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  1. hoom

    AC36 - The Venue

    Read your 'solution' again. It still breaches protocol 3.4 -> the only way your 'solution' would fix the issue is with a Protocol change. Here are 2 solutions: The Harbourmaster allows B&C for the whole CSS. A Mutual Consent arrangement by all competitors accepting something else.
  2. hoom

    New instrument?

    OP is about masthead instrument stuff, you quoted part of the masthead rules, I added a bit more.
  3. hoom

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Any new boat with some novel systems. I dunno how many more days before things get worrying but a few days with a new boat isn't it.
  4. hoom

    Team NYYC

    Pretty sleek stern-post/sensor mast.
  5. hoom

    Boats and foils comparison

    I'm constantly astounded by how rock-solid they manage to be, I'm certain I've never managed anything like it in the boats I've sailed.
  6. hoom

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Sure it is. Test sail, test systems. IF systems work DO more sailing ELSE fix/rework systems that didn't work -> Test Sail.
  7. hoom

    New instrument?

  8. hoom

    AC36 - The Venue

    The agreement is still MIA. Hypothetical minutes of the meeting: <minutes> M&C told M&C that M&C has received a letter from the Harbourmaster that these courses wouldn't be available for parts of CSS, M&C and M&C agreed that this is fine M&C *forgot to tell LR or the rest of the Challengers* GD </minutes>
  9. hoom

    AC36 - The Venue

    Not jealous. Pissed off that GD has made a bunch of shitty decisions as the boss of the Defense/Hosting. When challenged on the sense of those decisions his response has been to launch a big angry PR offensive blaming anyone but himself. Then when those decisions did turn out to be shitty his response has been to launch a big angry PR offensive blaming anyone but himself. Just because I'm a kiwi & a TNZ supporter with massive respect for GD doesn't mean I need to support shitty decisions & bullshit PR offensives. GD put himself in the position of running both TNZ & the hosting via ACE despite the example of RC doing a shitty job of running both Defender & host two times in a row. GD as CEO of ACE hired M&C. There is no fucking way that M&C just happened to weasel their way into CoR by themselves, this was a setup by GD because that is what GD thought was best. LR clearly was taking a collaborative approach working with GDs plan due to previous friendly relations & collaboration. Its only after multiple things have gone pear-shaped that they've taken on the new adversarial stance. The realestate agent example is apt. Its a recipe for conflict of interest favouring one side or the other as seen in a bunch of notorious local cases. GD should have made sure ACE & CoR were being run by properly separate groups who would honestly represent the interests of Defender & Challengers respectively. GD as CEO of ACE is responsible for making sure the Harbourmaster is onboard with the stuff that he as TNZ CEO agreed to in the Protocol. But no you're right its all someone elses fault Seem to be missing some FACTS: That would require a PROTOCOL change. The Arb panel ruling is based on the PROTOCOL requiring that CSS & Match be sailed on THE SAME courses.
  10. hoom

    AC36 - The Venue

    You're right, no it was 100% pure fucking cooincidence that LR chose the same incompetent fucktards to run CoR as GD had chosen to run ACE. GD has absolutely no agency in that matter as CEO of ACE, boss of TNZ, friend of PB, nope, the guy setting up the event has absolutely fucking nothing to do with it, not his fault that he didn't make sure things were being run by M&C in an appropriately compartmentalised manner, all someone elses' fault. Like choosing the complex, unproven & large design, like promising a gazillion teams, like demanding the stupid fucking Water World island, its all Someone Elses Problem and they're 100% to blame for it, clean and not involved in the slightest our GD, who him? Make a bad decision he should fess up for?! Hell no! Time for another PR blitz!!11!1!1!! And the hiring of BB to represent LR interests in a new, adversarial manner instead of the preceding 'trust GD he knows what he's doing' manner yes, seems very likely.
  11. hoom

    AC36 - The Venue

    Indeed. Northhead literally impinges on it in that pic. They were almost certainly also representing ACE in that meeting. You really expect people to believe that GD hired incompetent M&C to run ACE then LR made an entirely independent decision to also hire the same people to run the CSS?
  12. hoom

    DQOTD: AC75 Sprit?

    They were supposed to be 'proper yachts' with sailors doing sailing stuff & sail-changes -> no self-tacking jibs & forced to have Code 0s available. Oddly the bowsprit has to be easily de-mountable but has to be mounted when racing. I had been expecting to see a rule change to allow sailing with no bowsprit (less drag) once it became clear that the boats are not having huge issues getting up on foils & would therefore spend most of the time going too fast for Code 0s -> might as well drop the aero drag of the sprit. But it doesn't seem to have emerged
  13. hoom

    AC36 - The Venue

    And who hired M&C? Dalton as CEO of ACE hired them. LR almost certainly hired them to run CoR on STRONG recommendation from GD to help streamline the process of running the Challenger series & AC by having the same local guys doing all the organising. "Hey LR the guys that I hired & recommended to you did a shitty job -> its your fault" is a pretty fucking piss-poor passing of the buck by GD.
  14. hoom

    INEOS Team GB

    Thats not what I said. Its clearly fairing gunk & the contrast will make life easier for the people working on it. Other teams are using either a different attachment or colour-matched gunk Thats not what I'm critiquing though. The foil is technically very impressive. Whomper style cranked gullwing, inner section has external hinged fowler type flap, outer a gap-less simple flap & both sections linked by a flexible section additionally going round the corner of the crank. Getting even a sub-set of all that to work is a big achievement. But in process its also got some really weird bumps & divots that don't look great.
  15. hoom

    INEOS Team GB

    Well they only get 6 foils across 2 boats so there's not a lot of leeway for making some rough development foils.