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  1. Kiwis should be a great football power with that dive or flop.
  2. Where is Wikileaks on this? First he got flicked from the High Sierra Regatta now this.
  3. Great vid, but two words of advice from the old SC 27 "Lowrider" #124 HATCH BOARD!
  4. The Ed is too busy trashing the Fesnecks RC over their principled stand.
  5. Raced one , great boat except upwind in a hard chop, we sailed it with a catalina 27 main and blade worked great, Would have went that way but sold the boat. Velcro foot straps on the mast step bridge work well for the female set.
  6. Hey, Gladi, how about some Al Morris regatta I-550 results.
  7. ..................gotta love the -no-limits- game!! Wow. if that sq. top works you can throw away the head is 40-50% of the foot lenght theory. Maybe a little Viagra is in order.
  8. Venture 21 with a Viper tin rig and sails...
  9. Capri 30 won everything on the Columbia river for 3 years, scary fast in the lite stuff. Sailed swiftsure in dead glassy water doing 4.5 knts. appar. wind only, from tatoosh to race rocks.
  10. Smokin V 21 hehe
  11. Watched them for years at Whidbey Island RW get pounded in the lite stuff..ugh Colorado PHRF trophy - Ultimate 20 7 years straight. Lake sailing light shifty winds, the results don't lie. Never sailed in the PNW so I don't know why the results are so different. You know any of these guys? 2004 WIRW Bob Aman Rogue Ultimate 20 12th place Bob Miles Slingshot Ultimate 20 15th place 2005 WIRW Mike Schott U 20 12th place
  12. Choate 27 is fastest boat I've sailed or seen in lite stuff upwind...
  13. Watched them for years at Whidbey Island RW get pounded in the lite stuff..ugh
  14. On J 24s when we raced a PHRF race we put a 2" toggle in the forestay for the lite /med. stuff, waaaay faster.