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  1. PFD advice

    Just got a new offshore PFD, I had a Spinlock 5D for years. Check out the Mustang EP 38, I like it a lot more than the spinlock. The weight is more evenly distributed making it more comfortable, its CG approved so we don't have to carry a CG life jacket in addition, they are all hammer so way less false inflation.
  2. who what where

    With a reef in the main, and a Genoa Staysail with the stock check stays you should be able to deliver the boat home. Will need to pick up fuel a few times and add some 5 gal tanks mix.
  3. PV Race

    Its going to be interesting to see how this plays out. light start, decent middle and who knows how it will end. Leave the A5, A4 and #3 on the dock.
  4. Chicken Chute

    We have an a5 for the moore that is wicked fast in 30 plus. It’s 85% the size of the class kite. We also have an s3 that is good over 30 plus as well - we made the switch to ayso kite after we had the s3.
  5. Chicken Chute

    We run an s3 as a shy kite on the moore 24. It’s a small kite than the class runner s2, and allows a wider grove. We tested this in up to 36 tws in 2015, it’s was near the upper limit, but so were we. I can post a pic in the morning it’s basically a kite without the shoulders.
  6. Melges 30 converted to Melges 32

    I think ASP was referencing the J/125. I have taken a Melgas 30/32 out of the sight of land.
  7. Melges 30 converted to Melges 32

    Offshore I think the class kits are too big/ round once the breezes is up, we found the same to be true on the J125. The big round runners just tip the boat over. Every time we put up a smaller kite the boat just goes faster, (ok you cant put up the A5 in 10 knots TWS, but you get the point.)
  8. Melges 30 converted to Melges 32

    I have done some of the OYRA racing on Rufless the Melgas 30/32 that raced in Pac Cup 2016. Its a machine offshore, you just need the right sails for it. reefable main, #4, A5 and A7 downwind its fast!
  9. Three Bridge Fiasco

    Looks like a Moore might have taken the over all win!!
  10. End of Sprit stick / wand??

    If your sprit is long enough do inside jibes. If not have your sailmaker put a donkey di** on the tack of the kite it catches the sheet.
  11. If you want accuracy run a port and starboard speed sensor and have a switch to always use the leeward one.
  12. Barn Find Cal 40

    TP52 have been around since 2000 so some are 18 years old, I think they make the list.
  13. Barn Find Cal 40

    Thats Web's Moore. Its back in the water, I think he just sailed up to Hilton head.
  14. If you ever want to get rid of that 110 keel I can put you in contact with the Inverness fleet. We strapped a 110 keel to our moore trailer and helped ship one back from Hawaii.
  15. J 121

    I want to see how they shake out against the 111 and the 125. Are any headed to the Bay Area?