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  1. The FT 10 has an outboard well just aft of the companion way well inboard. I have been considering going to electric power when my diesel goes in my Cat 30. Torqueedo is now making a saildrive like electric pod drive combine with a generator( diesel or maybe propane) for long distance range. Bolt on the pod drive and put the generator in the outboard well. Now you have AC power on demand and propane for heating/ cooking battery charging etc. One negative you still have some kinda of fuel and another would be cost and complexity. Back to your outboard issue. Yes you could use one to make such a long trip with carefull planning and execution. Or just ship your boat there. 95% of the time the motor is just used for docking. Many people have undertaken long distance budget boat trips with out motors. You wouldn't be the first to attempt such a trip.
  2. Quattro indeed I got confirmation too. Oops they missed. O Well. It is starting to look Really Good I agree. "Balls to the wall Boys"
  3. Those are my friends on Mountain. I have done a couple of Transpacs with both of them. This is the sixth Hawaiian race each for them I hope you are wrong about missing a mark. The tracker shows them missing it but it is notoriously off at times. Any way another day and they should be in good wind. What should be interesting is the 3 tropical lows in the forcast with the first one tracking right to Maui around Sunday now. We'll see how good the model is.
  4. Sail San Diego #1 on Trip Advisor of 126 boating activities. We rock on Catalina 400's and a Bavaria 42. You can bring your craft beer although we have lots.
  5. Here is a finish line pic and I noticed that my 10 yo son was with us. That's another good reason to race your 4ksb.
  6. I heard rumors about this boat it may have been hull #1.
  7. I enjoyed your post Bigpowr. You were ahead of my time. Ensenada was pretty fun back then. I did National in SF but later. One of my crazy friends took his boat up there from SD. What a great place to race. AJ, others lmao.
  8. I learned to race on a Catalina 30. In fact I still own one with 2 partners. When my dad and I started racing it there was a fleet of 40+ C-30's in San Diego. Fleet 13. Most didn't race and the ones that did were a mixed bag. We had stock std rigs with rf jibs all dacron sails and different props, also phrf rigged boats with folding props and laminate racing sails.The first big regatta we did was the C-30 Nationals in 1989/92? We had been club racing it and I found out about the Nationals and that there was a cruzing class, basically stock boats, which is what ours was. That was how we found Fleet 13. We entered and ended up following all the other boats finishing last. We had a blast racing other 4ksb's. So we started improving our boat slowly people who own sail boats are cheap and racing ain't cheap. We got a folding prop,best bang for the buck, then a new dacron main and a great line control whisker pole. We did a lot of Jib and Main racing including San Diego's competitive beer can classes. In 1996 Newport-Ensenada started a crusing class. I had done a few on opbs but my Dad I and I decided to give it a go on the C-30. I felt we needed to have a spinaker but weren't rigged for it with pole, halyards, etc. The rules allowed for an asymmetrical spinnaker so we bought one and I rigged a tack line, some blocks for the sheets a halyard on a crane because of the RF. We still had a dacron genoa.Lucky for us it was a windy year. I grabbed three other good C-30 sailors plus my Dad and we had an epic run down to Ensenada. None of us had ever flown an aysometrical spin before. Never the less we had an @ 19 hr run for 125 miles finishing in the morning of the next day. It got so windy that we kept colasping the spin trying to run deep so we took it down around daylight. We used our whiskerpole to "surf" haha the rest of the way in for a win of the inagural crusing class.Some people think the crusing class ruined the Ensenada races but I know it made many racing converts as 3 from our boat started racing that race after our win. I ended up tricking out our boat a little with a faired and sprayed bottom, kevlar racing genoa etc and won a lot of PHRF races with it. Of course I went on to race on bigger and faster boats and the C-30 is for fun crusing now. Why race a C-30 when you can race on a sled? Right? Here’s the point of my story. One of my boat partners is small and has a slight disability. He loves to sail and race but has a hard time getting rides. If you own the boat you get to drive. We just bought a new main and RF genoa and he just bought a new racing genoa and our spins are ok so he just sarted racing the C-30 again in club races. I have not raced with him yet, except for the first one, which we won't talk about but he is leading his series with 2 seconds and a first. The best part is he told me it was the best move He's made racing our boat. He is having a blast. The C-30 is an awesome beginner racing boat and is really fun racing against other C-30's. There are so many of them and cheap to get into. I always wondered why more didn't race them. DC may be on to something. I am kinda intrigued about what he is doing to a C-30 tall rig. The std rigs always did well against the tall rigs except on long reaching courses. The ex-owner of the sled I race on is a good friend of DC. I guess I'll have to ask him. My avatar is a pic of our boat with the ayso. Ex IC30A commodore and vice commodore.
