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  1. Miami to Havana Race Wx

    The organizers anticipated that internet access in Havana would be sub-optimal. The silence is not a result of apathy, or a decision to "go dark," but rather a local infrastructure that "has yet to embrace the internet." I'm sure the pride the racers and organizers feel in this historic event will be communicated quite well when they get back online. Either that, or everyone's just piss-ass drunk for a few days enjoying the local hospitality, one or the other.
  2. AC Youth Cup

    Red Bull approaches things very, very differently than other sponsors. They're not beholden as much as publicly-owned companies to shareholders. One guy owns Red Bull, and if he thinks it's cool, and it fits with their overall strategy of promoting the brand, he lets his people run far and fast with it. On the event side they do hugely expensive things like their jump-off-a-building Flugtag spectacle and extreme soapbox derbys, to sponsoring some of the most popular and successful young athletes, Air Races in cities around the world -- hell, they've got a guy parachuting to the planet from outer-freakin'-space! There's not a lot of direct return on investment here, but a common theme of doing something large and well. This could be quite cool.