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  1. Hi all. First of all, big condolence to the crew and their family. Terrible. Just wanted to put the story right in regards to Laurie Davidson (This being a ‘Davidson 50’). He designed the Hull Lines and Sail Plan ‘only’ back in 1989 and the builder took responsibility for any structural engineering and detailing. Davidson had nothing to do with this keel, or the one before that, or the one before that. No idea on who designed or built them, but I’m sure it will all come out in the wash at some point.
  2. Robert Perry Gaff Cutter

    PS: Great looking Gaff Cutter I have to say!
  3. Robert Perry Gaff Cutter

    Thanks for emailing, KC375. I knew the Perry design was on their website, but presumed Bob knew about it. Not sure they are actually building them, but worth Bob to follow up. The Dibley 30, as far as I know, is not in build yet. They commissioned the initial study, but wouldn't pay for the structural engineering, so we are at a bit of a stand still at moment. They built a 21-footer (the one on sailing anarchy this week) but I was having a hard time getting royalty's out of them so I negotiated a flat one-off fee and walked away. They can build as many as they want now, but I'm not involved (though I do own the design copyright - so can take to another yard if anyone's interested). The ones on SA (in Seattle) are overweight and the keel, bulb and rudder aren't to my design unfortunately. The owners contacted me and I'll help them where I can as they have some great plans in getting people into sailing, but I can only advise and help to a certain extent.
  4. double trouble

    Not quite a 100% Dibley from what I can see. A few embellishments here and there, but nothing a big tidy up can’t fix. Mainly Fin/Bulb/Rudder re-fairing, put the Carbon rig on that was originally designed, and she’d be away at the right price. New owners have some great plans to get people back into sailing and that alone is a great thing!
  5. double trouble

  6. Dibley K250 Carbon

    Great Group . Good find 'Alcatraz5768' . This band was huge at the time of launching...
  7. Work in Yacht Design Offices

    As a Westlawn Graduate I'll say that it was the perfect path for my career which was less scholastic and more hands on though I do rely on Structural Engineers that have taken that Scholastic approach for our Construction Plans [only because that is all they do and they are very good at it time-wise.] While taking Westlawn I was working as a Boatbuilder, Sailmaker, Chandlery, Draftsman, Sailor, Yacht Broker........ That's the hands on aspect that a lot of the new graduates aren't possibly getting. I'm often asked from people who want to get into yacht design what path to follow and the answer is always the same. Southampton etc.... tied in with Westlawn, Or Westlawn iteself .... tied in with holidays working in the Marine Industry., Or, all three.... Note that I've never worked in a Design Office with other people. I've always subcontracted people in to help. A lone wolf from day 1
  8. which yacht designer ?

    No offence, but you lost me at 'no'
  9. which yacht designer ?

    Thanks Timber. More than ready. There are those that go for the established names for the standard safe results and then there are the Mavericks of this world that take the chance (but a safe chance - not a Brent Swain chance) and can get a game changer.....
  10. John MacLaurin. RIP.

    A real loss. Condolences to Susie and the family. I was involved in the last two Pendragon's [IV & VI]. He was a real character but great to work with. Fair winds John...
  11. Dibley K250 Carbon

    She's come a long way from when you first commissioned her, Jono. You had the right idea back then and still relevant today. https://www.facebook.com/Dibley-Marine-Ltd-Yacht-Designers-294490505335/?fref=ts
  12. Origami Boat Thread

    I sure do Bob.... Lowest of lows.... I always figured it was a matter of time with BS... But not that low.
  13. Origami Boat Thread

  14. Origami Boat Thread

    I tried origami once and ended up with a line of snow flakes holding hands.....