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  1. Gitana Maxi 17

    I find it hard to believe any explanation that cavitation is responsible for destroying the foil. If that were the case, there would be evidence of that occurring elsewhere all ready, like mothe, kitefoilers, AC72, AC40, bla bla bla
  2. Gitana Maxi 17

    Is that a honeycomb core........ you have Got to be shitting me... More carbon in my kitesurfing mast
  3. AC75 Class Concept

    Good question.....
  4. AC75 Class Concept

    Info by 30 Nov 17
  5. The million dollar question is........ Can't you just build the yacht with form stabilty in mind, use a smaller RIG, no bulb and employ a counter lifting foils with variable AoA? Ie - use a lifting foil out the side to replace the bulb at low speed or if the hull is heeled. When up to speed the normal foil(s) lift the hull and use windward foil to control ride height or to provide downforce?
  6. The Next Boat-----2020

    Rather than designing a boat hull to rotate, which is going to give the sails issues. If you are sure the angle of incidence at design speed is only going to be 15 degrees.... just design the bloody hull shape from the get go, with a 15 degree angle of incidence in mind?
  7. 6 meters wide with 2 x 6 meter foils?
  8. Middle Sea race

    Scanas.... you remind me of my old man. He refused to get a fast race yacht because all they are good for is racing and he wanted to cruise, then after owning it for 5 to 10 years, all he ever did was race. I've got to say, I ALMOST choked on my hat when I saw the price of the infinity..... cheaper to buy the maxi Lahana and a full new set of sails, + club fees for a few years I think. ..... Shuddering at the thought of what the Farr 53 would cost.... 2.5 - 3 mill australian? http://www.farryachtsales.com/sales/production
  9. Middle Sea race

    The race was 70% upwind, and it still beat the cookson 50 which is 4 feet longer... pretty dam good if you ask me... If the race favoured DSS it would have obliterated a lot more, including the Botin 65 based on the last two legs What is faster under 46 feet ?
  10. Middle Sea race

    ... You could say they finally had a race with foiling conditions for a change.... still though not bad for a 70% upwind race to beat the cookson 4 feet longer.
  11. Middle Sea race

    Maverick have rolled the cookson by 7nm, now 50+ ahead of the Kerr 46 and clawed back 4nm on the caro the 65. Must be the foils hey???
  12. Middle Sea race

    They have pulled a 20nm lead in front of the Kerr, about to roll the cookson 50, but don't think they have the curry to catch the botin 65 unless they get a 20kt reach.
  13. If they can make Commanche work, at a beam of 8 meters, then a 75 footer at 6-8 meters beam with control foils outside that for leverage, is now wider than an AC50...
  14. Ditch the Keel all together Lateral stability from the foils before foiling Use form stability + pitch control on windward foil to create windward downforce. Smaller rigs, Higher speeds
  15. Pure Speculation, but I think the kitefoils in the light would probably beat an AC50, say a Banga light wind foil under 15 kts, and a moses foil 20-30 kts. In the medium / heavy, i think they would be close . Seaway would become an issue for both , the kiter more than the cat i would be almost positive towards 30kts. they have developed quite a bit over the last couple years, and are going more and more towards higher aspect, ultra high modulus thinner solid Carbon sections. I think some of the race foils may only have 9 to 10mm mast in the water, on foils a similar thickness up front, and maybe 5 - 6 mm at the rear. Just as was revealed by the AC50 crews, the rear kite foil stabilizer is tuned to match the hydro-dynamic drag, so that the more there is, the more downforce it provides, this stops the balance point of the kitesurfer from shifting due to the foil speed through the water, instead it only shifts due to sail shape reference apparent wind and groundspeed.