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  1. The thing about the hands: obviously his left hand is nowhere near buttons but his mostly obscured right hand is on the button box & wiggling around consistent with at least some button pushing.
  2. Give me cyclor powered foiling cats anyday instead. You mean instead of a single beamier one? Because beam = righting moment.
  3. We still don't know who had it pulled or even if it was an intentional or accidental deletion.
  4. So the bit about the 20% smaller main foils: they notably didn't attribute that to an ETNZ source, only source for that seems to be Clean saying he got it from Oracle ppl. Interesting simulation setup with a hybrid system attempting to simulate full manoeuvring with twist/flex, interference between elements & acceleration for full round the course performance rather than just straight-line. Sailors were sailing the test configs on a simulator (not stated if they mean just on pc screen or fullscale cockpit) & apparently the Whompers behaved very close to simulated even though very different to any foils they actually test sailed with. Not totally sure I believe some of the late dates & influence from other teams they claim for certain of the upgrades but if true makes the win much less foretold than it seems/ed
  5. Yeah really good article
  6. http://electionresults.govt.nz/ A bit disappointing for Labour but can go either way depending on where Winston First goes.
  7. ... Because sailing tens of thousands of km in a foiling monohull would be a terrible way to get used to sailing in foiling monohulls
  8. Looks like a shape of constant width?
  9. This is the interior of one of NZs most successful racing yachts Regarding foiling monos needing a reach: perhaps we can see the return of the great classic course triangle sausage triangle
  10. Oh noes! Can't have important documents released on time Must have huge delays & lots of late Defender favouring rule changes!
  11. How dare the CoR be strong! We must have conformity & strongly Defender biased rules that are so warped even sailors have a hard time understanding how/where that 'bonus point' penalty happened
  12. Huh. Back in the mid-90s I used to sketch & make models of boats like that, kinda amazing to see those ideas put into reality. Was so sure you could get a mono fast as a multi with something like that. But eventually I realised there really isn't any point in doing it: A multihull gets there lighter, cheaper, with a more rational structure & rig -> why bother.
  13. Hmm Challengers running their own Challenger series is good but not entirely sure as a potential Challenger I'd be happy to see the sponsor of CoR as title sponsor though. Definitely better not be full title sponsor like LV had last time with Prada logos on wing/sails during the AC Match. # 7 ETNZ won't get to build more boats than the other teams # 8 ETNZ won't be anywhere near the Challenger series # 9 No 'Bonus Points'
  14. Might as well have an Extreme Octogenerian Zimmer-Frame series or Extreme Optimist series for all the spectator wow-factor. The point is its supposed to be interesting to watch. Boats barely making it round a tiny course due to crappy wind & currents is incredibly fucking boring anti-spectacle. Worse, it strengthens the popular opinion of Sailing as being boring & slow. The races I saw had the bottom runners ahead as much as the top ones, indicating the best teams don't always win, they just statistically average better points. A top team may make one slightly less crappy down-speed maneuvre & gain 10m putting them from 4th to 2nd in the last leg. I'll take 5 decent length races with good wind any day over 15 shitty 5min lotteries. In a good match race you go downspeed to force your opponent into a disadvantaged position. In stupid arena racing you go downspeed because there is no wind or you have to turn in order to get around the tiny course. Its a big fuckin difference.
  15. After Clean talking it up in one of the threads during the cup I tried to watch some of the Extreme Sailing stuff, it was every bit as bad as ACWS. Stupid venues with incredibly unstable wind making it a lottery, utterly ludicrously short courses where the boats spent at least 80% of the time down-speed due to manoeuvres. Even at Barcelona where they had the whole Med to lay courses they still set 100m courses just off the beach. Was just an utterly utterly boring non-event I was pretty sceptical of the SF venue but it did look actually very spectacular, but there aren't many venues where a long leg can be set like that since very few places have that wind direction stability. Maybe such 'arena racing' would work if they actually carefully chose the venues to be places with stable wind direction allowing a great course like SF but they don't, they go for where the sponsor $$$ tells them to go, then wonder why nobody watches.