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  1. Francisco Laguna

    AC TV Coverage

    Am I missing something? I’m not seeing any love feed from the course. Just the 3D and on the boats
  2. Francisco Laguna

    white men.

    Clicks must be down for the month. So Ed goes and posts a controversial article on the front page and creates a thread. I'll bite. I don't see many non-Caucasians out on any of the Anarchy boats. What is this site doing to promote racial injustice in the sport of sailing? What are the posters and readers doing to promote minorities in the sport of sailing? I don't think SailingAnarchy has ever given back, Only Taken. Not saying I'm doing anything either. But don't grandstand and call people on the carpet when you're just as guilty.
  3. Francisco Laguna

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    I’m really surprised that most of the forum has not picked up on this. Now you have a reason to give your money to these social justice warriors.
  4. Francisco Laguna

    NYYC Race Week Home Cooking

    looks like there wasn't hole.
  5. Francisco Laguna

    NYYC Race Week Home Cooking

    Heard from a friend that heard from is cousin that there is some home cooking going on in the IC37 fleet after a crash at the start of one of the races. How do you get redress for 3 races you raced in and affected other boats?
  6. Francisco Laguna

    Front Page - J/70 UK event

    I've never seen the Ed wear a mask in any of the pictures he posts on his boat loaded with people.
  7. Francisco Laguna

    Biden’s Convention Speech

    compare his speech in 2008 and 2020. “Same clichés, promises and buzzwords. He didn’t keep the promises of the 2008 speech, he won’t keep promises in the 2020 speech.”
  8. Francisco Laguna

    Biden and ?

    So you’re admitting you jerk other men off? If that’s your thing then OK
  9. Francisco Laguna

    Biden and ?

    Cause I’m sure all those videos are doctored to show Joe sniffing and groping everyone. But hey. If you promote that kind of stuff, then i assume you’re born that way.
  10. Francisco Laguna

    Biden and ?

    creepy joe if you think this is acceptable behavior, then your fucked up. I'm sure Trump has a bunch of screwed up videos too.
  11. Francisco Laguna

    Biden and ?

    And now you liberal loons get another opportunity to stand in circle and jerk each other off for a few days.
  12. Francisco Laguna

    Scooter Goes to the Dark Side

    JimBowie, you are such a tool. You act like a teenager on the internet looking for attention constantly.
  13. Francisco Laguna

    Black Lives Matter

    Are you serious as why people are scared of BLM and the guilt-ed white millennials? What fucking rock have you been living under you snowflake. I am assuming you think they are walking around burning shit down so they can roast marshmallows, playing the guitar, holding hands, singing happy songs. Bring that shit to my hood and see what happens. They are testing the limits of civility and most people wont take it. These groups are not scared of the cops, cause the cops are scared to get in trouble. Walk onto a private citizens property and you are going to get lit up. Protest all you want, but don't expect a free pass to ruin someones personal property without them defending it.
  14. Francisco Laguna

    Tell me about the 1D35

    I find it hard to believe you beat anything with that deer in headlights look you sail around with.
  15. Francisco Laguna

    Minneapolis to abolish it's police department.

    There is always a time and place for the police. Defunding them is not the answer. If they do minimize their presence or eliminate them all together, the homicide rate in urban communities will sky rocket as turf wars will decimate communities until the warlord takes control. When that happens, someone will be around to collect their 20% at the beginning of every month for protection. And if they feel like it, they might just take more than money.