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  1. Chicago Area III

    Ted, I have a crew member that will grab that seat if its still available. Just want to confirm that this is for Wednesday Morning. Ian
  2. Chicago Area III

    Just logged on to to retract the invite and saw your posts. Thanks for the prudent advice. After looking at it more carefully, and getting a "no F'ing way" from the crew, we've decided to leave Sunday. And thanks Glenn for the link . Haven't seen that before. Invite stands for Sunday.
  3. Chicago Area III

    Planning on delivering boat to Holland tomorrow. Looking a little dicy. One crew member just dropped out. That leaves me and just one "sailor" crew. Anyone up for an "adventure sail"? Coffee, beef stew, and beer provided. Plan would be to grab dinner in Holland, sleep on the boat, and AMTRAK back to the city Sunday morning. Boat is ABSOLUT, Beneteau 38s5.
  4. That's beautiful. Que Es?
  5. Chicago Area III

  6. Chicago Area III

  7. Chicago Area III

  8. Chicago Area III

    Act of God? I doubt there was any preconceived insurance scamming going on in this particular instance. However, I'm sure there are a couple folks out there seeing the silver lining. Believe it or not, there are some people out there that just love their moldy old POS 3kt litter boxes to death. And God love them. When I was working in the B.Y. I made a conscious effort to minimize my distain for some of the above mentioned vessels for one simple reason; I saw the care and love people would put into these boats. Folks would come down to the yard and spend days going through their routines with great care and diligence for some of these floating turds. At first I felt apathetic to the whole process. I even felt sorry for the dumb bastards. Then I realized, there was a love for these death traps that went deeper than twenty poorly applied coats of varnish. There were stories behind these relics. We had one old crapper of a sloop that was minded by a little old lady every spring. It was the boat her and her husband had shared for years. He's no longer with us, and now she has the boat and the memories that go with it to remind her of her husband and the lifetime they spent together sailing. He must have been a piece of work too… Then there is the school teacher that comes down and spruces up her 26 ft mold trap every spring. She cleans it out diligently and loads it up with fresh cushions and pillows. She’s not getting it ready to race around the lake; rather, she’s turning it into her little summer home. A summer home paid for by us the tax payers! That boat better be a POS! And one of my favorites is the tub that has been hand painted around the cockpit by the kids. Smiley faces, flowers, and the like. And this boat is a total piece of crap. Normally I would even sit around to watch an affliction to society like this burn. But it’s a family boat for the kids to have fun on. Or it’s a bunch of stoned hippies… I’d like to think it’s a family boat, fuck you.. The number of Captain hats, pirate flags, swimming noodle floaties, plaques with retarded poems, you name it, and I’ve seen it. People love their crappy boats, no matter how ‘shit-a-fied’ they are. And who am I told make fun of their love, publicly… I feel sorry for their loss. And I will cheer their good fortune when the insurance check arrives. BB out.. What an incredibly eloquent soft spoken tribute BB. Bob Greene, eat your heart out.
  9. Chicago Area III

    Tri State / Bi State. A bunch of my Mac crew have talked me into entering the boat this year but I'm really having a hard time signing up for either race. I'd really appreciate any advice or direction. Also, schedules are tight and most want to be back in Chicago Sunday night. What portion of the fleet sails back Sunday versus heading to MI City.
  10. Chicago Area III

    So if one were interested sailing the Tri-State/Bi-state this year, where exactly would they go to sign up. Several people have been telling me that its something "you really have to do" and now some of my Mac crew are pressuring me to make it happen. I know its Monday and I'm a little sleepy-headed, but for the Love of God I can't find any registration information. Thanks.
  11. Chicago Area III

    They have the fenders on the wrong side of the boat. Give the guy a break... "The owner is believed to have just bought the boat on Tuesday, the Coast Guard said." "Dude, check it out...it even has an auto-pilot"