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  1. I have also found saildoc to be a great source for offshore weather faxes and data. The file sizes are small and the turn around is quick, I have a Iridium Go and Sailmail is an approved app so the combo of sailmail and saildoc works great for me.
  2. Moore 24 - great od racing and amazing offshore with downwind phrf.
  3. Swage Stops

    I do have bias ply tires and a carburetor on my 1969 fj40. Works perfectly for rock clawing. Right tool for the right job.
  4. Swage Stops

    We switched back to wire and run a spectra pennant on our jibs. The repeat ability is outstanding. A halyard lock with a jib Cunningham ensures the jib sheet leed is perfect every time.
  5. Swage Stops

    Why? The halyard lock/ ball set up is great on small boats it’s easy and constant at the leeward mark.
  6. Or tap the holes for the cotter pins and run some pan hean machine screw in to them. This is what I do no boats where we don’t adjust the rig a lot. Otherwise it’s the Velcro pins, just have to replace them every season or two.
  7. J/109 Chartplotter Advice

    Here are two poor photos of our set up on the 125. We run 3 HV20/20 on the mast, and 3 triton2 over the hatch, these are all run off an H5000 with expedition feeding data as well. Works great.
  8. Pac Cup 2018

    We had two 60 amp hour lithium batteries. And two 23w all-in-one panels. If we went again we would have two 75w panels. We did not have enough panel, but we made it work.
  9. Safety at Sea practice

    Great getting them out on the water. I wear my Offshore inflatable when the kids are on board. I know if they fall in, that I will be jumping in after them seconds later. And I want all my mob equipment with me.
  10. Pac Cup 2018

    Solar. Two identical systems so if one shits the bed you still have some power. Thats what we did on Mas! When the port charge controller died, we just cut back our power consumption and kept going. Made it with a few amps to spare.
  11. PFD advice

    Just got a new offshore PFD, I had a Spinlock 5D for years. Check out the Mustang EP 38, I like it a lot more than the spinlock. The weight is more evenly distributed making it more comfortable, its CG approved so we don't have to carry a CG life jacket in addition, they are all hammer so way less false inflation.
  12. who what where

    With a reef in the main, and a Genoa Staysail with the stock check stays you should be able to deliver the boat home. Will need to pick up fuel a few times and add some 5 gal tanks mix.
  13. PV Race

    Its going to be interesting to see how this plays out. light start, decent middle and who knows how it will end. Leave the A5, A4 and #3 on the dock.
  14. Chicken Chute

    We have an a5 for the moore that is wicked fast in 30 plus. It’s 85% the size of the class kite. We also have an s3 that is good over 30 plus as well - we made the switch to ayso kite after we had the s3.