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    Selling Sportsboats

    Little off the selling stakes, just bought Shaw 650 Crime Scene and it's moved to Keppel Bay. Traps are going on and realistically no intentions for joining absa at the moment with shits and giggles the goal.
  2. brett221

    is it me or is it you?

    Sounds familiar to the vast majority of volunteer run sailing clubs across Australia I have had the pleasure to visit. At the larger clubs whom have paid staff and have a strict directive towards the Australian Sailing pathway it feel's to be a different world and if you are not directly involved in this clique, good fucking luck enjoying your sailing.
  3. brett221

    Yacht washes up in Boat Harbour (Sydney) -- Man dead

    CC Rider is a pretty docile little cruiser, I spent 7 day's on her about 18 months ago. The then owner wanted her moved from Wollongong to St Kilda. She was a little unloved and had been sitting at Wollongong for a couple of years without being used. I found it a good solid hull, motor was crap but functional, bottom dirty which the then owner cleaned as best he could and the rig and lines were all in reasonable nick. The boat then had only a basic depth sounder, no nav equipment at all. After getting as far as Eden where the motor was spent (exhaust manifold crumbled), the tiller pilot working 2 minutes over an hour I headed back North and anchored the boat at Greenwall point (owner's choice) with a list of items requiring attention. Sailing single handed she balanced very well and was able to use a single line to hold the tiller for prolonged periods and hold course +/- 3 degrees. Can't see any obvious reason as to what has ended with the boat on the beach with the skipper deceased. The motor would be useless in any sea state (if the original single stroke ducati still fitted), but looks like it was functional and used at some stage to have the line around it. Only other observation is that the boat hadn't been out of the water and the bottom cleaned. Otherwise the boat looks intact on the beach.
  4. brett221

    DC Designs

    I think with the rudder, getting your body further back in the bus is the major factor as bows get narrower, centreboard question is well above my iq, have used both and both work.
  5. brett221

    Backwards Skiffs?

    Or a Musto Skiff?
  6. brett221

    Backwards Skiffs?

    The Shaw 4 was/is a cluster fuck of great ideas unfortunately put together by a dishonest asshat. Fraser left it without paying a cent to Shaw, CTech, North's or any other supplier. Shaw sold it and got a few $ back, but is now in bumfuck no-where Central QLD and worth whatever someone is willing to offer the current owner who sailed it once and like Fraser just couldn't sail it.
  7. brett221

    DC Designs

    Steve, was a mould taken from/for Bagheera? Was the boat at Wales I thought would be most marketable to fleet build from. I asked David a while back for a hull/carriage/seat/foils price and I think he did make a quote, but never made it to my inbox and was/is low on his priority list understandably.
  8. brett221

    DC Designs

    Deliberating that now, realistically I will not be under 100kg in the near future and am sailing one of the tortured ply IC's in AUS without too many issues. It is time to start building new boats for the next worlds scheduled for December 2020 so am in that middle ground, I love the look of Geoff's MCR V2 drawings, the Machete is the easy option with another being built here at the moment or go for something well proven. MCR is now a bit overweight (but will survive another 10 years of abuse), was definitely not the fastest boat at the nationals we sailed last week.
  9. brett221

    World Sailing Vote ... Proposal M36

    Any weight data that is close to current available? These weights are from ? 2004?
  10. brett221

    DC Designs

    thanks Steve
  11. brett221

    DC Designs

    Just about to re-build a new set of chainplates for MCR (yeah, should have done that when I scooped out the fore-deck to move the carriage tracks forward and re-painted the hull), a little (25mm) further aft and will create a small winglet to save me having to remove the deck again. From the brains trust, is a 3/16 pin best option or make it 1/4 inch to be bullet proof?
  12. brett221

    DC Designs

    Jethrow, MCR-2020 first impressions was sweet, my thought is the compromise looking for sailability across the range where I would err on a longer max waterline width. Nipping in the transom or lifting the chine to aid lighter wind trim.
  13. brett221

    DC Designs

    Have not given up on getting there just yet, will be looking for a charter boat and a bed (or bar wench) once life's little hurdles are ironed out. Brett AUS33
  14. brett221

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    It seems that a builder of the Sabre class in Australia has taken LP's lead and has acquired the trademark rights to that class.
  15. brett221

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Assuming that the Torch website is not someone playing games. How quickly will the new carbon top sections and radial cut standard rig sail come through to differentiate the "old" from the "new".
  16. What's on your mind?

  17. Really, if the teams race is to be made interesting all I can suggest is putting those pool float tubes around everybodys gunwals and call it a free for all. Fattest bastard with momentum wins!

  18. why would we mention bath tubs?