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  1. seaker

    ePropulsion Pod Drive

    Here is another place to get some info Just to make it more complex.
  2. seaker

    Smart Regulator for LiFePo Battery charging?

    Bruce Schwab at Ocean Planet Energy designs, sells and installs Wakespeed , Lithium batteries, solar systems and other power systems along with electric motors. Nigel Calder is also now working with him. They should be able to help with questions.
  3. seaker

    so who's heading to the caribbean this winter?

    Yes, I got out in 80 but couldn't remember exactly which year we where there. Yes it was quite exciting. Fastest I ever saw the ship ever got moving except in training. Ship was a 378 and I have a 11 x 8 picture from another ship. We are about 2" long on the bottom of the page with a mushroom cloud taking up the rest of the picture.
  4. seaker

    so who's heading to the caribbean this winter?

    I was in the USCG and in 1980 my ship, the Dallas was sent to St Vincent due to the volcano erupting. We where there for SAR and communications. While we were 2 miles away it went off. We had rock falling on the ship. Got out of there fast. It took a while to clean the chopper on deck so it could fly again.
  5. seaker

    Tethers - Quick Release or Not?

    My understanding is offshore racing you need to have a tether that can be quickly released if needed. The confusion comes from that can be a snap shackle or a knife to cut the tether. Advantage of the snap shackle is you can release more then one time. Advantage of a tether you have to cut is it won't release by mistake. Each sailor has to decide which is best for them.
  6. seaker

    Firefly charging

    Have you tried calling Ocean Planet? Since they sell the batteries and sell alternators and regulators.
  7. seaker

    custom stainless straps, plates etc

    Comments on using winches or cleats rather then chainplates. Also a link at the bottom to how they built them.
  8. seaker

    Electric bilge pump for offshore boat - best practice?

    I like the idea of having a household sump pump that you can plug into an inverter for an emergency pump. 1.5" flexible hose will have a lot of flow. You would need to make sure you have a large enough inverter and battery/charging system but they can pump a lot. I have seen it recommended in a few places.
  9. seaker

    Galley equipment

    And I bet to use them you need to be plugged in at a campsite.
  10. seaker

    best mag for sailing binos

    One advantage of the more expensive ones is they have good warrantees and will repair them if you do drop them. And you can see so much better with them. But I also pay good money for my glasses so I can see well with them. It depends what is important to you.
  11. seaker

    Kevlar in my wetsuit

    The way they work is the Kevlar clogs the teeth. I have seen the results. One thing is that all of these products with Kevlar has a large percentage of Kevlar for them to work. My dry suit has Kevlar knee pads. They work in that area. FWIW.
  12. seaker

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy
  13. If I had any concerns about the paint I would test it with a tape pull or pulling on some VHB tape. On my van I installed rear door windows using 3M sealant onto the paint after cleaning and slight scuffing. That was what the factory does and what the supplier of the windows said to do.
  14. seaker

    Plastimo Compass Bubble

    They may be able to give good advice.
  15. seaker

    RC/Coach Hearing Protection?

    What did you say? Good idea, but no experience.