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  1. Our beer cans have no limitations who can drive and or crew during a beer can. Let be honest it a beer can race, we might put up old bloopers and unrated sales just to have fun.
  2. IMR

    Another reef

    He said he has a tartan 28, it weighs in at almost 7,500 pounds in 28 feet. If you need a second reef on that boat it’s going to be wicked up. the op said if it’s over 25+ he stays at the dock and goes out another day. So from what he said a second reef is not going to get that much use. I would see getting a #4 jib first. now if he said, I have a f27 tri and am thinking about a second reef, we would all be saying get a second and a third reef.
  3. IMR

    Another reef

    I have only used a second reef a handful of times. You need to be preparing for cat 1 races to consider a 2nd reef.
  4. IMR

    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    Everything is available for a price!! I bet they would build you a new 125 if you coughed out $750K, but than again you could just buy a used one for $300K so why not do that. Once good used boats start trading, new boat production slows way down in a class most of the time.
  5. IMR

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    It’s about the edge that you sail the modern boats on it’s a razor thin, the 70’ on the other hand have a wider grove. You don’t have to sail on the edge all the time the pole comes back and the grove is wider.
  6. IMR

    Tethers - Quick Release or Not?

    sorry I should have added a link.
  7. IMR

    Tethers - Quick Release or Not?

    I have a glowfast and love it
  8. IMR

    Sailing Instuments - What to display where?

    you don't have targets? Target True wind angel and target boat speed? if its a random leg reaching course we toggle to polar boat speed rather than target boat speed. we played around with pitch its useful when you are learning the boat. after a bit you just know this.
  9. IMR

    Tack wraps around the bowsprit

    We ran two tacklines on the ss u bolt. We started Transpac with one tackline set up as a 2:1 for a reaching MHG. We had the second line run for the first peel to a soft a3. Then we sent the bow guy out of the sprit to remove the soft shackle on the 2:1 tackline so we could peel the a2.5.
  10. IMR

    Tack wraps around the bowsprit

    We used just the ss u bolt polished on the 125 the last two seasons. Didn’t break a tack line during ca coastal cup, so cal 300 or Transpac. We had the a7 up in 35 tws.
  11. IMR

    Tack wraps around the bowsprit

    ditch the block, polish the u bolt and just run the tack line directly to the u bolt.
  12. IMR


    J boat has made a boat without balsa before. They only made 16 and they were carbon, Kevlar and foam.
  13. IMR

    Making water at speed....

    We use the sail drive water intake for the motor works. well and is almost always in the water on both tacks.
  14. IMR

    Sailing Instuments - What to display where?

    I agree with that we run a 5 min average polar boat speed. This helps offshore make sure we are staying at potential. But as is stated above this takes a lot of effort to get right. I think for Transpac last year I had 8 displays and then an Tablet with 10 more that were more performances and tactical based. we would log every driver and talking with each watch what was working and how to get more speed out of the boat.
  15. IMR

    Sailing Instuments - What to display where?

    Heading Boat speed TWA TWS Target SB Target TWA