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  1. Battery size for instruments

    We ran a set up like this on the Moore 24, we had three displays and would use 0.5 amp hours in the day and 0.4 amp hours at night or a total of 11 amp hours for 24 hours. These were actual usage measurements from our set up. We ran 2 60 amp lithium that weighed nothing but we were setting the boat up for Pac Cup. For day sailing you could use the above LiFe 10 ah pack. Good luck
  2. Schrodinger's Waterline

  3. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    I know the new owner, boat just move last week to Richmond YC. He enters the 2018 Pac cup, mark and I are going to take a look at the boat in the up coming week. I will take a few photos of the motor install. Offshore the IB could be a huge help for power generation, we had big issues with our solar in 2016. We ended up sailing powered down during the days so conservative power, we crossed the finish line with 6 amp hours left in the batteries. I was afraid to call the rc on the vhf for fear it would kill the batteries.
  4. Round The County 2017

    Great read. Mark and I were bummed that we had to back out, this is a bucket list race for us maybe 2018.
  5. J/125s Are AWESOME

    Starting them off young on the J/125, Jason will never go back to his Opti again.
  6. J 121

    Would be nice to see a set up like the TP52/Pac 52's where the boat can switch between a tiller and wheels depending on the course and use. Double-handed racing (tiller), around the cans (tiller), Offshore with a crew (wheel).
  7. Spirit-33' s&s

    Found this during my move this weekend. Spirit 2002 Pac Cup, 18 - 22 TWS, DDW standing up so we can surf better.
  8. Spirit-33' s&s

    Love Spirit!! I raced my first two Pac Cup's on her, great boat.
  9. Svendsen's Boatworks To Close 11/1/17

    FYI -- Alameda has rent control hence the $2200 a month 550 SQFT bachelor pad. Remove rent control, and the folks paying $500 move out and some supply constraint placed on the market is removed and lowers market rent. Building more housing stock also helps with that. The Bay Area needs 10X more housing projects being built, we are the only MSA in the nation with job growth out pacing demand for years.
  10. Pac Cup 2018

  11. Pac Cup 2018

    I think they are all going to have different sails-- that's just apart of the race. Also thes will all weight differently so they will have have slight ratting differences. I would not be surprised to see at least one boat race with a MH set up. And it would not surprise me to see a boat with an A5 on the class pole.
  12. Pac Cup 2018

    The express fleet is having a good resurgence lately on the Bay. 8 OD boats will be the biggest one design fleet I think the race has ever had. I know there have been bigger sc50 fleets, but they are hardly OD boats at this point most have new rigs/ keels and rudders. Its going to be fun watching the triple handed e-27 performance against the dh boats.
  13. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    I don't remember us having a 24 hour run within 10 miles of a sc70, but we were sending it. We did have a 240 mile day. I rember Mark and I guessing at our daily 8am runs. On the 240 mile day we both were way off, I guessed 213 and mark 208. I our defense we had been running without instruments 18 hours during the day and had rounded down so hard at 2 am that we tacked. I love the moore offshore!!
  14. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    Simply put there is no substitute for a Moore, if you want one buy one. If you don't you will regret. Re: Moore being a light air upwind boat that's total bs. We have held our own double handed on upwind races, granted downwind is a lot more fun.
  15. Pole back! From the FP...

    We run an ASO with a pole, you can still pole back to sail deep. 5 string set up, outside gybes. We tested against our OD fleet aso was faster from 3 knots tws to 32 tws. Over 32 tws it was more about survival and the s3 we found more control over with an out grabber.