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  1. J 24 average boat weight?

    Go to Sailing Anarchy X 24 post we are trying to get 3 J 24s down to 2400# any ideas?
  2. J 24 average boat weight?

    What is the average boat weight or hi and low in your J 24 fleet? Thx
  3. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Minimum dry weight IC 24 is 2550# no mast. What is the avg. weight of your fleet OD J 24’s?
  4. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    We will have a 6 boat members X 24 fleet this spring at Stockton Sailing Club. Home of the Delta Ditch Run. All J 24’s are welcome..we will have some toggles to extend your forestay, just leave your Genoa in the car.
  5. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    These Martin 24’s once had Genoa’s. The M 24’s we Configured would murder the old Genoa version. If you want a Genoa knock your self out. Photo Dena Kent
  6. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Opens up the cockpit the std. short one is next to useless. SA/Disp. Is too low. And hull shape is too fat and too much rocker for a proper A sail sport boat.
  7. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    J 24 Class min. Hull weight 3031# most PHRF will credit jib 6-9 sec./ mile X 24 upwind with jib SA/D with 600# crew is 23.5 J 24 upwind with Genoa SA/D with 882# crew is 22.36
  8. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Exactly Crash... some fleets are strong others are gone. Cheap boats everywhere. Repurpose them or to the landfill. Fixed forestay length forced many mods that would have been unnecessary with a longer forestay. An example of Repurpose is In PDX, the have 40+ cal 20s all have jibs and spinnakers.
  9. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Our proto boat is saving over 160 lbs. by removing primaries, bow and stern rails, 2 Stantions, traveler. Plumber and freewheelin thx for your input. You can fill the old holes with s s carriage bolts.
  10. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Could call it “Ex 24 if that makes u happy. Ex because your Ex took all your money and all you can afford is just this stinkin tee shirt and J.
  11. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Thx I have seen this. Easier and cheaper mod the J than to replace the deck. but the IC is on the right tack.
  12. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Some J fleets are dying...getting rid of the Genoa makes it a 3 man boat. less crew more boats racing. Longer forestay fixes the lack of weather helm. see ic 24. J 24 rules are too restrictive. Staying with standard j 24 sails for now. Post your input. Thx
  13. https://www.facebook.com/X-24-Class-Association-523240304679254/ Putting together a class of slightly modified J 24’s. A 3 sail, 3 person boat with standard J 24 class sails main, Jib and spinnaker. Prototype has no pulpits stern rails just 4 stantions, no primaries, no traveler just bridle, turnbuckle or Furler on forestay. Any ideas on rules or tips to make a simpler boat chime in.