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  1. Are you so sure about that? Quite. Very unimpressed with rumors of what is being suggested for this coming one. This was covered in the Jury ruling I believe. An International Jury is convened for an Event, they are required to treat the whole Event the same. Being that ACWS & AC were under the same Jury as part of the same Event, penalties are equal for both. If you wanted ACWS to be not under the same Jury you specifically don't include it in the Protocol or you specify that it is to be considered by the Jury to be a separate event for purposes of penalties etc. This is how prelim series have always been. Separate. Until Larryvision chucked it into the Protocol and then Oracle got hoist for cheating in the prelim series. Tough shit. Own fault. Should have kept it. Separate.
  2. The intent at the time of the Protocol was that the ACWS would become much more than it wound up being. ACWS scoring was supposed to impact at least the LVC. The fact that only 3 teams actually turned up for LVC caused that part of ACWS to be scrapped doesn't scrap the fact the intent was to have ACWS be integral to the AC. I'm hard pressed to understand how you still haven't got it into your thick head that the Protocol was written by Oracle giving ACWS equal billing to the actual AC and operating under the AC Jury -> the Jury was forced by Oracles' own Protocol to treat this cheating by Oracle in the AC45 whose rules were written by Oracle as if it was cheating in the AC. The fact that it was Oracle who was hoist by its own petard makes it delicious. If there is truth to rumors above that the ridiculous delay coming out with new rules is in some way related to Oracle trying to have no ISAF involvement then I'm even more unimpressed with Oracle. Is Blackball still an option for competitors in non ISAF sanctioned events? Well said.
  3. Bravo Artemis, http://youtu.be/4pNvOOjhRvM Bravo.
  4. I don't think its a given that this has been more extreme testing than others. I thought the gist of the 'give AR your load cases' was that others had been doing much more thorough testing than Artemis had done.
  5. Not strictly true. I believe they did these things right: Early wing on modified ORMA Hired in LP & NO AC45 foiler Changing colour scheme to Swedish Royal Blue Though in writing that, they all have either turned out badly or are late fixes for poor choices earlier
  6. Yes, my bad I had it in my mind they had missed LR vs Artemis somewhere in there. But that was this morning & LR were certainly there for it.
  7. LR on the water is the most emphatic response possible after not showing up for their first 2 races.
  8. Great post in whole & I'm sad to say it but really Artemis should have withdrawn at the point they knew they couldn't make any more than 2 or 3 of the first races. Its worse than that. They have the join further inboard on boat 2 than on boat 1. But even worse than that, right where the boat1 Main beam broke they have a fucking huge inspection hatch. No sane engineer puts a big hole at the max bending point like that (pic from http://www.sail-world.com/NZ/Americas-Cup:-Artemis-Racing-emerges-from-the-shed---First-images/111779 I don't normally post the hi-res from there because they go to some length to hide it but seriously you gotta see this to believe it) ETNZ publicly admitted they foil on day 5, they got busted with a big sequence foiling up the harbour past the CBD on day 4 but I believe the rumor started & the first 'photoshop' pic was day 3. Meanwhile Oracle day 2 was light wind with stumpy and the foil that didn't break on day 1, no way they foiled that day. First galloping jalopy pics/footage was with the rebuilt DZ foil which I think was day 4.
  9. So in that scan of the agreement it says the agreement exists as long as the Laser is an International class under ILYA. Couldn't ISAF just de-register Laser as an International class for a short period, finalise their dirty deal with Laser Performance/ILCA or whatever they are trying to do & then re-register Laser as an International class again under a new agreement?
  10. Oh fail my bad Terry had posted that a day before me.
  11. Not sure if this is the right place? Details of coverage cameras etc http://www.sail-world.com/NZ/Americas-Cup:-Television-deals,-details--and-conflict-revealed/109260
  12. You can see a diver in KGO TV footage. Right at the start they have taken a few guys off, rest standing on bowsprit. RIB drifts closer & you see the diver hop out onto the Y beam. I thought he had hopped out of the RIB onto the Y & sat there for no obvious reason but watching again, there is no sign of him coming out of the boat -> was already down there before the footage starts & I think he got out to avoid getting squished by the RIB. There is a while where he is sitting on the beam while the RIB repositions but he goes under again when the RIB comes in & takes everyone else off from a safer angle.
  13. Terrible terrible tragedy And just when Artemis was looking sorted. Pic of the royal blue hulls with the three crowns looks really nice.
  14. I have not exactly been following this & frankly I actually really dislike the Laser, its a blight on sailing in my opinion. But from what I've seen its really quite bizzare & outrageous that ISAF is not supporting Kirby here. This is my understanding: Kirby design Design is licensed to be built by a builder with royalties for each boat going to Kirby No sign of design being vested in class association or otherwise lost by Kirby Builder stops paying royalties (why do they think they can do that?) Kirby revokes license & assigns new builder who agrees to pay royalties ISAF & class association backs the old builder???!!!
  15. Wow that shit is insane O_O