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  1. egon

    What happened to all of the other wild oat's?

    The original Wild Oats has done quite well under her current stewardship as Wild Rose. <-- Gotta click it cause CYCATV doesn't like embedding
  2. egon

    what is it?

    Divider for a giant, boat shaped, ice cube tray.
  3. egon

    A is 4

    That's not 4, that's 2.
  4. egon


    Wow, what a retarded complaint. You want a cheap battery, go to Pep Boys or Wally World, and fuck off. You want a battery that will be reliable and power important shit on your boat like nav lights, VHFs, and bilge pumps? Listen to what we have to say and fuckin learn something. I mean, I hate the fact I spend $300 bucks on a batteries, the oldest of which that has lasted 12 years SO FAR. Shame on me.
  5. egon

    The Best Drunk Food

    Firefly knows what's up.
  6. egon

    Where do teaspoons go? longitudinal study.

    ...Or maybe check with this guy:
  7. egon

    what is it?

  8. egon

    what is it? --Matt
  9. egon

    Welder Recommendations - NYC Area

    FW, Sent you a PM. --Matt
  10. egon

    what is it?

    Because we need square top jibs too.
  11. egon

    "Y" Mooring Bridle/Pendant Prototype

    HW, Can you detail why you aren't a fan of brummels? --Matt
  12. egon

    "Y" Mooring Bridle/Pendant Prototype

    I like to design and build weird shit for esoteric problems that may or may not exist only in my head. But seriously, I saw the setup that mooring provider was using after it wrapped around the back of my keel less then 24 hours after my boat went into the water and thought: I think I can make this better, simpler, and more efficient. --Matt
  13. Riggers, Rope Gurus, Splicing Geeks, I'm looking for some comments and criticisms on mooring bridle/pendant hybrid I'm working on. Yes, that is one piece of line. That allows me to not be limited to a length due to bury requirements. No, not all the splices have been sewn, I don't like the biggest thread I have in my supplies right now. The buried section will have extra flotation in order to keep things from wrapping on the ball. I'm in a spot where I see a far amount of wind against current. The current "Y" bridle using 3 separate lines make the whole thing is so long that the ball will wind up aft of my keel (high aspect) and that's bad. I'm working off a setup my mooring provider came up with, but he has never worked with Tenex TEC before. I do all the rigging work on my boat and am helping him to come up with possibly a better mouse trap. --Matt Boat - 30' & ~7000 lbs Materials - 5/8" Tenex TEC; HD Suncor 316 SS Fed Spec thimble
  14. egon

    Severe Hull Damage

    It's a very bad idea to buy a project anything unless you can confidently say "I can fix or finish this". I've done it with one boat and now in the process with another. That boat... Run, quickly. --Matt