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  1. This company has been around for a while and I think has good advice. They don't have boat stuff but the RV would work also. Here is an article from them. And this was just written.
  2. seaker

    Cruising Quarantine Issues RE Covid-19

    Cuba has said all boats must leave or the people must leave the boat. Cuba Land and Sea on FB. **** Alert **** All Cuban marinas are closing as of midnight tonight 3/23 for the next 30 days. Foreign vessels already in the marinas will be asked to leave Cuba. Crews who are unable or unwilling to move their boats will be asked to leave the marina and seek accommodation elsewhere. Crews of commercial vessels will be required to remain aboard or be subject to a mandatory 14 day quarantine in an approved facility if they wish to disembark.
  3. seaker

    TruFuel as reserve tank?

    I was replying to the OP. I agree with you on the MSRS.
  4. seaker

    TruFuel as reserve tank?

    I would recommend stabilized ethanol free gas in a plastic can. No matter what you do those metal are thin and rust quick. This lists places that sell it.
  5. seaker

    Lithium Ion Power Stations

    If everything you want to power is 12 v DC this is more than you need. I think it's capacity is rated at ac so would be less DCThis has a inverter to power small AC things. If all you want is DC a jump pack might be better. it should do what you want but has more than you want so costs more.
  6. seaker

    Jack lines

    The problem with hooks that don't latch is they can twist then open and come off. There have been a few case studies. Even some of the "locking" ones have been shown to not lock properly sometimes and then be quite weaker. Same issue with rock climbing biners. If they are open they are much weaker.
  7. seaker

    Regal Mariner oven/cook top

    Have you tried Amazon for Piezo rotary valve igniters? You might see something that would work. Or contacted Rinnai with that part number? Just two ideas.
  8. seaker

    Is it ungood to use only one solar panel?

    Plenty of experience with the different systems and sizes. Not the least expensive.
  9. seaker

    Hookah/floating shallow dive compressor - anyone?

    If your hose goes to a harness as described above you can't just spit out the regulator. The harness is useful so you are not having all the hose pulling on the mouthpiece. Although I think I would have a quick disconnect at the harness.
  10. seaker

    Hookah/floating shallow dive compressor - anyone?

    There is a good recent write up here with a number of comments.
  11. seaker

    New Android Sailing App : SailFreeGPS

    I installed it today and it looks interesting. I can think of a number of ways it could be useful. Thanks for making and sharing it.
  12. seaker

    Hookah/floating shallow dive compressor - anyone?

    I am not going to go into all the details but what every you use you want to make sure it is oil free. It's very bad to breath oil. Which means pump and the line should be breathing air quality.
  13. seaker

    Floor board anchors screws - any good?

    I installed them in a boat that needed to have the floor boards held down for offshore racing. I found then not that hard to install and once installed easy to use. The set over the bilge pump was removed and tightened all the time to check the bilge . The ones in the OP post are sold for holding down floor boards. Only issue was one area squeaked. I read that a few layers of duct tape can stop that.
  14. seaker

    Help! Searching for Bukh DV8 Anode

    Looking at it says this is the correct one. There is a different one that does not fit.
  15. seaker

    Fairing Compound Vibration Resistance

    Why does it even need fairing compound on the inside? If it's cracking it needs some reinforcement. And doesn't need to faired after that.