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  1. As I said above, even the lowest stretch Dynema will stretch. Works fine for fractional rigs with running backstays, but it's too stretchy for a masthead rig. Keep the rod! Replace the rod! If you want to go synthetic, go with a FutureFibres type stay! Rod stretches as well. You can easily dimension dyneema for equivalent stretch. The diameter will be larger by a few mm but that's about it. Rod straightens, it doesn't stretch. Every masthead rigged boat I've sailed with a braided Dynema backstay I've had problems keeping proper headstay tension. The old Navtec Kevlar could have been an option. Odd, they build entire rigs using Dyneema (Dux). Including offshore racers. Guess they must be uninformed or something. See www.ColligoMarine.com Man they should filter you, constant bad information.
  2. Just came back to see what the gossip was, and wow have you lot ever lost it!
  3. Only in town for 2 days, Friday and today. Damn good they got a race in today, RC exteneded the time limit and delivered an exciting race. NZL won by a ton, but only because they were smart and lucky all race. Yesterday was freakin amazing, and the spectacle of the race village is quite fun, probably better than SF although without the big grassy area. Glad I was there! Not a huge fan of many things about this cup, but having the AC Tour is great, just great, and lots of fun.
  4. Wow, hope that has some sort of plug shape that fits inside the tube, and isn't just screwed onto the end and covered in goop, not an expert but I feel like if that's how it was installed it will tear off and your tack line will cut the tube open.
  5. Your spreaders are pinned in place to an aluminum crossbar. The obvious concern here is that you may tear your spreaders off and your mast will come down. The forums have become an appalingly bad place to get advice, you would be best served having a professional rigger handle this.
  6. I think its good to have stretch, just like having a loose keel helps damp puff action
  7. In the future, I would consult the manufacturer directly for critical measurements. The Wichard site specs this as a 16mm (not 5/8" shackle) and checking this would have saved you time and SA a debate on metric vs imperial. http://marine.wichard.com/fiche-A%7CWICHARD%7C1247-0202060104000000-ME.html If it makes you feel better, mixing and matching imperial and metric is always problematic no matter what the industry, 4" vs 100mm etc. Good luck with your problem and your crusade for justice. How did the drilling and tapping of the deck work out anyway?
  8. Just returned from SF and have to say it was just incredible! I'd thought we were going to be there for the last 2 races of a blowout for sure, but happy to say we instead saw 3 amazing ones. Here's a few thoughts on watching from SF. First day we got up early and headed out to the AC Village. I'd really thought this was the kind of place for wankers to pay for bottle service, and for sailors wives to get back at them by spending a shit ton of cash on overpriced "sailing" gear. Instead, it turns out to be quite a lot of fun. There's lots of cool displays about the history and technology, and I really liked the AC45 which you can walk right up to, and in fact jump on if no ones around. Everyone loves the superyachts, which is a bit awkward as we were there when lots of guests/owners were having their breakfast while within earshot a crowd of people is watching their every move. Other half I guess. The highlight of the Village is watching the boats approach for their 11am ish docking, which-to this sailor at least-was a real life version of some triumphant near finale scene from a movie, as you see the monsters approach out of the fog, and then bam, they're right there just like on the 'net. I figured (wrongly) that this was the closest we'd get to an AC72. It gets a bit cooler as the sailors (from NZ at least, we left early) are just out there hanging around in their gear and air tanks. Jeremy Lomas seemed to like taking pics with kiwi children, which I must say is great! Lots of big time sailors involved with the teams just hanging out, and through a sailing pal I got to chat with some of the NZ team. Coolest was Nick Holroyd, who's just sitting around with a coffee. Really cool guys! We scampered pretty quick, and missed the sailors intro, which I'm sure would have been cool. We'd decided to watch from Pier 39 on the advice of a sailor, and found a nice spot on the rail at the wall. Smelt a bit like fries and fudge, but great spot! We had a vhf on 20, so got the live commentary, which was a big deal as the PA