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  1. +1... If you need any help you can also pm me also.. I'm designing and building yet another new rules IC for myself happy to make more for others who like what they see in my boats... my last boat got me to 6th in the World (2014) I think it was capable of more my limited preparation held my boat back more then design.. Like any design there is always scope for improvement :)... exciting times for IC's in Australia with people getting back in the boats and new people joining into the fun...
  2. around the 20kg mark is my aim give or take a few depending on the rig fitting layout.... so many options to consider...
  3. The goal is to choose the venue to make it as affordable as possible without compromising quality beyond a fair standard, cost of shipping accommodation etc are all being considered to choose the best location (not personal favorites..) There is more happening behind the scenes for the benefit of all then some tend to want to believe...
  4. I'm heavily into the design of my new hull and hit many crossroads of compromise (might be a boat name there).. how fine is too fine and how far do I push the envelope... I really want to get rid of those pesky winglets no matter how hard I try they keep appearing and keep getting larger the more I want to try and push the envelope,.. I remember sailing string theory after the 08 Worlds and felt the winglets dig in and the boat take off once clear this was something I wanted to avoid, Miracle Drug and Acrobat didnt dig in like what I remember from the one short sail way back in 08 just wondering how the new range of boats winglets have handled this or is just part of the new boats we will come to accept as the compromise worth putting up with...
  5. No boats from downunder however there are a couple of from OZ looking at chartering boats... I wont make to these Worlds no longer having a new rules boat doesnt help my cause...
  6. It would appear if I was able to some how work out how to get a boat to the next Worlds it would have to be a new one to come close to this.... Or get the angle grinder out and cut a whole bunch of boat away squeeze it back together (one way to get some weight out of the hull, the trick will be moving my rig aft as mine currently a long way forward..
  7. Essentially my plank is a double wedge with a wide flat on the bottom I find mine comfortable, I also had the wedge and box behind wedge design both have been ok or me. I find the size of the opening more of an issue then the depth.
  8. I now have a vee shaped plank with a wide flat on the bottom, best plank I have had to date (thanks to all who provided input way back when). I had a wedge shaped plank for years this new design in my opinion is much better, when I do hit a wave it tends to push the plank up rather then dig in (didn't expect that to happen but it does it nicely). The best thing I did was raise the plank via the carriage being taller this stopped me hitting very second wave if not every wave.. The slightly deeper plank I have now (by about 15mm) feels so much more reliable under me it survived San Francisco Bay which is test enough for me... I'll take some photos and post if you want..
  9. Nice work once again
  10. You have heaps of time to pump out at least 5 boats between now and then ... Practice for a Worlds is way over rated lol....
  11. Any teaser pics of the new rags?? Just wondering what area the new jibs measure at for interest?
  12. It took an entire 40mins to load the Australian team in the container headed to the Worlds... thankfully we got the boat in the box before the rain pelted down..
  13. Only 4 months away!!!!! I need more time....
  14. Photos? or it didn't happen North. They look pretty cool. SHC
  15. The word is the NOR and other info is being checked over by all concerned and will be posted very soon....