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  1. Your WiFi Network - DTS

    Ah yes, Screw Driving. Gives new meaning to having your box hacked.
  2. Technically the patient took a gun shot to the head on Monday morning, but we've all been to busy patching shit to inform the plebes. https://www.krackattacks.com/ http://www.zdnet.com/article/here-is-every-patch-for-krack-wi-fi-attack-available-right-now/ https://thenextweb.com/security/2017/10/17/krack-explained-like-youre-five-years-old/ --Matt
  3. Long Key, the Front Fell Off

    HA! Breaking News Get it, Breaking News. Ha Ha! Ok, I'll leave now.
  4. The most metal-est commercial flight is no more: Finnair's Friday the 13th Flight 666 to HEL http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/13/brave-passengers-board-last-ever-flight-666-hel-friday-13th/
  5. and I'd still be waiting for him to pay me.
  6. I'm evil, but not that evil.
  7. I remember the last time I had shit load of sash weights, 800 pounds of the fuckers to be exact. Scrapped them for about $20. Sure enough, the following weekend my YC's RC is looking for sash weights to redo our mobile marks. They would have had a lifetime supply.
  8. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    my36, There's a well prepped Evelyn 26 in Raritan Bay that is looking for a new owner. Did very well and collected a lot of silverware. PM me for details. --Matt
  9. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

    It's really not my fault, but I do like to keep poking the wasps' nest. COME ON!!!! REDDIT! LINK! NOW!
  10. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

    Linky please? I might have a gallon or 2 of flammable shit to throw on that fire.
  11. Hey buy an ad!

    This 26 has a fixed keel with a 4.5' draft. This one is is excellent mechanical shape with very good sails. PM if you want more info. --Matt
  12. Hey buy an ad!

    Evelyn 26. Can race jib and main easy with a small crew. Wicked fast in the light stuff. I know of one looking for a new home. --Matt
  13. Alan, Glad to hear that you are close to the relaunch of Savage. I hope to get a chance to sail (and maybe race) on her. A huge thanks again for all the help thus far this season. As always, any way I can help you, I'm there. --Matt
  14. New York State Anarchy

    While in Rochester, you gotta eat and drink... Gotta get a Garbage Plate. Mark's on Monroe Ave and Tahou's on Lyell Ave. Hit up Lux at 666 South Ave for one of the awesomist weird bars. The Spot for coffee and snacks, downtown, its an old car dealership. Uber cool art deco. --Matt