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  1. tweaker

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    Kinardly your comments suggest someone who has a vested interest. Using your logic two wrongs make a right. I would like to see SDYC have some serious consideration for preventing any future violations. I have been to the lease hold which amounts to an outdoor kitchen, bathrooms and eating area. What has SDYC done for protecting the marine life? Apparently some members they feel free to do as they please with little fear of consequences. Why would members take such a risk as to cause SDYC to lose their lease? No fear of being caught, little to no consequences and a lack of respect for fish and game laws plus unmitigated selfishness. Instead of making lame excuses how about a change of attitude. I would love to see the Abalone population come back to levels where sport fishing take could return. All of the outer waters of southern California has been closed to Abalone fishing since 1997. The coastal area from Santa Barbara to San Diego has been closed since 1977. The coastal area has yet to have any return of a viable population mainly due to unrelenting poaching. Many yachts clubs do contribute to fish restoration. SGYC had White Sea Bass grow out pens to try and help restore the population. I Definitely think they could do a better job of protecting the sea life around their lease hold instead of it being exploited. Here is one program attempting to help the recovery of Abalone. So how do we stop the selfish acts of a few who are ruining the resources for all?
  2. tweaker

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    Sorry Christian I goofed up your quote. What I said is above what you said that I put quotes around below what I said. What I said should have been below the quote box.
  3. tweaker

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    The guote below my statement above was from Christian. Usually the quote feature on most forums highlight the quotes better. I did put it in guotes. My mistake the event wasn’t sponsored by SDYC but by Newport Harbor YC which has a lease next door to Whites cove and the SDYC lease. Many SDYC club members participate in what is an invitation only regatta. Balboa YC leases a facility on the west end of Whites cove and they host a dinner and party there after some of the Long point races along with NHYC. I could care less about being banned from SDYC. Also I used to be a Yacht Club member and have enjoyed my share of Yacht club privileges, but not at SDYC. I do like SDYC and feel as a whole they are a great club. And yes if poaching is taking place at a lease by SDYC and is something that seems to be on going by one or more members and violates the aforementioned lease I would think all members may be at risk of losing that lease. Do I want them to lose it no. But certainly that could be a consequence of a bad action by at least one member. I have a family member who is now a Ranger for the Catalina conservancy. I have been in contact with them about this matter. And I will be contacting the DFG about the poaching I witnessed even though it took place preceding this case. My incident is certainly relevant . One of the rangers duties is to protect the Island resources from poaching. For those who may not know it most of Catalina Island is owned by the Catalina Island Conservancy who mission is to care and protect the Island. The island was owned by the Wrigley family and donated to the Catalina Island Conservancy. They lease all the coves and properties to various groups. Only a small portion of the Island is owned by the public, businesses, housing, etc in Avalon. Because it is far from the mainland the DFG officers and the Island rangers have a difficult time patrolling the Island and keeping in check poaching which may be one of the reasons these accused individuals did what they did. Just for informational purposes Abalone are severely endangered in Southern California. Over fishing and a weird disease called shrivel foot disease has decimated the population. Abalone are broadcast breeders meaning they disperse their eggs and sperm into the water around a breeding group population. In order to ensure viable populations you need colonies of abalones to reproduce. That is why the take of even just two abalone is such a horrendous crime. They have been on the no take list for many many years. On the main land abalone have had an impossible time coming back due to continued poaching by lawless individuals. The outer Islands are really the only hope that viable populations will ever return. I was quite surprise to see a picture posted on the Facebook page of one of the Accused with a take of lobsters at Catalina after his arrest for the previous alleged crime. It was posted on September 10 th. The alleged crime took place in August. I don’t know when the picture was taken but it appears to be this year and was posted after the legal season opened and appears to be a legal take of seven lobsters. So he does know what the rules are. He is innocent until proven guilty. Unless his fishing license was immediately revoked after his arrest I guess it is his right to continue the legal take of lobsters until proven guilty and having his license revoked due to the alleged crime.
  4. tweaker

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    So a couple of years ago I was crew on a SDYC club members boat at the Long Point race week. Not any of the members accused. SDYC has a lease at Whites Cove on Catalina Island and many menbers bring their families there for weeks during the summer. Every night our team had dinner on shore there. I have done a few of the Long Point races on the same boat. One evening I witnessed a member and it could well be one of the same individuals accused of poaching lobsters doing that exact thing. The Long Point races take place during the time of the alleged poaching. I never got his name. He showed off @4 preseason lobsters that he took out of season. Who knows if they were even legal as to size. I was very dismayed but due to not wanting to damage my relationship with the SDYC member whose boat I was racing on I said nothing. I regret not saying or even reporting the incident to the fish and game department. I think this might be an ongoing behavior by a few with privilege that felt they would never be held accountable due to usually only members hanging out there. In other words they felt they would never be caught or held accountable due to their private lease and fellow members not ratting on each other. I am glad someone did speak up finally and wish I had when I saw illegal poaching taking place. I am totally not proud that I didn’t when I should have despite any possible negative consequences. I am going to speak to someone at Catalina about their lease. They may have violated their lease for the club.
  5. tweaker

