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  1. seaker

    Towing or Towed? Sail & Powerboat in ICW/Atlantic?

    Seems complicated. How comfortable the tow would be depends of if it's windy or rough. You would need at least one person on each boat who knew what they were doing. How far to have the 2 boats depends on conditions. I was towed in a 35 foot sailboat this fall and the tow boat was at max line. 350 feet of tow line. We weighed more and was jerking hard at times. And only doing 5 knots at best. I would say plan ahead so you can move one at a time. Or be prepared to pay for damages.
  2. seaker

    Outboard lower unit oil drain plugs

    Personally I like a hand impact for screws that are hard to turn. Just use a reasonable amount of force from the hammer depending on what the screw is in. The bits are strong, the force of the hammer forces the driver into the screw and puts a shock onto the screw and what it's in. Since it doesn't turn much it doesn't do much damage if nothing turns. I have had good luck getting stainless screws out of a alum mast. Different tools for different people.
  3. I would think you would want to have a layer of glass on the inside surface also. And seal any holes that are drilled for attaching them. At minimum
  4. seaker

    Justifying a Slidemoor Purchase

    Never heard of it before but I found this. Reading it it seems like something that can work. But then it may not. You know your boat's shape best.
  5. seaker

    Are Float Coats Better?

    Having done the Halifax a number of times I would recommend pile gear under foul weather gear over a float coat. It is more flexible in temp control. It can be cold and wet at night but warm during the day. So you want to be able change what your wearing. In addition you still need the pfd and tether. I find neoprene to not be that warm. It's works in slowing down water movement when your in the water as a diver but is not that flexible above water or warm.
  6. seaker

    Name that valve/seacock

    On at least some of them it looks like you have a bushing and then the valve. If so I would hold the bushing a remove the valve. Then work on carefully removing the bushing. Maybe first soaking with krool. Or cutting the bushing with a hacksaw blade or dremel tool. Just some ideas.
  7. seaker

    Help us choose an inflatable

    For a inflatable I think the aluminum are nice since they take the rocks better and are lighter then fiberglass. Have you looked at North Atlantic inflatables? They are in Portland.
  8. seaker

    Garmin handheld GPS 72

    I found this description.
  9. seaker

    EPIRB brands? Kannad Marine SafeLink

    Yes they can be tested. And they need to registered so they know who is calling when it is set off. They also have a limit on how old the battery can be. Not user replaceable. I don't remember but I think either 5 or 10 years old. And like smoke detectors the unit has to be replaced after a certain age.
  10. seaker

    Canned Meat Anarchy

    In the 80's I took an outdoor course in Alaska. Along with other things we caught salmon in the streams and canned them in small metal cans with crimped metal lids. Good for a long time.
  11. seaker

    Halifax Lodging

    If any crew wants to say on the boat it's nice to get dock space downtown. You can ask for it when you sign up. We moored a few time and stayed downtown once and the last time we finished 3 in our class so we had dock space at the club. I liked staying on the boat downtown.
  12. seaker

    Butyl Tape

    Mainesails also describes how to do it in great detail. Along with a lot of other repairs and improvements.
  13. I raced on a boat that had something like that installed. Worked well and sails dried quick. Don't know anything about that one. But it looks good,
  14. seaker

    Nine foot draft in New England?

    I think cruising it wouldn't be too much problem in Maine or Canada. Yes some places a little hard to get into but not most. Docks can be a issue but not a lot of them either further north you go. Home port could be more of an issue depending on where it is and how much time you plan to be there.
  15. seaker

    What would you do?

    I would hope I could control the situation but I would point out to all the armchair captains in other articles he was described as aggressive, 6' and 250. I may be 6'2 and 210 but that's not someone I would want to get in a fight with. I am not sure before I read about this, that I would have set off a epirb in this situation. Although now I would think of it.