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  1. bacq2bacq

    Newick Anarchy

    Here is a link back to the old thread for archival purposes and to encourage migration to here without losing any content... no duplicity on my part... cheers all.
  2. I am almost even-handed. C'mon. Consider me punished. Let the zombie die. Take it here: Take it there, lads.
  3. Me too. But the only way she can virtue signal with them is if the day-of-the-week printed on the front matches "today".
  4. Holy shit! There's a fucking GREAT idea, MBL. How did Greta nor any of those scientists not think of this? USE THE CO2 ITSELF AS OUR FUEL! We'll burn the fucking CO2 and generate our power! What a great "solution"! I'm going to make a big sign and march around with it telling everyone I know the "solution". No tradeoffs needed. It's perfect. Who is on board? Let's start a movement, write up some virtue-signalling proposals with all the right buzzwords, and lobby government for some subsidies for "research" money, because politicians understand these things. We'll involve the scientists and engineers later....
  5. Fuck I love this place. I learn so much. I feel "virtue-signalling" should be in there somewhere, and maybe a hyphen or five, but it was just so nice as-was.
  6. @jzk: I am surprised by your degree of curiosity in my opinions. That was a lot of questions. I am curious what you found in what I said about tradeoffs versus solutions that made you think you should abandon your home and live in the woods. Odd. Strikes me as a bit of a "solution". Um, if you think we have done a good job accounting for the future, and the Earth, then you would have to explain to me how insolvency is an effective planning strategy for our future. Please consult the balance sheet of any government in the world, any pension fund, any bank, municipality, etc. If you find any that are solid, let me know. I'll move there and retire. I think I said to someone else (gissie?) on this issue: if you want to understand, just follow the money. But you have to be willing to read and at least temporarily, hypothetically accept a proposition to follow it through to understand what is currently happening and the root-causes of environmental destruction. It starts with the very essence of the means by which we pull ourselves from the muck and mire: inter-national trade using the money-concept, and its real instantiation, our currencies.
  7. FIFY again, gissie See post #180, 180 above. ok, then: BE the keyboard. Moving on: No shit. And I agree on the last point as well. And going back, I don't mind a bit of engineer/scientist mud-slinging either, undergrad was Engineering Science. People seeking solutions instead of tradeoffs are always a problem, and they exist everywhere, and it is a very common mindset, though quite wrong. Anyone seeking a solution to a complex problem instead of a good tradeoff is failing to account for something, somewhere. And that is exactly why we are where we are at. We have failed to account* for our children's children's children, for the fish, the birds, the bees, the very Earth itself. It is not hard to stop doing that, but people who don't understand the above can't even begin to fathom the change required. I am quite optimistic about it all, though., Here we are, talking about it in a public forum in a rational way. The Internet has a unique way, different than any technology yet developed by Man, to do two things: 1) route around failure 2) improve the accuracy of our collective understanding of everything. Wait and watch. I hope I live long enough, its going to be fucking glorious. Cheers. b *gissie, if you are serious about trying to achieve understanding of what is going on, just follow the money. Figure out what is wrong with our money and you will understand.
  8. bacq2bacq

    clever or lame?

    ? I'm confused, or, rather you are, I think. Maybe I was too oblique in my references above. So I'll translate my post for you, but dude, if you wanna call a sock a sock around SA/PA, do the due d. It's not hard, but I'm not going to lay out name address and serial no for you. Let me translate my rationale for resurrecting this lame zombie point by point: All said in typical good ole' SA well-meaning spirit. And I am met with this: instead of something more usual, like, say, this? I guess my guess was wrong, and @VWAP is not so predictable after all. Move along, nothing to see here folks...
  9. Slow down, gissie. Be at one with the keyboard.
  10. FIFY again, @Gissie, but I feel we are making progress. Sorry not to be more prompt in my petulant replies, but my life is hell right now. I was thinking about starting my own dedicated personal-disaster-story thread. It's kinda sailing related - and has rising water levels and everything! - but still a little raw and a few too many of others' details to share right at the moment. I'll have to polish it up and search the fora... for a suitable location. Cheers y'all.
  11. Bit extreme, I thought just fire most of them to free up the money. Still your idea is better, free up money and lower the population at the same time. Not as dumb as you seem Steam. I love this place. Did I say that already?
  12. FIFY, Gissie. For everyone, actually. Science is great, but it must be applied - and applied well - to be useful.
  13. bacq2bacq

    What gun should I have on my boat?

    What WG said, 'cept I prefer leaving my gun behind with the (trailer-bearing, DK) nipples I use for target practice, so my boat don't get all greasy. I love this place. Picks me up when I'm feelin blue. How bout you? LB you are one funny fella. Cheers.
  14. bacq2bacq

    clever or lame?

    (zombie resurrected only for a quick chat with @VWAP) Hurray! VWAP, you didn't disappoint, I knew I could count on you! Speaking of being predictable (or not...), I think I finally understand your monicker here at SA. I recently found myself with a bit of free time and decided not to waste it posting here, but to start some serious back-testing on an idea I had long ago and only explored in excel at the time, and I had entered a few trades at IB to see if it would work. It did, but I got bored or something and moved on to do some engineering, my "real" occupation. I am now staring at screens of my own custom indicators and trade strategies developed in python and running in a backtrader environment. That's some pretty slick stuff if you are into algos. I'm getting pretty familiar with that environment now, able to do both inter- and intra- work, etc. I should be able to move to live without too much more work, I am already read-only to my account with IB. Guess what is missing (I think... there is a lot there...) from backtrader?: Yup, VWAP! Gunna just hafta build my own... So... do I now understand where your name originated? Cheers and thanks for being more predictable than a market. b
  15. bacq2bacq

    Ohhhh. how I love you - Justin Hayward

    First album I ever bought: In Search of the Lost Chord.... second? The Yes album. I am suddenly reminded of a lyric, one that I don't think I have heard/recalled for decades, but, on reflection, would seem to have been formative in my thinking. From On the threshold of a Dream: The Inner Voice says: "There you go, man, keep as cool as you can. Face piles of trials with smiles, it only riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave. And keep on thinking free."