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  1. seaker

    Nine foot draft in New England?

    I think cruising it wouldn't be too much problem in Maine or Canada. Yes some places a little hard to get into but not most. Docks can be a issue but not a lot of them either further north you go. Home port could be more of an issue depending on where it is and how much time you plan to be there.
  2. seaker

    What would you do?

    I would hope I could control the situation but I would point out to all the armchair captains in other articles he was described as aggressive, 6' and 250. I may be 6'2 and 210 but that's not someone I would want to get in a fight with. I am not sure before I read about this, that I would have set off a epirb in this situation. Although now I would think of it.
  3. seaker

    which side are you on?

    I think there is a lot to this story that we all don't know. Captain Smith is from Maine and there have been a few articles in the papers. One thing that makes a difference for me is that Pontious was heavy and strong and in one of the articles it said it took everyone to control him. Not a good situation to be in. They only had a VHF radio so could not contact USCG right away. I have been on boats with a sea sick and strange crew and don't know how I would control one who was stronger than me.
  4. seaker

    Calling out all the MacGuyvers out there

    Coming back from Halifax to Portland Me after the Marblehead to Halifax race we had a high pressure line on the diesel crack. It was spraying fuel all over the diesel and the winds were low. With no motor it was going to be a long trip home. So after some thought I cleaned the line and fitting it was going into and wrapped it with marine tex. Once it harddened the leak was only a small stream. So made a trough to direct the fuel into a bottle and we were able to continue on our way. When we filled a few bottles we would dump them back into the tank. Made it home in good time.
  5. seaker

    Minimal Nav Systems for Coastal

    You can add some solar to replace some of what you use. But that's another question.
  6. seaker

    Might have fried the starter motor.....

    You could have also had a bad switch which stuck. That in turn cause the motor to stay on until it burned up. Make sure that's good at the same time. You don't want to burn up a second one.
  7. They are a called dinghy chaps. And I agree any canvas shop should be able to make them.
  8. seaker

    Cabin Cushions - New England Recommendation

    Fabric warehouse in Auburn sells foam and fabric at discount. Chris one of the owners is a sailor. I am sure they could recommend places to do the sewing.
  9. seaker

    Cheap diesel cabin heaters

    Can you post a link to the one you got? I am wondering about it.
  10. seaker

    Severe Hull Damage

    It also kinda looked like the keel may have pushed up a bit. Hard to tell on the inside with a liner.
  11. seaker

    PredictWind vs Sail Flow vs Whoever - The sequel

    I have been using it in Maine for a few years. I like how it has everything together. Thanks
  12. seaker

    Daysail in Bermuda

    You may be able to find a boat to get a ride home on if you try. Plenty going that way.
  13. seaker

    Anchor chain

    I would be concerned if you connect the 2 sections of chain with line that the lie would be moving around the bottom. It if it rocky or coral the line could be abraded quickly.
  14. seaker

    Sailing to Halifax

    You can also tie up downtown if you want. I have done that twice. Now sure what you need to do to clear customs. Each time I was there it was for the Marblehead to Halifax race and they had it all set up for customs. Useful info is at the bottom of the link
  15. seaker

    Steep Ramp Anarchy

    Digby Nova Scotia has a tidal range near 27 feet. One side of the ramp has stairs for when the ramp is steep.