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  1. egon

    Replacing a piece of toe rail

    Geez Alan, I don't know who's deck looks worse right now, yours or mine. Glad to see you are making progress though. --Matt
  2. egon

    2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    Who knows. LH has not graced us with his presence in a while. However, he was proud of a new sock puppet and its post count a few months ago. I don't know why someone would be proud of a sock puppet, that's right up there with winning an argument on the internet.
  3. egon

    2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    How were the temper tantrums from a certain crew member on the second weekend? --Matt
  4. oops, my bad. SQL related... Satanic-rituals-gone-wrong-dept Fixed it.
  5. What about systemd? *runs and hides*
  6. Oh hell no, you want your keyboard replaced for what?!? Blood stains?!?! I'm sorry, but you must have the IT department confused with satanic-rituals-gone-wrong-on-reddit-dept.
  7. Nah, its all pain and suffering, but I am glad to help.
  8. Sounds like an issue with the boat's network client, dunno why STDERR is being output to spinnaker:0.0 though. More curious is why they chose to set their sail number with DHCP. To each their own. --Matt
  9. egon

    What a money pit!

    I knew a guy who got out of sailing because it was too expensive. He decided to go buy a horse or 2 instead.
  10. egon

    what was it?

    Shame what several years of neglect can do. MACE looked a bit better back when these pictures where taken: Yay the Googles
  11. egon

    2017/2018 Ski Season

    Will be in Vail area this Sat, Sun, & Mon. Any one around? --Matt
  12. egon

    double trouble

    Shhh! Those are for the beers.
  13. egon

    2017/2018 Ski Season

    Most of the lifts were closed at Stowe, the triple was open and we got a few runs in. I think we saw -10 air temp. In the end the beer and fireplace in the lodge won out.
  14. egon

    2017/2018 Ski Season

    Anyone gonna be in Stowe next week? Wed to Sun? --Matt
  15. egon

    8 Bells Everett Pearson

    Alberg designed Pearson Triton. Handsome, wonderful little boat. Started the age of fiberglass boats.