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  1. Electric pumps for a dinghy?

    I use a 2 gal shop vac on blow. And then use a foot pump to finish it with less than 10 strokes.
  2. Tracking device or software

    Difference between a PLB and a spot type device that you pay a subscription to. Government agencies transferring information to government agencies who are looking for you. Certified that it works and is waterproof. Or private paid subscription who may transfer the information. Or the info goes to someone you know. Who may be busy with something like taking a nap or getting their hair done when the text comes in. And can they correctly relay the location. And is the spot still waterproof after you have had it for a while? I will stick with the PLB.
  3. E-Flares

    In Maine you can call the State Fire Marshal's office and they will make arrangements to pick them up and dispose of flares. http://www.maine.gov/dps/fmo/documents/marine_flare_disposal.pdf
  4. Outboard shuts off - fuel tank sloshing

    I would wonder about water in the carb.
  5. Aluminum bottom RIBs

    North Atlantic Inflatables make both fiberglass and aluminum RBIs. I just checked their specs and in the 10' 8" size the fiberglass weights 162 lbs and the aluminum weights 110 lbs. I think 50 lbs is a noticeable amount I have one made by Force 4 which is no longer made. I can put it on my roof racks on my car by myself. Pretty handy.
  6. Flushing fuel tank and lines...whew

    I would recommend using diesel to clean it. If you use E85 or ethanol you are making hazardous waste where waste diesel is only waste oil. Much less expensive to dispose of. You also are not making an explosive area in the tank. To pump E85 you should be using an explosion proof pump. Once again expensive. Static electricity can cause a tank to blow up depending on fuel and O2 mixture. And that can be caused by the pumping or spraying of fuel. Diesel can't explode from static electricity. I worry about this stuff in my day job.
  7. Best Navigation App for GPS enabled ipad

    I use a few. MX Mariner is good because it integrates Active Captain and the charts for the Bahamas were not too expensive when I went there this past winter.
  8. They also sell sealant and will advise on repairs. Take a look at the blog.
  9. source for oval head bronze tapping screws

    Hamilton Marine https://www.hamiltonmarine.com/
  10. Portable ouboard fuel tank as an emergency diesel tank

    I did this once when I was delivering a boat that I had requested that the old fuel either be polished or pumped out. When the fuel filter plugged in the first hour we went back to the dock and got some brake line for a pickup and return to a 5 gallon tank. Drilled 2 holes for the tubing and hooked it in to the suction and return lines. Worked well. But there was a lot of fuel transferring since it was only a 5 gallon tank. The owner was not happy with the spilled diesel but since we were not to happy with bad fuel it worked out. And he didn't know about it until after the delivery was done.
  11. Tool kit must Haves

    One tool I have found handy that I don't see above is a handheld impact driver that you hit with a hammer. It works great at getting out screws on masts and other places where they seize up. I also have battery powered grinder and sawsall.
  12. Quality 25', sub-$5000 Cruiser in MA?

    Personally I don't like an outboard in a well. It gets a lot of spray from the well and the motor is always in the water. My brother has a boat with the outboard on a mount on the transom and I like that much better. A friend just put a Morgan 30 on the market in Maine for $8000. More then you want to spend but in better condition then what you would get for $5000. https://maine.craigslist.org/boa/6074922001.html
  13. Single burner stove - Butane? Alcohol?

    A few points, A good safety item for an stove is a fireproof blanket. If you get a fire somewhere you can throw it on the fire. Less mess then a dry chemical. You should have a CO2 detector if you are going to run a stove or heater for long. Not a good idea to be warm and dead. Alcohol puts out a lot of water vapor. Not so good for a heater unless it is vented. I have never understood why the diffuser idea is useful. I don't like the flower pot idea since if there is any heavy metals in the pot then you are vaporizing them into the air you are breathing.
  14. Refurbished Panasonic Toughbook

    I think refurbished Toughbooks are great as a boat computer. They are low energy due to no fan. Hard drives and battery packs are easy to replace. I have had a 29 and two 30's. Even without ssd they take a lot of shock and banging because the hard drives are padded. These sites are a good resource. http://forum.notebookreview.com/forums/panasonic.1012/ http://toughbooktalk.com/ The people on them know more about the computers then then customer help phones.
  15. Inflatable Rib as a Tender....

    I also have a Force 4 aluminum bottom dinghy. It is light weight and fast with 2 people on it. It can also carry 5 people slow. I don't think they make them any more. If/ when the tubes are no longer good I am thinking of getting new tubes made. Another manufacturer is these guys. They look good. http://www.northatlanticinflatables.com/Aluminum-RIBs_c_30.html You can also see the weight differences by looking at their aluminum and fiberglass in the same models.