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  1. hoom

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Our 2 actually armed ships are in Canada.
  2. hoom

    Team NYYC

    They'll have to rebuild nearly the entire hull. You can't do that in 4 days.
  3. hoom

    Team NYYC

    Yep, stick a fork in Patriot its cooked. Defiant or withdraw.
  4. hoom

    Team NYYC

    Hadn't realised the floaty bit & its landing had already been posted on the Prada Cup thread
  5. hoom

    Prada Cup

    Jebus. Thats cracked forward, aft, above & below the hole. They are gonna need to get Defiant back into working order.
  6. hoom

    Team NYYC

    Looked like a big dark hole in the port bow.
  7. hoom

    Team NYYC

    Peoples foiler. There, I said it. LSD has the boat being pulled out now https://www.facebook.com/livesaildie.official/videos/833516123873832/ Both foil arms still attached.
  8. hoom

    Team NYYC

    Its a pretty big chunk
  9. hoom

    Team NYYC

    Something definitely broke off when it hit. You can see it floating in the wake, I thought it was a crew-member at first. Might be something from the cockpit but I'm betting hinge cover from the timing. Edit: Just popping up here above the USA Edit2: the floating bit Nav points out in the foreground
  10. hoom

    INEOS Team GB

    Similar rules have been there since '92 after BBDDCs 3M sharkskin stuff. Was not part of AC33 (Orifice messed with using drag reducing goop injection) & probably not for DoG v Cat. The bare steel option is a new thing this cup though.
  11. hoom

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Its pretty clear he's either learned some humility or had it very clearly spelled out to him by Bertelli/whoever that he tone it down. Or as I write that, it occurs maybe it was the other way around: the dickwad persona was part of his Orifice employment? With the split helms: is leeward 'off' guy taking over doing foil?
  12. hoom

    AC TV Coverage

    Ken is like the guy on the left, its super fucking annoying. Its worse because KR actually does know what he's talking about being boss of North & with his own top end racing career, he's just a shitty commentator. I wish he was on one of the boats instead but NO is a great commentator. NO, Peter Lester & Shirley would be the dream team IMO. Again we have the stupid shit 'explain port & starboard' ffs. You don't get description of the 4-down rule by the commentators of the Superbowl. You don't get description of the need to pass backwards by the commentators in the Rugby World Cup. You don't get description of the feet only rule by the commentators in the Soccer World Cup. You don't get description of turning wheel left to turn the car left by the commentators in F1. Your job as commentators is to provide interesting stuff to the enthusiasts who already know the sport, ppl who don't know this stuff either won't care or can find it out if the viewing gets them interested.
  13. hoom

    INEOS Team GB

    Probably not
  14. hoom

    AC TV Coverage

    So I started looking at Protocols and yes they did. Here is the relevant section for AC34 For AC35 however no mention of future trustees. Same ACPI transfer clause But the IP rights bit is a bit rejigged Is it enough wriggle room to transfer rights to Liveline stuff to whatever organisation Russel is representing? Kinda looks like it but probably also in conflict with their previous commitment to future trustees IMO.
  15. hoom

    AC TV Coverage

    Except the tree was planted & grown for 20 or so years by ARL. It appears that ARL gave you permission to pick cherries a few years ago but now you're claiming to own the whole tree -> dispute. Seems to be a question of the details of 2 legal agreements: ARL license to Orifice/GGYC for AC 34/5 and the transfer of AC related IP to ACPI which from recollection has been built into every Protocol since at least the '90s events. If ARL has legitimately signed over complete control rather than just a license to use the tech then they may have lost control of the thing they invented. Did Orifice play some Protocol shenanigans so that AC related IP didn't need to be handed over via ACPI? If so fuck them.