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  1. When we tried the triple head rig (pirate rig) on the 125 we found is slowed the boat down. Over 12 tws there was too much Lee helm to keep the boat on course. Maybe the 121 has enough been to support this.
  2. IMR

    How do I remove bowsprit cap?

    On the 125 we had to cut it off and then make a new end.
  3. IMR

    Help me out with some MORC History

    SC 27 - I know its a little later design 1974, but they are well built and can be picked up for a great price and are fun boats to sail. Here is one for $8K
  4. IMR

    Looking for a new watch...

    I use the $50 Ironman with the vibration alarm. It works great both inshore and offshore. I wake up a lot to pull down different grib files offshore and don’t want to wake the off watch. The vibration alarm once you are use to it wakes me up every time and no one else.
  5. IMR

    Rigger recommendations - Bay Area

    Scott GC rigging and composite or Rufus. I call one of these three for anything/everything.
  6. Just some Moore’s sailing up the delta at the same time. Not a race per say, although we all did somehow manage to start at the same time between some government marks.
  7. On the 24 Moore I run expedition on a laptop and INavX on both an iPhone and iPad. In bigger boats I just Remote Desktop from the iPhone to the laptop.
  8. IMR

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    We ended up with a lot of load on out LRH and Mule on the 125. Way more load than we thought, we actually broke the dog bone in the hull that the bobstay was attached to.
  9. IMR

    LA Yacht club new coastal race series.

    Bummer, I agree that if you are willing get on the boat with any crew the distance/time is irrelevant.
  10. IMR

    in the air

    April fools!!
  11. Why not rabbit start and then use a photo for the finish time. Just a screen shoot from iNavX would work.
  12. Could you stick a dehumidifier in the boat and dry it out? We use a dehumidifier with a lift pump and dump the water in the cockpit with the hatch closed up. In about 24 hours it bone dry.
  13. In NorCal phrf there is no credit or penalties for carrying either or both sym and ayso. There are penalties for oversized and longer J. So if you put a 3’ longer pole on and the 10% bigger ayso kite it’s going to cost you. in 2016 we tested ayso kits double handed against the Moore fleet running sym kits. We were faster all the time with ayso and we were able to gybe just a tad bit slower but not so much that it was costly. This was all offshore racing, around the cans we would have been killed.
  14. If you leave the main centered on boat I sail for more than a second in over 20 tws you will be head to wind on your side.