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  1. My Last Post; Good Bye

    I'm out too. Done - SA, Clean and ED all suck.
  2. fp post-what a whinny little fuck

    Hopefully Trump will shut this Thread down soon.....
  3. what is it?

    Iranian gunboat
  4. What's happened to the C&C 30?

    It's over....
  5. KWRW - Platoon tp52

    The "time to burn" is really just another piece of information for the tactician and helmsman. It may be important to this team or maybe not so important... The start still comes down to the helmsman and tactician working well together during the last 3 minutes and has more to do with instinct and time on the boat in these situations. I worked a "box" for a few KW but as a helmsman and tactician I never really paid a lot of attention to the "time to burn" - a few years back when I was doing it the data was sometimes incorrect anyway. Just another expensive toy in my opinion....
  6. Manhasset Fall Series

    Thast notte MBYC fornte lawne is it? I think it might be AYC with all the dead wasp's That's funny!
  7. what is it?

    Looks like an aluminum French racer cruiser from the 70's
  8. Where Did All the Sailors Go?

    It's Over!
  9. new low

    You gentlemen need to find jobs!
  10. New Rambler

    Despite what Kenny says flippantly in an interview, I very much doubt he's unaware of the boat's handicap. I agree - he knows the handicap that is for sure - he has to say something to justify the show...this barely qualifies as sailboat racing.
  11. New Rambler

    Engine must have shit the bed...
  12. New Rambler

    Whats the big rush to go race against a Beneteau 36.7? I hope their getting time and a half for this delivery!
  13. What a pussy. Stay classy SA.

    +100 Perhaps Scot should float-test his own car in the same way. With the doors locked. Here Here!