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  1. Your gonna have to build an alignment jig. If the axle tube is really just 2" box, IFF: Cut both spindles off. Get a new piece of 2" box to replace the whole tube. Build a jig and get that shit straight and burn everything back together. Bob's yer auntie.
  2. egon

    Evelin 26 FR - Line drawings

    Lemme see if I can find the ones I made a while back. Does your skipper want any good deals on sails, I got a bunch. --Matt
  3. egon


    Decimeter = Sprit & Asym Feet = Pole & Symmetrical kite Shush about the J/100 and J/99.
  4. egon

    Bitchen’ Camaro

    Did someone say Bitchin' Camaro?
  5. Dear boy, go warm up the Roller.
  6. egon

    Race to Ensenada...

    ...of a different kind
  7. egon

    Pre-Hoonigan times

    Sounds like a few folks are not familiar with Hoonigan and the Gymkhana series. Let's take a trip back in time (and ruin your productivity today). So this is where it all started: DC's Mountain Lab 1.5
  8. egon

    Blades/knives. Whatcha got

    Someone has to keep him in line.
  9. egon

    Best tool to shorten stainless bolts?

    Stupid question: What size bolt exactly is needed for the application?
  10. Florida man has competition now, I think? That's not really a good thing.
  11. egon

    Pre 1993 Harken 150 Rebuild

    I just cut the offending parts of the plastic base off flush. Everything works fine after that. Just tape the bugger together after putting the bearings in and carefully install.
  12. egon

    Swan 47/Nautor block Sheave

    A good machine shop will be able to turn new sheaves out of Delrin or MDS. Bearings should available via McMaster or the like.
  13. egon

    Soverel 27

    How about an Evelyn 26? Great light air boat, 4.5' draft, tow-able.
  14. egon

    Has foiling gone too far?

    Yes, the foiling has gone too far.