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  1. Bankrupting the Secret Service

    Isn't it just because he has a large family full of adult children that require protection. Surely this wasn't an unforeseen expense.
  2. Australian concentration camps

    Australia trades extensively through Asia. The people we are talking about are not from our closest neighbors although they transit through those countries. Much better to just let them in but the two political parties over here have the same policy now. There is no mainstream party who has a policy to let them in. Detention it is.
  3. Australian concentration camps

    We're taking some of yours...
  4. Australian concentration camps

    Leaving alone your stupid sock/troll comments, it's not practical because neither mainstream party would even think about this solution let alone voice it. Of course there's no actual security or economic problem stopping these people coming to Australia. They are no threat, but after the left's capitulation, the problem is purely political which is why it requires a political solution. It's evident in Malcolm's USA swap that there's no issue with these people apart from the perceived message that it sends to people smugglers. If they can get to the USA via a boat to Australia then that doesn't seem like much of a deterrent to me. The whole thing is messed up, but I don't believe that either mainstream party would risk being attacked by the other one by bringing these people to Australia. I just can't see it happening. And I don't have far right views. I just don't have far left ones which is where your idea currently sits on the political spectrum. I would have sent them to NZ as soon as they offered if it was my decision, but I would have rather had a strong labor movement who argued for these people's rights and didn't leave the compassion to the greens where any idea is lost to most Australians.
  5. Australian concentration camps

    August 18, 2007 mate - three and a half years before you.... and this is a political forum - what's your contribution to the discussion apart from name calling. Maybe I'm not smart, but I can check when an account was created.
  6. Australian concentration camps

    Not doubting your sincerity Bob. My issue with your idea is that in the current political climate, it's not going to happen. If you want to solve the problem you need a solution that is politically practical. I think I've said this a number of times. If you read my posts as though I'm a right wing troll you won't understand that though.
  7. Australian concentration camps

    Interesting that I've made no personal attacks. My comments are pretty straight forward and represent the current bi-partisan policies. I'm definitely not a troll or right wing. Come up with a practical solution and I'm all for it. It's something i'd like solved but 'simply bring them to Australia' is fucken naive. And it's the fault of the left.
  8. Australian concentration camps

    Hilarious. I'm not even conservative, just practical. There is no solution. The left made sure of that when they abandoned the fight. Typical left tactics to claim the solution is the right doing what the left want, even though they couldn't achieve it when they were in power. Why would the right adopt policies that the left abandoned when they were in government. Once again, no practical solution being offered. But of course you're happy to comment on what you think I believe. The left are good at commentary.
  9. Australian concentration camps

    We are trying to get them to enter the USA!
  10. Australian concentration camps

    I have never said it can't work. I'm saying it won't happen. And you are evading the practicalities. The left failed to back/sell their open door policy, caved to political pressure and reversed their position. Argument lost. No-one is going back there now. This is the practical reality that you are not addressing. If the left had actually shown courage (they lost the election anyway) then they could be advocating for a compassionate ending to this, but they didn't and now we have this current debacle. If the left actually respected the people who are genuinely concerned about unchecked boat arrivals they could address the issue instead of simply ignoring the concerns. The left were bloody hopeless at selling their message. We have a tiny amount of people arriving by boat compared to Italy and Greece (for example) and they are not a danger to Australia. We are competent enough to ensure that. Unfortunately this message was never sold. That's when strong leadership would have made a difference but it's too bloody late now. It is so funny to see the bleeding hearts blame the conservatives for their own failure to back and sell their own policy.
  11. Australian concentration camps

    Oh wow. You've got me now with your clever question. Unfortunately for you, my position cannot be so easily pigeon holed. It's your idea. You spell out how it would PRACTICALLY happen?
  12. Australian concentration camps

    Hello to you too. We already take in many refugees and migrants. We have a serious international warning to illegals. Neither of these policies solve the issue of the people in detention. Bringing them to Oz is politically impracticable as both sides of politics understand. Your solution will NEVER be adopted. NEXT!
  13. Australian concentration camps

    I guess that Labor is far right conservative then. It's their policy position too. That's the practical problem with any solution to bring them to Oz. Any discussion of 'just letting them in' is pointless. We need a creative compassionate solution that both sides of politics (and the majority of Australians) can embrace. I don't have the answer but blaming the conservatives isn't going to work.
  14. Australian concentration camps

    Well which one is it? The current policies are bi-partisan and not being debated by either side. The left have lost this argument. Not even the greens are making much noise anymore. You are entitled to your opinion and I'm happy to hear creative solutions (I agree that it would be better if they weren't there) but there is evidence that letting them into the country will start the flow again... .it's exactly what happened when Rudd opened the gates. I have heard first hand stories of the disasters that were happening at sea. I'm glad they are no longer happening. PS: agree with the environmental disaster that we are facing.
  15. Australian concentration camps

    In fact many of these people are not genuine refugees and are seeking better economic circumstances. The fact that boats from indonesia have ceased testifies to the fact that these 'refugees' are not as desperate as some would have you to believe, otherwise they would still be coming. They are safe in Australian immigration facilities so why are they still not coming to flee their unsafe circumstances. The reason is that there is no chance of them being able to stay in Australia, therefore jumping on a boat does not satisfy their real reason for coming to Australia. The boats have stopped and so have the drownings at sea. The people smuggling business has been shut down. Australia has an impressive legal immigration intake including refugees. We welcome people from all around the world and have a vibrant multicultural society.... with its inevitable problems from time to time. I am not happy that we still have people in detention centres but if it stops kids drowning at sea, I am happy to accept the compromise.