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  1. hoom

    All footage from AC35 Bermuda

    Oh, I guess my adblocker blocks most of it? Normally just opens a single window when I click Download, close it & click again.
  2. hoom

    All footage from AC35 Bermuda

    Test https://www8.zippyshare.com/v/v19JZeSV/file.html https://www8.zippyshare.com/v/QN7LLcVp/file.html Race 5, need both files to unzip.
  3. hoom

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Whats the total EBIT for Tourism? That $3.5B is Revenue so you should compare with the total value of goods that go through the Port no?
  4. hoom

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    I just wish the Port company would figure out a better way to use the bit between the main wharves rather than constantly trying to extend further into the harbour on the ends. Something like this would give them more land area & useful berthing with much less negative impact than the stupid shit they are doing/proposing.
  5. hoom

    Team NZ

    The 'virtual diamond' is gonna be real hard to make clear for sailors let alone general public. Big fail in last AC with umpiring/commentary was they only got comment on why a boat was penalised, never for why there was a green flag. Umpires explaining the green flags as well would have helped out a lot. Well that & the ongoing babytalk for new viewers crap 'oh they tacked, hey multiple AC & Olympic medal expert, explain tacking for the folks' Rant On Commentators in any other sporting event don't do that, especially not in the pinnacle event. (except in case of recent rule change/rare corner case) Please for fuck sake whoever is doing the commentary this time don't fucking do that, bBe the experts you are, expect the audience to know what you're talking about or will be able to fucking use google or ask a friend if they don't know what a term is. When you baby talk you piss off the core audience: people who actually know how to sail. Rant Off I like these 'best moments' vids A reminder of how amazingly smooth these things were sailed even by the bottom teams. Yes very interesting thank you.
  6. Remember this is the AC: There Is No Second.
  7. hoom

    AC36 - The Venue

    On the one hand it seems like a very expensive, largely pointless exercise, seems silly to move away from our one drydock (side point I hate that successive Govts have bought ships too big for the dock). On the other hand moving the base & personnel out of Devonport would make a lot of land available for Kiwibuild projects (or some kind of land swap to enable them elsewhere) as well as helping out the local economy of wherever the facilities get shifted to. Either way its obviously not gonna happen in anything like the timescale that'd be needed for AC bases.
  8. Huh, I didn't realise its suspended by the rigging Been quite a while since I was in there.
  9. Its really sad how little in the way of pics/video there is of that boat, TNZ kept pretty quiet in the leadup & then wham bam 5-0 ma'am & it was gone forever.
  10. Well yeah I did say after Aus II. America for starting it Aus II for winning it off the US NZL60 for first successful non-US defence
  11. I was thinking it looks like NZL60 & it definitely needs to be put on proper display somewhere. After Aus II its probably the most important AC yacht in the history.
  12. hoom

    Team NZ

    I wonder how a big RC chopper like that compares on payload/flight time vs the quad-drones? I'm guessing its miles ahead, I don't think the quad-drone style with little rotors can scale up so well as the big rotor of a conventional layout.
  13. NZL20 is one of them thats actually been well looked after, was purchased by an $$$ who kept it in good nick.
  14. hoom

    AC36 - The Venue

    I think that would be too floppy, from my understanding actual wings get a fair bit of stability from the shrink wrap.