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  1. Looking to start Master Sunfish racing?
  2. kmcfast

    SDYC Hot Rum 2020

  3. kmcfast

    What makes a fast Int.Sunfish?

    Thx flying fish the flat sided original rudder and dagger boards are as fast as the new ones with naca foil section?
  4. kmcfast

    SDYC Hot Rum 2020

    If your foils are somewhat efficient, a full hoist 102% to 105% with inboard or outboard tracks. Measure the sheeting angles. Most older mastheads need a little bit of overlap on #3 s. If your foils are fat and slow a San Fran Santana 22 OD type of mule sheeted wide or a little inboard would work.
  5. kmcfast

    SDYC Hot Rum 2020

    “Poor craftsman that blames his tools” call your sailmaker wit your debit card....
  6. Winnard for the tiebreaker not a bad shakedown for A 4.
  7. kmcfast

    PNW Race Week 2021: Who's In?

    Y not Port Townsend?
  8. kmcfast

    New foulies?

    My old Line 7 smock still works for me.
  9. Portland OD Cal 20’s a 39 boat fleet with jibs and 180% frack spinnakers might do it.
  10. Ed is gonna lay a whopping on ya.
  11. kmcfast

    Schock 35 vs J/35 - Redux

    Our setup on the Santana 35 is a J105 a sail and Main has the same total SA as the J 105. Santana 35 is 600# heaver. How much of a rating hit did you take?
  12. kmcfast

    Schock 35 vs J/35 - Redux

    How did the turbo job work out, we have a J 105 A sail thinking about turboing a Santana 35?
  13. No worries Mate, Wait till Winnard gets the “Blue Light Special” Venture 21 back in the water. It’s a renaissance of old killer shitboxes...
  14. Ouch, Ed don’t lump all us Trumpers in one group. Mad Max would be crying like a little bitch watching that E 35 rail down, double head Jib top and staysail blasting outta SD bay. Picture a blender below full of Margaritas to spiff the Grinders and Foredeck and yourself flipping a abacus feverishly calculating how many minutes you ain’t got on the Anarchy...
  15. kmcfast

    This Santana 35 Polar any good?

    Yeah more like 135 to 150 degrees from 8 to 12 knots seem more realistic with a penalty symmetrical...maybe the old IOR skinny spins hehe
  16. Cancelled St. Francis YC 2020 Rolex NOR . ELIGIBILTY 4.1. The regatta is open to all: a. One Design boats of the J/120, J/105, J/88, J/70, and Express 37 classes. b. Monohull boats with a LOA ≥ 30’ and a current fully or partially measured ORR rating certificate.
  17. 7 to 8 max crew, Big Boat and long bay stuff. 125% max for credit, 180% symmetrical spin. Dacron main can be competitive? Can you inhaul the 125% jib?
  18. kmcfast

    Looking for good used J 105 sails

    Sure thanks
  19. kmcfast

    After Ericson 35...Ed will get?

    At least 4 more years.
  20. kmcfast

    Ed, u gonna lead the counter parade?

    Resist Biden hehe