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    I find it bizarre that the PFD was destroyed, but never the less maybe it is a good thing. It doesn’t matter after the fact that the PFD didn’t activate. It could have failed for any number of reasons including operator error. I used to unscrew the CO2 cartridge sometimes on my old tablet style PFDs to prevent accidental activation from an old tablet before changing them. Or I removed the cartridge before flying. Will suing the manufacturer change anything for a possible defect? Or if it was operator error would that change anything? A defective PFD design would have showed up by now. What really matters is that each of us is responsible for our own safety while sailing. WE need to check that our PFD is is in top condition before any race with possible bad weather. WE need to make sure we stay on the boat, etc. Comments from those whose say don’t use inflatable PFD’s are in my mind just personel preference. If you want to wear a non inflatable go ahead. I have sailed over 50,000 miles of off shore races and deliveries and I prefer an inflatable. Just wear one, any kind, at night and in rough weather, or all the time which we did as crew on the Columbia 32 I did 10,000 miles on. Other racers whould sometimes laugh at us for having on our PFDs all the time. If you read my post in the other thread you would know I almost got washed off of an Andrews 70 while driving during a stormy Cabo race in daytime. Why wasn’t I clipped on? I don’t know? habit? most people don’t clip on in the day during bad weather. In any extended storm there IS going to side waves that hit the boat because the wind direction changes during the storm causing mixed waves. There’s a macho attitude among sailors about wearing PFDs and also about being clipped into the boat. An excellent example are some of the French solo sailors. Eric Taberly is one example. Comments about how good you can swim in foul weather gear are crazy. Yes when I was younger I would have been able to swim and get out of boots etc. Not now that I am older forget it. If you have on foul weather gear you should have on a PFD period. If the wind is up over 20 knots day or night it would be a good practice to be clipped in because side waves WILL happen. It’s not too hard to get used to being clipped in. Safety is also paramount for boat owners. A safe clipped in culture at night and in rough weather on the boat would be recommended. That’s my take away. Be safe out there.” If it’s going to happen it’s going to happen out there.”
  6. tweaker

    what is it?

    Ok I miss calculated. The MOD 70 Phaedo has the record at 3 days 18+ hours. So 25 knt average a little longer maybe a 4 day week end. A guy can dream right.
  7. tweaker

    what is it?

    I think it would be fun to do a long weekend it to HI on. 30kts average = @3.6 days. Seems doable.
  8. tweaker

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    I have two friends on Imedi and haven’t spoken to one yet as I am sure they are in shock. At 66 years of age I have wound down my racing career. I am just not in the shape I used to be in. I can not swim in the water like I use to. I cannot imagine going into the water at my age with full foul weather gear and boots on and be able to keep my head out of water especially in those conditions. It was daytime Jon apparently had on his PFD maybe no teather which is not unusual for daytime rough weather. Apparently his PFD didn’t inflate. The crew of Imedi responded expertly. The crew saw him slip under. Could there have been a better MOB response NO. This is just a tragic accident and my heart goes out to family, friends and crew of Jon and Imedi. There is a slight risk every time we go off shore of accidents happening. This story could very well be about me as I had an experience very similar to this one but with a lucky outcome. I didn’t go overboard but very nearly did in similar conditions. During one stormy Cabo race on Condor ( Andrews 68) I was driving during the day upwind and in the worst part of the storm, heavy rain 20-30 knots on the nose and 10+ foot waves. Minimum crew (5) on deck as most were down below staying out of the weather with many sea sick. A small head sail up no main doing 9-11 knots when a big side wave crashed over the deck. I wasn’t clipped in but did have on my PFD. I was nearly washed over but was able to barely hold on to the wheel. Could I have been recovered? Who knows? It is up to each one of us to maintain our safety gear, like packing a parachute, if it don’t work it’s on us. Sometimes no mater what things don’t work right. I would like to think after my bad experience I would always clip on but each of one of us takes a measure of risk in everything decision we make but they are our decisions. Check your safety gear and when in doubt clip on and try to stay on the boat. If not we live and die with our decisions. It seems Jon passed away doing what he loved. My heart felt simpathy goes out to his family, friends and the crew on Imedi.
  9. tweaker

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    Also Raisin Cane is hull # 13.
  10. tweaker

    caption contest

    After doing a through search Reed found his new chick magnet.
  11. tweaker

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    PITA! don't I know it, But the IC30A wouldn't be what it is with out him. Say Hi from the Fleet 13 fleet captain. Check your rudder stuffing box. There is a panel you can remove at the aft end of the quarter berth to access it or through the lazerette. They were half ass glassed in and they come loose. They are above water line at rest, but leak when the boat is under power as the stern squats. This is one of the mystery leaks some will find on their C-30. FWIW here is another mystery leak for those who go out in rough weather. When waves break over the bow, water will fill up the anchor locker. The drain hole is small or sometimes plugged. The water will migrate down the hull liner and drown all the cabin lights, etc. The solution is to caulk all of the seams in the anchor locker and /or duck tape the hatch shut if you know it will be rough.
  12. tweaker

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    Congrats on the "new" boat. Just found this thread. I am a Past Commodore of The IC30A. Still have my C-30. Do you talk much to Max?He pretty much knows everthing about the C-30. I didn't read the whole thread so I don't know if I am repeating stuff. And have you picked up a copy of the C-30 "Tech Talk manual" that Dick Dickens gathered over the years? All of the issues you have been dealing with are in that book. Check out your rudder stuffing box they work loose. The wood block in the front of your bilge under the mast compression post these rot. You found the hanging locker problem, window repairs, It's all in the book. Upgrades and improvements all in the book. The IC30A web site has links to everything you need for your boat. Like H&L wood has every piece of teak for your boat as they were the suppler for Catalina. There are links for atomic 4 specialists and parts, etc. Believe it or not you can buy new cushions from the factory. Call Catalina parts and tell them what year and they will quote you. Nice job on the bottom BTW. it looks like you found all of the info to do it right. The old ones and the tiller ones are good for racing. Do you have the new style rudder? The rudder slop issue is in the book. I personally use mylar shims to take out the slop. Or you can do a more permanent fix. Glad to see you are restoring her.