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  1. Meade Gougeon passed away

    R.I.P I have a great pic somewhere on my computer of Meade, Jan, Myself and Randy Smyth (all legends with the exception of me). Was blessed to have been able to sail against Meade in Mich for a couple years. I can only imagine Jan and Meade are racing through the clouds on Jan's new to him heavenly speedster! May the wind be at your back forever!
  2. Mac Race multihulls

    Caliente blew the track off the boom, in a violent windshift. Having sailed the Mac races, and won the SuperMAC in 2015, I don't think there is any worry about multihulls in the MAC races. The safety regs are very stringent.
  3. Elephant Butte, New Mexico

    My first race was at the Butte! 25miler that I ended up paddling for 12 miles on a Nacra (didn't really know how to sail at the time, man was I stupid). Watched a F24 Trimaran sail the 50miler and may have even beat me to the finish). Damn that was a long time ago.
  4. Bells Beer Bayview Mackinac

    And comparing the VO 70 to any other mono Is any different? How many VO70's (1), tp52's(4?), GL70(5-6)were there? It's basically a 70 foot cat with middle filled in and canting Keel. We generally don't correct out over slower mono's so the one time that we did, and three other multi's did also it is a slap in the face to not get the recognition of best corrected time in fleet.
  5. Bells Beer Bayview Mackinac

    Relative is pretty much out the door with boats like VO70's, TP 52's, GL70's. We sailed our three horns off this week and made very few mistakes, even suffered a little damage (almost lost top batten in main during storm, but was able to drop main and keep chute up and boat moving) and repaired on the go. Nobody should take away our accomplishments. It's very rare for a multihull to correct out over every boat in a fleet, which we did. We finished within sight of Details and Evolution, as my crew said, "we have no right being this far up the course with these boats" but as I said we sailed our horns off and so I think WE absolutely deserved to be there. Enough said, going to enjoy looking at my 2nd place chi-Mac, 1st SuperMAC, and 1st Bayview Mac flags for some time. Big accomplishment for a 16 year old trailerable trimaran.
  6. West Michigan Thread

    Wahoo. Triceratops is making the turn at Mackinaw in July! Three mac races in one year! Hell ya!
  7. DIAM 24 Tri - VPLP's new design

    hmmm, could you extend the bow by 12' and ad L foil to the ama's. Maybe a berth for two, and slight larger stick. Then race the MAC on it!
  8. Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Someone is looking down upon you! Good to have you join the club!
  9. Our Beloved mainsheetgirl

    Following Seas MSG!
  10. I do have a set of nets from Cheekee Monkee that I have not put on yet.

    also has been upgraded to a Carbon mast and synthetic shrouds. Reinforced for canting if I ever desired to. Motor runs great. Looking in the $125-$135K range. thus it is quietly for sale.

  11. is wrong with her. I have just postponed having them all covered until I am ready to sell, or have a buyer. Another reason for the price being high, she will be in tip top shape when I do sell. We now have a main and jib both 2009 with little use in 10 and 11. Spinaker new in 2010, and screacher new this month. Motor runs great, Cushions are in my basement. Needs new front nets, although <...

  12. On both sides of the daggerboard case we added some floor boards to make it easier to access the portapottie and the vberth. There are also carbon shelves starboard of the daggerboard. And carbon shelving similar to the port side on the starboard side. Also the fuse pannel is in carbon. She is needing a good clean up, and does have some cracking in gelcoat on the ama's, but nothing structural

  13. I would have to scan my computer at home, which could take awhile. You can search google for F31, Guck, Sailing anarchy and you get to see the photo of the port side with the sink. What you cant see in front of the sink is the carbon shelf for the butane stove, or two burner coleman stove and toilet paper. To port of the daggerboard there is a carbon shelf that holds the Portapottie.

  14. quietly for sale ..lol ok :-) how much

    what year, I could see the awesome interieur on the one side ... do u have pics for the other side ? Is there a marine head somewhere... curtain ? cooking stuff on the other side ?

    No real buyers for mine yet just tire kickers and idiots who want to scam. But I am optimistic that when spring comes we see some action. Let me know will ya