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  1. IMR

    3BF 2020

    Go ccw don’t look at wind or the tide book. Something like 8 of the past 10 races have been won ccw.
  2. IMR

    J/111 staysail

    What about the JT and the GS. Can’t leave without them.
  3. IMR

    J/111 staysail

    For what its worth, on the 125 we only deploy the staysail in over 12 knots of TWS. We found it was not helpful below that. Around the cans if we have the #3 up (over 20 Tws) we just use it as the staysail. Offshore ofer 20 TWS we use the staysail, until we have too much power, generally around the middle of the A4.
  4. IMR

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2020

    Having done this race to many times on the moore. Always got ccw, don’t look at the tide book, don’t look at the wind at the start. Just go ccw you do well.
  5. IMR

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2020

    If we were going it would be counter clockwise
  6. IMR


    Anything worth using will be built from log files from the actual boat.
  7. IMR

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2020

    Could not get a hall pass for this one. We have a 3 week old and the wife looked at me like I was nuts.
  8. Transpac requires outboards to be in a well if equipped. So the h33 fits that requirements as does a melgas 32. Or a shock 40
  9. IMR

    Our refreshed 1D35 comes out to play.

    Congrats on getting the boat back on the water. Good luck.
  10. IMR

    Offshore racing costs

    The benefits of shipping are: you know the cost before you leave, no matter the condition the boat arrives in it will get back to California. Cons cost it might actually take longer than sailing home.
  11. IMR

    Offshore racing costs

    We did not have to race prep the bottom it was done for class racing. We went through the rig 3 years before for class racing. We also had most of the sails. Heck I have been on boats where $1k a foot was the sail budget. All depends on what the boat needs.
  12. IMR

    Offshore racing costs

    We spent around $1k a foot in the 2016 Pac cup. This included two kites and shipping the boat home.
  13. IMR

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    I hit 2.5 knots in an eltoro once. Wicked up.
  14. IMR

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    A proper budget would be $300K to $500K a year, that will include entry fees, housing for the crew, flights, food, sails, boat upgrades, repair work, general maintenance, storage, deliveries, insurance. Depends on how much sailing the boat will be doing and how much optimizing you want.
  15. IMR

    The Refit - Andrews 43

    R1/mhg are tweener sails as defined by orr. Basically the mid-girth is less than 75% requirement of a spinnaker. But it’s flown like a c0 without all the leach flapping around. One draw back is it can not be used in phrf. It gives you a jibtop that rates as a kite rather than a jib. Have N-M run some sail test for you in Orr to dial in the size. For a Pac cup smaller will be better.