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  1. Edit: also an ongoing Aussie political scandal where several MPs have discovered they have multiple Citizenships & been forced to resign due to Aus law banning people with multiple Citizenship from sitting. Most recently the aforementioned Joyce the Deputy PM who if he quits leaves a hung Parliament & their Foreign Minister has weighed in publically since it was partially because of Parliamentary Questions by a NZ Labour MP that his dual-Citizenship was discovered.
  2. At least it didn't go over everyones head
  3. I was speaking to a mate of mine, just the other day, a bloke called Bruce Bayliss, who lives up our way. He's been round the world on an 8th army do for a year, more or less. I said "Describe the global position, Bruce" he said "Fred, it's a mess".
  4. Does he know how propitious are the circumstances?
  5. And how many other countries with significant quantities of AC worthy talent speak French? Under that rule UK, USA, (Canada,) Aus & NZ would get to share a big pool of great sailors, everyone else basically has to pick from their own domestic population.
  6. Would be a huge & unreasonable disadvantage to non-Anglo countries.
  7. Nats have been good at coming to the party when something is popular. But before that they'd rather spend their time with dirty sweetheart deals for their rich buddies to make a quick buck on & finishing off the last of the social welfare state so they can cut taxes for rich.
  8. You're not wrong. Wow, I can't imagine container ships up there
  9. Regarding the Protest: wasn't it that ETNZ did protest & failed. Then they appealed that protest to the Jury arguing that it effectively created a Class Rule change that MC wasn't permitted to do. Then when that failed (can't remember why) ETNZ protested the original protest again based on additional info that came out during the Jury hearing. Jury ruled it was too long since the MC ruling despite the extra relevant info having just been discovered. For my part I don't particularly believe in the Herbie but that 'too late' ruling always grated.
  10. Problem is there isn't really. Recent report on alternatives said: All alternatives are bad, extremely expensive, will hugely negatively impact the area. This one was considered 'best' Includes needing to build not just a huge artificial island & massive causeway but like 30km of motorway & rail...
  11. Yes, NZL60 is the more historic in that its the first successful non US Defender.
  12. Have you all forgotten the bit where Dalton dissed the fuck out of Hugh Welbourn?
  13. Yeah the camera is doing kinda odd things in that shot, causes odd paralax on the boat in the background. Finally figured out how to get the windows movie thing to make a short <insert image of person proud of doing something technical thats actually pretty easy>
  14. I seem to recall Oracle suing Google for Billion$ not so long ago so I'm not convinced at all that Google Execs would be keen to do something shitty like that at the behest of LE no. More likely a stupid automatic DMCA take-down notice actually managing to take down the Official channel, or a freshly unemployed ACEA staffer hitting delete on their way out the door. Edit: Google won, Oracle appealed very much still in progress https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/25/your_roadmap_to_the_google_vs_oracle_java/
  15. Thing is that is now a part of the history of the Cup. Shouldn't future generations be able to see that lack of class & scowl scornfully at it?