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  1. Francisco Laguna

    So, whatcha gonna do with your $1000 Donald Bucks?

    some of you guys are the biggest bunch of idiots. no wonder all your lives are so fucked up.
  2. Francisco Laguna

    So, whatcha gonna do with your $1000 Donald Bucks?

    buy a $1000 worth of TP, wipe my ass and dump it in the Ed's front yard.
  3. Francisco Laguna

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    I really love reading all these comments. Get real people! Everyone is acting like they've been driving these boats for years. Your computer monitor is the closest 99.999% of you will get to one of these. It's a lot different looking down the bow of a 140ft boat vs your 26ft, 4knt shit box.
  4. Francisco Laguna

    The races must go on.

    One day everyone is sailing experts, the next, they are infectious disease experts. When 80% couldn't sail down Niagara Falls if they were pushed.
  5. Francisco Laguna

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    I would love to see the drone footage of the collision
  6. I thought politics were only talked about on internet forums under anonymous names and not in public, face to face. I have sailed with countless people that have differing political views. Many of them are great people. I understand we all come from different walks of life and experiences. I have had a few political discussions sitting around waiting for wind. But they were all more exploring and understanding why each other feel the way they do about varying topics. Not so much trying to argue and tell each other why you're wrong.
  7. Francisco Laguna

    Rush Limbaugh

    Whoever wishes an excruciating death on anyone based on their political affiliation is the lowest form imaginable.
  8. Francisco Laguna

    North 3Di vs Quantum Fusion M 9000

    I would agree that North is ahead regarding cloth technology, but does it really matter for the average joe? For the high end teams that are showing up with new sails or maxing out buttons, i would think they are more worried about shape. Q partnering with Doyle seems to be doing really well in the mini maxi arena. Most of the big one-design classes are limited and cant use 3di. I would look at other similar boats in your area and see what they have had success with.
  9. Francisco Laguna

    Just a little FP...

    waiting on ed to get outed
  10. Francisco Laguna

    Front Page: "Ban Them!"

  11. I’m just waiting on the downfall of this website do to all the accusations
  12. Francisco Laguna

    SCOTW Pick Offends the "Sea Gypsy"

    d'ranger, you're a wanna be sailor. I've seen you several times running around the YC 2 hours before the race with your gloves on. do you even sail anymore?
  13. Francisco Laguna

    SCOTW Pick Offends the "Sea Gypsy"

    Scot is the TRUMP of the sailing community. He is the biggest chauvinist pig. The proof is on his facebook page when he gets dumped. He doesn't get his way, he throws out all their dirt. I guess decades of snorting coke will do that to you.
  14. Francisco Laguna


    Hopefully not his health. Austin and Gwen are really nice people. I am guessing since he owns the largest immigration law firm, he is busy working.
  15. Francisco Laguna

    J 121

    2 years ago, i was at a cocktail party with a member of NYYC. He said the NYYC Invitational committee wanted a new boat for the Invitational Regatta and was working with Jboats. They wanted a boat that would be the official NYYC boat and a boat that would have interest throughout the country and around the world.