Foredeck and yourself flipping a abacus feverishly calculating how many minutes you ain’t got on the Anarchy...
  9. kmcfast

    This Santana 35 Polar any good?

    Yeah more like 135 to 150 degrees from 8 to 12 knots seem more realistic with a penalty symmetrical...maybe the old IOR skinny spins hehe
  10. Cancelled St. Francis YC 2020 Rolex NOR . ELIGIBILTY 4.1. The regatta is open to all: a. One Design boats of the J/120, J/105, J/88, J/70, and Express 37 classes. b. Monohull boats with a LOA ≥ 30’ and a current fully or partially measured ORR rating certificate.
  11. 7 to 8 max crew, Big Boat and long bay stuff. 125% max for credit, 180% symmetrical spin. Dacron main can be competitive? Can you inhaul the 125% jib?
  12. kmcfast

    Looking for good used J 105 sails

    Sure thanks