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  1. Gumby left his slip today at about 1130 am. Him and his 3 crew are headed to the BVIs via Bermuda on his '83 Morgan 366. As his wife, it's a bittersweet day for me: I'm used to him being away this time of the year, as he's almost always doing deliveries. But there's always an adjustment period for me before i get used to life alone. That said, I have 5 weeks booked to be with him cruising the Virgins and Guadeloupe area in the spring. He quit work in August to dedicate getting ready for this trip. It was time well spent. You can follow his blog here: http://sailingvagrant.blogspot.ca/
  2. It's certainly been a solemn few days at the Gumby-NG household. He was a very good friend to us, and he gave my husband some incredible opportunities (3 Trans-Atlantic crossings with him). So many great memories, of our time spent with him and his family (and you, basketcase) So hard to lose someone you had so much admiration and respect for, so hard to think of two beautiful young kids losing their father so soon, and can't even fathom how devastated Patianne must be.
  3. Not all of us.I wouldn't change a thing about my husband.
  4. My favourite Aunt was diagnosed with terminal cancer the end of September. I've managed to coordinate for everyone to visit after Christmas. It will be the first time in 15 years my mother, uncles and aunts have all been together. I have no idea what to expect (I know she is tolerating chemo well, with minimal side effects). I'm a bit scared, and a bit nervous. Looking forward to taking care of the caregiver (my uncle). Not quite prepared for saying goodbye (she's been given 5-11 months from her diagnosis, so I expect we will lose her by the summer, outside a miracle. What a fucking awful disease.
  5. This is my goal.... Unedited photo of my delts...I want those back. Those are some amazing freaking shoulder muscles there....
  6. Weighed in this morning. BMI down 0.1. (10 lbs off my WDW, 4 lbs from my goal) Yay! Had my first paddling lesson last night. Wow. I could barely walk the 10 minutes home from the lake, and immediately soaked in a hot epsom salt bath. But, paddled 3200+ m, and my coach was very encouraging. It's definitely motivation to work on my cardiovascular fitness when we're not on the water, and some targeted strength training as well. In other news, did you know there's no ice box in a war canoe?
  7. How did you find it in practice? I've done it before myself for about a month. Very good for kicking the sugar habit. I found it really hard to make meat interesting, though (when you are eating it all. the. time.) At first it was a bit awkward. I don't think anything about it now. I guess at first it seems confining but there's more to eat than just meat on your protein day and it opened up a whole new way of eating for me. Lots of eggs, fish, salmon, shrimp and any kind of seafood you can think of. I've been nuts on seafood. I can tell you a bunch of ways to make shrimp. However, a fairly expensive diet to be on. But I really do have a hard time eating out although the BBQ is pretty good where I live. I got laid off just after I started this diet so that made it easy to cook at home. Now that I'm back at work, I shop at grocery and cook at work on one of those nuwave induction things you see on TV. I actually like my cooking better than most places around me but do miss Mexican food. Vegitable days are pretty special now and I really appriciate what a cherry tomatoe taste like now and love salads. I think as long as I keep bread and pasta out, I'll be good. It is a pretty pricey way of eating. I found snacks to be the hardest. Not too many carb free snack options around. I ate a lot of lean ground beef on that diet (would whip up a bunch of burgers at the start of the week and keep them in the fridge at work). And I never want to eat another bowl of sugar free jello as long as I live That diet taught me not to be afraid of fat, and to build my meals around protein instead of carbs. It is not unusual for us to have a piece of grilled meat and some blanched or grilled veggies for dinner, with no starch. Part of where I've fallen off the wagon as far as diet goes is incorporating starches in almost every meal now. It's a hard habit to break once you're in it, but once I get out of it, I really don't miss the potato, rice or bread at all (though my husband and I really do eat pretty small portions compared to most people).
  8. How did you find it in practice? I've done it before myself for about a month. Very good for kicking the sugar habit. I found it really hard to make meat interesting, though (when you are eating it all. the. time.)
  9. The wedding cake is the first step on the road to perdition. Can't think of anybody I know who got slimmer after marriage. My husband has! He's <170 pounds! I have no expectation of getting to my wedding day weight. It was far too low for me as a result of a great deal of stress in 2013 (bedbug situation, health issues, serious family health issues, work stress, moving, planning our wedding in 6 weeks and more) It was not a healthy weight for me. I'm only about 11 or 12 pounds above my WDW, but like I said, I've developed some bad habits and would like to get back into that damn dress!
  10. Bah! Was planning to wear a cute little dress I bought last summer to a Garden Party on Wednesday afternoon, and try as he did, there was no way my husband was getting that thing zipped up. Wake up call! Sent him out on the weekend to buy a bathroom scale, and now I'm back at working to improve some bad habits I've developed, be more active and shed a few pounds. Monday morning check in: BMI of 21 (goal 20) Not posting my weight!
  11. want a mini? http://www.onegirlsoceanchallenge.com/ She done? (I've been out of the loop. Should I use my One Girl T-shirt to wax Vagrant?)
  12. There's got to be an onus on Sail Canada and the Canadian arm of IOC for promoting the successes of olympic athletes, particularly the top 10 or even 25 in the world, let alone medal winners. Canadians like stories of our athletes. We are very proud when we win at anything. Promotion is a huge part of it. The problem is the majority of Canadians cannot relate to competitive yacht racing. If you grew up in Canada, chances are you played hockey as a kid, or at the very least spent time in front of the TV on Saturday nights with your Dad/Mom/friends watching it. You attended the major junior team games in your city (Go Mooseheads!) and you collected hockey cards. I love sailing, and I would love to see more offshore racing where I am, and more boats at the starting line. But you can't just buy a boat and start doing TransAts. There is a huge investment of not only money, but time and experience. The other problem is sailing is not a spectator sport, regardless of how race organizers have made it more exciting to follow. I know exactly no one who follows yacht racing, and doesn't sail (that does not include friends and family who might be tracking a specific race. Those people don't watch the RHSP race tracker and decide sailing is excited and then start paying attention to the Fastnet or VOR). I know plenty of people (including myself) who follow tennis, hockey, golf, soccer, basketball, football, etc who don't play those sports. Why? Because they are spectator friendly. I get where you're coming from, but I think expecting Canadians to ever be as excited about sailing as they are about other sports is an exercise in futility.
  13. Have you looked into taking the Sail Canada Intermmediate course? I would think it's a good start for gaining offshore skills. http://www.sailing.ca/images/uploads/Intermediate%20Cruise%20April%201%202014%20E.pdf I think most people learn by just getting out there and doing it. My first offshore race was a quick 100 miler. I don't think there's much of a market here for anything too formal, imo. The fact is, as mentioned above, it's a pretty niche (and expensive) sport. Would I like sailing to have the same cache in Canada as in the UK, FR, NZ and AUS? Of course. But I can't ever see it happening. There are plenty of options for people who want sailing education, and plenty of boats racing offshore that are looking for crew.
  14. This is why:
  15. Yes, he has. But he won't be getting away with more. It all started with one complainant coming forward. His name and picture was published and other women stepped forward. Police now know there are potentially 50 other women who are also victims. Does it undo it? no. But it prevents others from becoming victims of him going forward.