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  1. What are the big active classes world wide beyond the Laser? Opti, Sunfish? Here in the USA there is a small and old (really old) Finn class. Caleb to invest that much time and money into a medal win is truly amazing (hats off). The 470 class here is crazy small in Merica. Many more Star boats are still racing here but are they world wide? Foiling cats would be fun. Match racing is a must and the boat for that could be any small modern keel boat 3-up. Could careless about the board sailing, sorry. Its just hard to get excited about any of this class talk when I think the IOC doesn't give a rat's ass about sailing. They want the money sports (tickets sold,TV ratings).
  2. You are wrong No, I'm spot on. No one cares about sailing. That's the point, just deal with it and learn to express yourself without insult to a person you do not know.
  3. Just dump all Olympic sailing and replace it with Roller Ball. Really no one gives a shit about watching sailboats race and tragically none of the boats catch fire and the sailors are not brawling getting the crap beat out of em. Roller Ball could replace all war in the world, its perfect. Then replace the marathon with The Purge: Anarchy, cleansing the weak and ill from society. Following NBC's coverage format... All Swimming (roller ball format) then too much track (think flaming javelins) with even more gymnastics Tape it all and show it during prime time even though we all already know the outcome...thanks INTERNET! Ryan Lochte will host from a gas station while drunk out of his mind. So you see, this sailing bs just doesn't fit in guys. Soooo sorry.
  4. Don't forget that it takes a lot of family money to get to an Olympic level for many sports. All of those cute US gymnasts had private coaching paid by parents and other relatives long before the national federation started subsidizing them. Same with many of the sailors and people from many other sports. So RR are you classifying them as wealthy families or just ones digging deep to support their loved one?
  5. Seems that some here think big corporations are behind every Olympic athlete which is total garbage. Those entities don't give a crap about sports that are in niche markets. They want to sponsor the big sports that connect with a large segment. The Olympics are a money making machine designed to line the pockets of the IOC. The athletes are just some more tools of the IOC machine and everybody knows it over the age of 14. It's just what it has become because money always makes the bus go down the road...duh. Without money shit shows like the Olympics don't happen. Not saying I like it , but it is what it is. Just remember, most Olympic athletes don't get big bucks but instead for example train to sail all day and beg for donations the rest of the time, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. I sure don't wish that life on my son's. So deal with it and next time you see an Olympian think of the true road of hard work and sacrifice most of them have endured (self inflicted). Then think of the many that worked just as hard to come up short and not even get to the big show. Sure, some people with money are behind their kids but many less than some think. Cheers, RJ.
  6. So big Lee, why are those the real winners? Because they are amateurs - which in case you have forgotten or never knew - is what the Olympics are supposed to be about. I'm old enough to remember many countries sending amateur athletes to to compete at to Olympics against the pros from the old iron curtain countries. It's not been a amateur event for a very long time and so the field has changed tilt to what it is today, for the good or bad of it all. What's the problem? It's all about profit now. The IOC is as sketchy as FIFA. So, only true amateur athletes are the real winners, horse shit! Times have changed and a small few of the Olympians make a decent living chasing a medal, toiling in the shadows. My hat is off to them for their hard work and dedication for a brief and fleeting moment out of the shadows. I guess you expect athletes to work regular jobs 8-5 M-F , then magically show up and perform great feats for you while you sit in front of your tv complaining about their lack of skill. JK, I know you're not like that.
  7. So big Lee, why are those the real winners?
  8. The Current US Finn sailor Caleb Paine did not sail in college or attend it. My 6'2" son's attended ODU for sailing and my one son was told to lose weight when he was 175 #s. The only way for him to do that wad to lose muscle, which he decided not to do. Instead, opting to go join the Men's Rugby team. He did get into sailing Finns, put on muscle getting to 205 #s, racing finns at the Miami OCR to get a sense of the whole thing. Really dug the high level of competition, but the real struggles of starting his post college life took president for him. Its a very hard road and without the funding, was of no interest to him. I don't think that his path is an uncommon one for US sailors looking at making an Olympic run. Regarding College sailing, both sons still love to race and weren't burnt out as a result of it.
  9. So the life of a US Olympic hopeful sailor goes like this. Once you decide you have Olympic aspirations, you start funding your program. buying your own boat (boats), sails , coach, housing , travel. You know, make enough money for everything to live and sail . If you're really good, you may get about $50000 a year for US sailing to help, but that's only if you are the top sailor at the time. Then you spend most all of your time training and fund raising. Rinse and repeat.That is your life. You are usually broke all of the time trying to make it work. I know the US Finn sailor, Paine was living in his car in Europe part of the time to be able to attend Finn regattas, he even got robbed one night while sleeping in his car . So you get $0-50K and need $100K to campaign a year. That's for the quad, but figure it will take you 5-7 years to qualify to rep for USA. Hefty investment in time, money and lifestyle. Not many will make that commitment and in the case of Paine the US Finn sailor, he gave up college to pursue his dream. That's going deep! He's all in as are the other US sailors for the Olympics. So to the writer of the article on the front page, get a clue if you can. Be proud that these sailors sacrificed so much to get farther than most all of us ever could. My hat is off to those that have and will.
  10. As the movie Caddyshack proved, golf is superior to sailing. Nuff said bitches!
  11. Congrats to Paine for sending Railey back into retirement and back to fishing. The better sailor won the US Olympic berth,
  12. Win at all cost. At the end of the day are you respected? In this case, I don't respect the move. CLASSLESS!
  13. Some video of the trap... https://www.facebook.com/110408332633/videos/vb.110408332633/10153472802362634/?type=3&permPage=1
  14. Hard to believe that Railey can step back in the finn for three regattas and beat Paine (campaigning since the last Olympics). I guess Paine hasn't been working hard enough? US Sailing must just be thrilled with this drama in front of the rest of the sailing world.
  15. Railey has 122 points to Paines 132 net. I think there may be one more fleet race tomorrow and then the Medal race for the top ten.