  9. Jack you make some good points but like many people poo pooing change mostly negative. Tesla does have 2-3 different chemistries with perceived levels of improvement under development. Not to mention some promise with lithium air. I guess my main point is this as electric cars replace ic cars the need for improvement will drive the inovation that will lead to break through batteries,or maybe just more cost effective batteries. I guess Tesla's Powerwall battery use for home and business electric off grid storage (btw is perfectly configurable for electric boat propulsion) is overlooked in your comment. People have poo pooed solar pv for years and yet change is sweeping the world. Yep pv solar is never going to drop and become cost effetive either. In my neighborhood in SoCal at least 40% of my neighbors have installed roof top pv solar. This despite a high cost that is dropping as increased adoption take place. Local utilities will be forced to change their business models soon. Currently they make profits on capital improvements and not distribution. Maybe their next role will be large scale battery storage for solar as Tesla proposes. Anyway with current battery technology electric boat power is very economically feasable and it will only get better. Your comments about material costs going up are true. You say it yourself evolutionary change in energy is taking place. Initial supplies will fall short as production ramps up by the global economy as we speak. But guess what supply will catch up with demand. Tweaker the Telsa battery factory being built in Reno is making batteries using same general chemistry it uses now so hardly revolutionary. It is being built for supplying their cars only and because it represents the largest cost component and the independent supply chain was proving not reliable. For instance one of the largest state owned Chinese battery companies only releases surplus stock to the west after their Military has first bite. Don't hold your breath waiting for battery storage prices to drop. Contrary to common thought the price of lithium batteries has not dropped in real terms with increased takeup. In fact since the introduction of the safer LFP battery chemistry around 9 years ago the price has risen. Energy density of battery chemistries (except LA) is gradually rising (in line with price) but that is hardly revolutionary tip of the iceberg stuff. Furthermore the price of one of the raw materials Lithium Carbonate has surged in recent months, more than doubling from around US$7700 to US$16,000 per tonne. This price may increase even further if the market has underestimated the evolutionary change in energy and the demand for batterys. Also alternative battery technologies to lithium such as Redflow etc are not providing competitive tension and are being priced similar to if not more than lithium chemistries. There is no game breaker or iceberg on the horizon as yet to alter pricing and the general characteristics of lithium battery storage. Therefore those putting off installing LFP instead of lead acid batteries on their boat hoping for LFP prices to drop, may be in for a long wait.
