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  1. seaker

    RC/Coach Hearing Protection?

    What did you say? Good idea, but no experience.
  2. seaker

    HDPE water tank repair

    I would not use a air compressor unless you have a very good way to reduce the pressure. Good way to go to high quick and blow something. Do it slow with a hand pump
  3. seaker

    Bronze alloy electrolysis

    If your going to replace it with the right bolt after trucking why not use a steel bolt? Cheaper and stronger and easier to find. I wouldn't put the boat in the water with it but just for the trucking.
  4. seaker

    HDPE water tank repair

    As others said I would think that spray foam would work well. It is sticky but not real strong. But should work with all the surface area. The product you linked was not foam. It would not fill any spaces and may not be compatible with the foam already there.
  5. seaker


    How deep is the water? Any of them will cut out in deep enough water. 100s of feet. Is the sensor pointed down when the boat is flat? If not it could be on one tack it is not seeing the bottom. Hope that makes sense.
  6. seaker

    "Precision" double braid splicing on Black line

    Hamilton Marine in Maine sells short sections of endura at big discount. Easy to splice.
  7. Your idea will work fine. I have done the same with a trailer sailor so we could paint all of the bottom. And if you take the wheels off you will lower the trailer even further.
  8. seaker

    Used EPIRB- Would you ever?

    Advantage for a PLB is you can attach it to your PFD which your wearing. So you always have it. On the East Coast I would hope the CG could at least get a plane over me in less then 24 hours. As someone who sails OPB I have bought 2 over the years. So far have only used the test button. FWIW.
  9. seaker

    Around the Vinyard Race. Ok to use your engine?

    The Monheagan race in Maine crosses shipping channels. It's in the sailing instructions you can motor to avoid a ship. You need to report the time you started motoring and when yu stopped. I think speed and direction also. You get assigned a time addition to make up for the motoring. Since some times it's foggy during the race it's a good idea. And some of the racing can be drifting speed.
  10. Sorry Gov, you must have missed my post that I was walking away and it wasn't because of your "expert" advice. All you have done was waste your time writing dribble. And I never was in love with it. From the beginning, even before I first saw the problem I wasn't sure about the design. But you think you know everything.
  11. I agree but I think in this case the damage happened after he had done all the other repairs and the boat was sitting unattended.
  12. So I went an looked at the boat some more today. I discovered the nav station and inboard end of the galley is raised above the floor. I am now thinking that was happen is near the bow the stands have sunk and near the stern the keel has sunk. The chain that goes across the boat to the other stand is really tight compared to most I have felt. But most of the interior would need to be removed to access the hull. So I am no longer looking at this boat. By the way for all you who want a project it's a Tayana 37. The owner had put a lot of work and money into replacing the deck, windlass, water tank, fuel tank and more. Put it up for sale 2 years ago for $50,000 after having some medical problems. Now priced at 39,000. Have at it.
  13. Because I don't have a contract. And who knows who reads these threads. Not counting the people who give advise.
  14. I am looking at a 37 foot full keel boat with a iron keel encased in fiberglass. Inside the cabin the 1/2" thick glass over the keel has lifted from the bilge over about a 4 foot section From the outside there is no sign of damage and the shape of the hull looks normal. The boat has been on the hard for about 3 years. I would rather not say at this point what boat and where it is. So my questions are. How long would the iron keel be? 4 feet seems short to me so I don't know why is is raised more at the front How could this happen? According to the Broker he saw the bildge when the boat was first out of the water and it did not have this damage. If water got under the iron keel could ice push it up? Any ideas on repairing it? Have you ever seen it and seen a repair? Could it be pushed or pounded back down? Or glassed in place by poring resin around it and fiberglass over the top of the iron. Thank for any ideas. I don't want to buy a boat where the repair is to cut the fiberglass keel then reset the iron keel and re fiberglass. Ted
  15. seaker

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    And we had our first death from a great white yesterday. Woman was swimming about 20 feet from shore when she got hit.