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  1. They are a called dinghy chaps. And I agree any canvas shop should be able to make them.
  2. seaker

    Cabin Cushions - New England Recommendation

    Fabric warehouse in Auburn sells foam and fabric at discount. Chris one of the owners is a sailor. I am sure they could recommend places to do the sewing.
  3. seaker

    Cheap diesel cabin heaters

    Can you post a link to the one you got? I am wondering about it.
  4. seaker

    Severe Hull Damage

    It also kinda looked like the keel may have pushed up a bit. Hard to tell on the inside with a liner.
  5. seaker

    PredictWind vs Sail Flow vs Whoever - The sequel

    I have been using it in Maine for a few years. I like how it has everything together. Thanks
  6. seaker

    Daysail in Bermuda

    You may be able to find a boat to get a ride home on if you try. Plenty going that way.
  7. seaker

    Anchor chain

    I would be concerned if you connect the 2 sections of chain with line that the lie would be moving around the bottom. It if it rocky or coral the line could be abraded quickly.
  8. seaker

    Sailing to Halifax

    You can also tie up downtown if you want. I have done that twice. Now sure what you need to do to clear customs. Each time I was there it was for the Marblehead to Halifax race and they had it all set up for customs. Useful info is at the bottom of the link
  9. seaker

    Steep Ramp Anarchy

    Digby Nova Scotia has a tidal range near 27 feet. One side of the ramp has stairs for when the ramp is steep.
  10. seaker

    Disposal of out dated flares & shells

    In Maine you can call the state fire marshal's office and they will pick them up for disposal. They burn them up in a fancy fireworks disposal incinerator.
  11. seaker

    Compass headings on board comparison

    I am sorry to say I have not used it recently. Just now when I tried to download it I also got the error message. It has the basic program written out so you may be able to copy and paste that into a program that can run basic. I couldn't find another program or a app that does the same thing. Good luck
  12. seaker

    Handheld GPS for backup

    Some of the handheld GPS have power supplies that plug into lighters. So you can use your ships power to power the handheld. So you don't go through batteries as fast.
  13. seaker

    Compass headings on board comparison

    Fastyacht, I used this program to make one. It works fine and is simple. To the OP, depending on that boat the chartplotter, autohelm were not that far off of the boat compass at 5 degrees. As much of a concern would be how they compare when you make a course change. Are you trying to follow a paper chart or a chartplotter?
  14. seaker

    Offshore Prescription Eyewear

    Rudy project makes some really nice fitting sunglasses and will fill a prescription. I have a pair with photo sun lens so I can wear then day or night. I also carry multiple pairs just in case I break or lose them. Some wrap around glasses cannot take too strong of lens so be aware of that. Also the frame makers can often make stronger lenses then your local shop.
  15. seaker

    Electric pumps for a dinghy?

    I use a 2 gal shop vac on blow. And then use a foot pump to finish it with less than 10 strokes.