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  1. Purchased one two years ago from marine outfitters in Ontario, quite pleased with operation. The quality of finish does not seem to be as good as some of the more well know units on the market, decals are just stick on letters. Based on price can't be beat. Only issue but probably common to other rigid vangs is the annoying whistling noise of wind blowing through the holes used for adjusting length.
  2. I would have no problem just painting transom, perfection is a great product if you can obtain it, along with required thinner. If you paint with Brightside it will sand off with a good random orbital sander if you want to remove it. I like to use Perfection when I can, its more durable than Brightside. This past spring I painted my transom with Brightside because I could not find any suppliers of Perfection and associated thinners (Canada). I agree that you should be using materials from same manufacture.
  3. Any updates on what you are doing, always interested in what people are doing to keep these old cold moulded boats alive?
  4. A couple of these Farr models were converted from fixed keel to daggerboard (read articles where it says centerboard) than back to keel again due to rule changes in 70's, changes to your boat seem to be more around keel, than area where ior aft girth measurement taken.
  5. There could have been several reasons to change bottom, change in ior rule impacting measurement, or removing bumps end of ior era .When you look at the photo of the original build it looks like there is a hollow along bottom of the hull. Several years ago , a friend purchased an old cold moulded 3/4 ton, it had the same treatment but from back of keel to the transom. External framing was attached to the hull and cold moulded over, foam was placed between the external frames prior to moulding. Since you don't have an extensive budget, I would consider drilling a series of test holes in the cold moulded strips/planking that was added, I would drill holes large enough so that you can see how wet the foam is and the condition of the original bottom. If there is only minor moisture problems , dry as much as possible seal and re glass bottom. If there is a large quantity of water between new hull skin and original you will probably need to remove section of hull that was added, if you still feel you have the budget than remove the keel completely and see what issues you have there. The second cold moulded boat I was involved with was my own It was extensively damaged from water entering inside the boat and laying in the bilges. If the boat you are working on has water between the original hull and the outer hull you need to repair or it will rot out extremely quickly. Hopefully not discouraging you, enjoy your project.
  6. I replaced windows on my Soverel 26 several years ago, used VHB tape, it is important to use correct tape, 3M has at least 20 or more different types of VHB. If you go to there web site they have a table for selecting proper type. ULine carries many of the different types. I used exhaust paint for painting edges of plexiglass, has been in place for several years no adhesion problems. Previously I tried lexan and lexan paint that you get a model/craft stores it did not hold up. I sealed windows inside and outside with sealant, sealant came from glass store, same sealant used to seal glass in curtain walls as mentioned above, primer not required, just clean surface well, remove old adhesive. Before I tackled the boat obtained supplies and made samples, every boat and every situation is a little different. I used a runny keep in warm place ie furnace room for few days) sealant to help me get sealant between plexiglass an cabin side put masking tape eveyrwhere to keep sealant from areas I didn't want. Since the VHB application for boat windows is still new, I still expect tape to let go or leak but it hasn't. VHB can be used without fasteners I would not use Butyl tape without fasteners.
  7. I have used kerosene for years. Pour kerosene in 2 gallon container, break down winches place all parts in container let soak a few minutes. remove parts and clean small pieces with old tooth brush if required, wipe with old rag and check everything closely, replace any worn parts. If you want leave kerosene over night and pour back in container for next time. JUst cleaned 4 on weekend.
  8. I am really enjoying following your progress, attention to detail and your dedication to project is impressive, can't wait until you relaunch.
  9. I purchased Discovery from a marina in Kingston Ontario, the owner was having financial difficulty and walked away from the boat and the marina took ownership. Previous to that the boat was in Ottawa, Ontario for a few years owned by a sailing school. When I purchased spar was still light blue in color and all sterns hydraulics were still in place (no leaks). The original bright finished hull had been painted dark blue. The teak decks were in terrible shape, we tryed to match worn areas but the new veneer stuck out like a sore thumb. Loved the boat but the work involved was to time consumming so we sold. During the rebuild spoke to a guy at Goetz called Turtle who actually was involved in the original construction.
  10. did you buy her from jon gregory? my father raced on her with him for several years. they used to take gregory's sons and i along for the ride during red fox regattas in the early 80's. loved that boat and was wondering what happened to her. good to hear she still floats. dave hall had both discovery 1 and half fast built by goetz, i believe (chocolate chips was goetz build #7, discovery #9, fast half #21). the baby blue masts matched his drilling rigs. i'd say discovery's deck was the best looking of the 3/4s. we've got a great family photo of me being thrown off her transom into the drink at the raft-up in the boyne city marina. i was probably 8. the photo shows the heritage 37s, seredipity 43s, tunas, a rodgers 3/4 ton and other dinos in the background. they used to pack them tight after saturday's race. great times.
  11. I owned Discovery for about 7 years, purchased in Kingston, Ontario where it was known as Coyote syndrome. Moved boat to Atlantic Canada, spent two years rebuilding hull, basicly rebuilt hull completely below waterline. Sold boat about 7 years ago and saw it last year in Halifax Nova Scotia. I believe Chocolate Chips and Discovery were built by Eric Goetz around the same time, Discovery and Lobo look very similiar more so than Discovery and Chocolate Chips. You hear a lot of bad things about ior boats, but I have not sailed many boats that could point as well as Discovery.
  12. There's Phil Dawg catchin' some rays. I think there were 3 or 4 G&S's All of them pretty boats. Lobo was the best. In style points that is. Lobo, Chocolate Chips, Discovery 1 and ?. Whatever happened to Discovery 1?