  10. A short answer to your question is yes a surprising number of boats and a ton of sail boats are converting to electric drive. And yes you can go long distances at the present time with a gas or diesel generator assist. Go to any Electric boat motor conversion company's website and you can get info on all of the benefits. And yes regen can be turned off if you desire. There are voltage converters that can deliver any voltage needs of other boat systems from one battery bank 48v to 12v for one instance. I think for racing sailboats the best solution is a retracable drive because electric boat power works best with a large diameter prop that is slow turning. So any coversion is a compromise. Never the less it can be a very good compromise. If you want to learn more about what is happening with electric boats there is a great yahoo groups electric boat forum. The batteries are the big limitation but amazing things are happening to over come the present limits. An example is Elon Musk's battery plant in Nevada. This type of thing is the tip of the ice berg for electric cars and all forms of electric tranportation.In the next 5 years you will see battery prices drop and power capacity of batteries rise as technology advances come into play. The major car companies are already lining up battery companies and suppliers so they will be able to compete in this new market. Don't even mention lead acid battery tech it's dead compared to lithium. The leaps and bounds of solid state transistor technology which has lead to integrated circuit development and modern computer power is what I would compare the coming battery revolution to. I for one plan on replacing the diesel in my 1986 Catalina 30 with electric drive. I can't wait to get rid of the noise, smell and mess of my old leaking engine. Replacing it with electric will give reliable, clean, quiet, and light weight power* (*no lead acid batteries). As batteries get cheaper I can upgrade my bank. I already have a 3kw portable quiet gas rv generator to use for my longer trips from San Diego to Catalina or? At the present time I think I can replace my diesel for the same price with electric and have a 40nm range @ 4.5k on battery power alone. Yes you can go hull speed but at a huge cost in range depending on your bank size. This would still be keeping my 14x13 folding Martec prop which loads up my 21 hp diesel to the max and drives my boat nicely now. So if we want to race it we still can. I would have to do the installation myself to make it feasable which is straight forward and not that complicated.
  11. Lewmar got back to me. They no longer support parts for these winches and they are designed for certain size lines so there are no different spacers to alow them to be used for smaller line.
  12. Here is the parts break down. My drum and jaws aren't worn. There is no spring adjustment for these winches. I guess I need to call Lewmar to see if they have different size spacers that go under the stripper ring or if you can remove the spacer to use the jaws for smaller line and to see if they are still supporting these parts.
  13. Decapo are your winches the older pre wave style selftailers? I too am having the same problem on my 1986 lewmar st 40's. I bought new sheets one size smaller and now they tail like shit. Does anyone know if you can change the selftailing plastic (wedge) between the jaws so the winch can use smaller line? I looked on the lewmar site and am not sure they are supporting these parts.Or can you sand down the part so the st jaws are closer together to grip smaller line?
  14. Try NauticED they have some free sailing interactive vids. I teach sailing for a local sail charter company and we are also affiliated with NauticEd. I love the students I get from them for free they already know all the basic info they need to learn and we just go out and do it practically. But all my students I put these basic ideas into them. 1. explain the difference between true wind and apparent wind i.e. the wind the boat sees and sails to. I use a car with no top or windshield stopped and then driving with and against the wind etc.2. Why we twist sails. because the wind is coming from a different direction and speed at the top of the mast. 3. Bernoulli's principle. the sails work with even air flow from top to bottom. 4 The size of the sail is a compromise. or the force on the sail is equal to the square of the velocity of the wind. in other words as the wind gets stronger the force goes up exponentially. 2x2=4 units of pressure, 5x5=25 and 10x10=100 etc. That's why we make the sails smaller when it gets windy. There is a go no go zone where the sail doesn't work, Trimming let it out till it flops then bring it in until it stops. I explain the trim loop first adjust twist then trim then draft then helm and repeat as necessary. I explain about the mast as a pivot point of effort between the two sails and how that affects the helm. and how when you have the boom on centerline up wind this position is maximum power and curve like have the flaps down on a jet for take off. and when you have too much helm you can flatten the sail plan by lowering the traveler or boom to lee ward. Of course you have to show them what makes these adjustments and why. Sorry didn't read the whole post so some of this is redundant.
  15. Notice how the J-125 keeps coming up in these threads only 13 made. The keel can drop, narrow light and fast. How come NO ONE is making anything like it? J boats can't recreate it? or anyone else with improvements? An Ft-10 with a more solid build would be great. I like the Elliot 35SS but $700k? The SC37 comes close to your requirements but is an orphan. Bob's FT 12 project looked good although not really trailerable. I just took a look at the Careek 40 pretty cool boat.