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  1. It would appear if I was able to some how work out how to get a boat to the next Worlds it would have to be a new one to come close to this.... Or get the angle grinder out and cut a whole bunch of boat away squeeze it back together (one way to get some weight out of the hull, the trick will be moving my rig aft as mine currently a long way forward..
  2. Essentially my plank is a double wedge with a wide flat on the bottom I find mine comfortable, I also had the wedge and box behind wedge design both have been ok or me. I find the size of the opening more of an issue then the depth.
  3. I now have a vee shaped plank with a wide flat on the bottom, best plank I have had to date (thanks to all who provided input way back when). I had a wedge shaped plank for years this new design in my opinion is much better, when I do hit a wave it tends to push the plank up rather then dig in (didn't expect that to happen but it does it nicely). The best thing I did was raise the plank via the carriage being taller this stopped me hitting very second wave if not every wave.. The slightly deeper plank I have now (by about 15mm) feels so much more reliable under me it survived San Francisco Bay which is test enough for me... I'll take some photos and post if you want..
  4. Nice work once again
  5. You have heaps of time to pump out at least 5 boats between now and then ... Practice for a Worlds is way over rated lol....
  6. Any teaser pics of the new rags?? Just wondering what area the new jibs measure at for interest?
  7. It took an entire 40mins to load the Australian team in the container headed to the Worlds... thankfully we got the boat in the box before the rain pelted down..
  8. Only 4 months away!!!!! I need more time....
  9. Photos? or it didn't happen North. They look pretty cool. SHC
  10. The word is the NOR and other info is being checked over by all concerned and will be posted very soon....
  11. Del is busy getting it sorted as well as getting interrupted by my mass of emails while I'm trying to work out how to get my boat there and back...and organising a charter boat for another one of the Aussies... I'm sure it wont be long before the NOR etc is posted.
  12. 6 months out from the Worlds my awesome wife tells me "you need to go the the Worlds" who am I to argue. Now to get this boat of mine ready...
  13. Here you go. RRS 13-16 and your point is?
  14. In simple terms this is how we have measured at the worlds. The mast is to raked sothe tip is at the highest possible position, then measure from directly under the hull along the line of the mast... I have a picture somewhere which explains this clearly I'll try and find it and post it...
  15. The New York Cup dates back to 1884 which makes it the third oldest sailing trophy in the World but oldest dinghy trophy, there is an older trophy then the Americas cup called the "Ladies Cup" 1821 raced for in Sligo Ireland. The Americas cup 1851 is the longest held sporting trophy in the world and also one of the older sporting trophies. I googled the Quincy Challenge Cup 1898 it was established make it the fourth oldest sailing trophy regardless sounds like it has some great history and would be pretty cool to get your name as part of its history... ICU2