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  1. Triceratops

    Distance racing with a trailerable trimaran

    Lots of distance races across the country. NEMA has a few but they have gotten a bit low in attendance, mostly Day sailing races. Good weekend races are available, I preferred Off Soundings for a great party, Black Dog Dash, Buzzards Bay regatta. Chicago to Mackinaw; Port Huron to Mackinaw; Super Mac (when it is held) are all great races. Lot of boats, Fresh warm water, clear skies and a few storms! We had one F31R on the Baja HAHA a couple years ago. It would have been a great ride if there had been a bit more wind. Also would be nice to use another boat to carry extra water/gear/gas,. and have a driver to bring the trailer down to haul back to the states.
  2. Triceratops

    Distance racing with a trailerable trimaran

    I believe you have to have a 4stroke outboard motor on Tahoe. No Tohatsu.
  3. Triceratops

    C31 or c28r ?

    The older fixed rig 31’s won’t be as fun as the 28r. However there are plenty of newer 31s with rotating masts, carbon and aluminum that are avail. Not all are posted online.
  4. Triceratops

    West Michigan Thread

    Wahoo. Triceratops is making the turn at Mackinaw in July! Three mac races in one year! Hell ya!
  5. Triceratops

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Someone is looking down upon you! Good to have you join the club!
  6. I do have a set of nets from Cheekee Monkee that I have not put on yet.

    also has been upgraded to a Carbon mast and synthetic shrouds. Reinforced for canting if I ever desired to. Motor runs great. Looking in the $125-$135K range. thus it is quietly for sale.

  7. is wrong with her. I have just postponed having them all covered until I am ready to sell, or have a buyer. Another reason for the price being high, she will be in tip top shape when I do sell. We now have a main and jib both 2009 with little use in 10 and 11. Spinaker new in 2010, and screacher new this month. Motor runs great, Cushions are in my basement. Needs new front nets, although <...

  8. On both sides of the daggerboard case we added some floor boards to make it easier to access the portapottie and the vberth. There are also carbon shelves starboard of the daggerboard. And carbon shelving similar to the port side on the starboard side. Also the fuse pannel is in carbon. She is needing a good clean up, and does have some cracking in gelcoat on the ama's, but nothing structural

  9. I would have to scan my computer at home, which could take awhile. You can search google for F31, Guck, Sailing anarchy and you get to see the photo of the port side with the sink. What you cant see in front of the sink is the carbon shelf for the butane stove, or two burner coleman stove and toilet paper. To port of the daggerboard there is a carbon shelf that holds the Portapottie.

  10. quietly for sale ok :-) how much

    what year, I could see the awesome interieur on the one side ... do u have pics for the other side ? Is there a marine head somewhere... curtain ? cooking stuff on the other side ?

    No real buyers for mine yet just tire kickers and idiots who want to scam. But I am optimistic that when spring comes we see some action. Let me know will ya


  11. hehe Tri

    whatever happened to your 31 with that awesome interuier ...I am looking but need to find a fast boat WITH interieur

    let me know

  12. Triceratops

    West Michigan Thread

    Not necessarily West MI, but Central Michigan was represented by Triceratops (5th Multihull). Tri
  13. Triceratops

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Thats sweet, can you cant the mast as well?
  14. Triceratops