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  1. Dibley K250 Carbon

    Great Group . Good find 'Alcatraz5768' . This band was huge at the time of launching...
  2. Work in Yacht Design Offices

    As a Westlawn Graduate I'll say that it was the perfect path for my career which was less scholastic and more hands on though I do rely on Structural Engineers that have taken that Scholastic approach for our Construction Plans [only because that is all they do and they are very good at it time-wise.] While taking Westlawn I was working as a Boatbuilder, Sailmaker, Chandlery, Draftsman, Sailor, Yacht Broker........ That's the hands on aspect that a lot of the new graduates aren't possibly getting. I'm often asked from people who want to get into yacht design what path to follow and the answer is always the same. Southampton etc.... tied in with Westlawn, Or Westlawn iteself .... tied in with holidays working in the Marine Industry., Or, all three.... Note that I've never worked in a Design Office with other people. I've always subcontracted people in to help. A lone wolf from day 1
  3. which yacht designer ?

    No offence, but you lost me at 'no'
  4. which yacht designer ?

    Thanks Timber. More than ready. There are those that go for the established names for the standard safe results and then there are the Mavericks of this world that take the chance (but a safe chance - not a Brent Swain chance) and can get a game changer.....
  5. John MacLaurin. RIP.

    A real loss. Condolences to Susie and the family. I was involved in the last two Pendragon's [IV & VI]. He was a real character but great to work with. Fair winds John...
  6. Dibley K250 Carbon

    She's come a long way from when you first commissioned her, Jono. You had the right idea back then and still relevant today. https://www.facebook.com/Dibley-Marine-Ltd-Yacht-Designers-294490505335/?fref=ts
  7. Origami Boat Thread

    I sure do Bob.... Lowest of lows.... I always figured it was a matter of time with BS... But not that low.
  8. Origami Boat Thread

  9. Origami Boat Thread

    I tried origami once and ended up with a line of snow flakes holding hands.....
  10. Origami Boat Thread

    Bob, this is looking GREAT! Been fun watching the progress!
  11. Steel Boats

    Oh for f*#k sakes mate.... Hear yourself........ delusional FWad
  12. Origami Boat Thread

    oh, please.........
  13. Dibley K250 Carbon

    Hi Tim(ber). Good to hear from you!. Yes, one of my favs as well. Had some of my best sailing in her. I'm not sure where in California she is but, she is in CA..... Steins1 may know!
  14. Dibley K250 Carbon

    All good John. There are so many scenarios, it would be hard to pick. I don't think having runners would have prevented it if it was a collapsed spreader or rigging failure. She was designed over 25 years ago as a keeler then converted to a Lift Keeler with a road trailer around 2009 when she was shipped to the USA. This is her mast failure in all that time, so the mind boggles a little. Damage during transport perhaps? Who knows. Hope new owners get a carbon rig as opposed to alloy. I've sent them the quotes from down here in NZ. Fingers crossed
  15. Dibley K250 Carbon

    G'day Steins1. Backstays were not needed. The swept spreader rig was more than enough to hold her up. The only reason runner positions were there was for when you were doing a long Coastal Race on the wind, like the Coastal Classic down here (110 nm race from Auckland to Bay of Islands) and you wanted a tighter luff on the jib. I agree a nose dive would have put the pressure on, but for the mast to come down a number of things could have happened but most likely a Rigging screw failure; or Damage to one of the spreaders during transporting. When an American bought her from NZ quite a few years ago, a couple of our clients sailed her up to Auckland from Tauranga (125 nm) where they got caught out in 40 knots and big seas at Cape Colville. They reduced sail and flew back. This yacht can take the pressure when fully loaded and in good condition.