systems on the piers and ferries get a delayed version, sometimes by up to a minute. Pier 39 was an incredible place to watch. Very good view of the bottom of the course, and in fact everything but the reach mark and top marks. Not too crowded, although your VHF will draw people with racing questions. Got to see a great win by OR and the first half of a great race by NZ before the the wind limit was blown. Both boats do a flyby of the shoreline, so we got to see OR even closer than the dockout, and in her native state of flying! That couple seconds made the trip worth it! We wandered back to the village and got some kiwi beer and watched the replays before heading out. Sunday we decided to try something different, and took an 1130 (12 would have been better) out to Alcatraz, walked the gardens there and then set up shop sitting on a the wall below the tower. The concrete rail has a steel grabail, so sitting on it feels like easy hiking. From here you have a wing height+ level view of everything but the bottom. This was WAY better than watching on TV, as you can even hear the boats as they go by. Got to see OR trounce NZ in one race, then give it away in the next. For what it's worth, my wife is a great sailor and has done lots of upper end womens match racing, but generally falls asleep or does something else when the AC is on. For this she was wide eyed and couldn't get enough. For me it was absolutely the best sport I've ever watched. Hope that helps someone looked for a good spot, or at least adds a personal touch for those who can't be here. I've really enjoyed the last couple years watching from afar with you lot, and this was a great way to end it. I'm genuinely sad that it's coming to an end soon, as one way or another I doubt we'll see this level of excitement ever again.
  9. Wonderful thread by the way, glad to hear about so many people getting to meet in person. As contentious as this AC has turned, it's nice to hear sailors can still sit down and grab a beer.
  10. If you ms olds school match racing http://new.livestream.com/WorldMRT/cmc13-qr2 is going pretty well at the moment
  11. It's hard to say if it was well-calculated (need to watch that again) but AR looked to be accelerating too soon to the line; but then (intentionally? Luck?) blocked LR out by luffing up between LR and the line, maybe because they were early and were forced too; then pulled the trigger and hit the line with nail-bitingly close to Zero on the countdown, at speed and accelerating like a Banshee. It may be the best start we've seen - accidental or not. I think it was clearly intentional, aggressive move, NO would have been pretty stuff in the position he was in, CD thought we got this, relaxed NO fired one across the bow, and the rest (of the start) is history, It was a great move, nothing less. The only thing that would have improved it was if they held off (forgetting about time on distance) and luffed CD up and past the pin just squeezing through themselves and turning a 6 second advantage at the mark to a 20 second (or more one) I agree. Looked like a call of AR being early, and the best call was to do max damage to competition. Really nice work really, and taking advantage of new class jitters when no one (especially LR it seems) is comfortable making aggressive positioning call. LR didn't have lots of options except to follow slow, it was either go high and maybe get luffed and stall, or go low and live in dirt.
  12. Really pleased to see AR get competitive. Question on LRs wing tear, and the repair. Do they keep repair kit on the boat or on the tender? I'd be surpirsed if it was on the 72, but might be nice to have some, especially if it doesn't count towards platform weight. And did you hear Ken R? "it's packing tape. Or wait, I mean it could be a 3di product!" Ken is great, but you can count on him to recommend 3di or tpt for everything and and anything.
  13. Bad form sir, Dean and Mandy seem like lovely people.
  14. I guess you are not a skier then. Or a regular visitor to Scandinavia. Or the trendier bars almost anywhere in western Europe. Funny, I recall you accusing me of being cheap. Which I am but not as cheap as you appear to be. We're sailors, we're all cheap... but yes, with the exception of eastern Europe (and the high $ is spreading from west to east), and well, the past, I have not found most nice places in Europe to be especially affordable to get lit in. And I once had the very surprising experience of buying a 400chf bottle of wine by mistake in SUI. Never trust a waiter that says "Did you enjoy the ___ last night? Perhaps you should try ____"
  15. I liked your last AR post better!