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  1. Harry Pattison

    Expedition,wanting to hook up an iPad 9.7 remotely?

    Ventus PRO, view any Expedition Data and control some of the functions from your iPad
  2. Harry Pattison

    Blooper dimensions

    The luff of the sail can’t be longer than the forestay. You can fly it with a tack pennant.
  3. Harry Pattison

    Blooper dimensions

    Woody, The basics are the luff can’t be any longer than your forestry and the LP can’t be bigger than what you are rated for on your biggest rated headsail. So you want a sail with the maximum luff. You are going to be flying it with the halyard off quite a bit so you don’t want a sail with a short luff to start with. No way to calculate the lp accurately from the luff, leech, and foot because of the three dimensional shape, but you can get pretty close if all three sides were pulled straight when it was measured. Give me the 3 dimensions and I can plug them into my design program and tell you pretty darn close what the lp is. It will be based on my best assumption of how much shape would have been designed into it to start with. But the result should certainly be within 6” or so.
  4. Beowulf was the boat of it’s day. I was working at Taylor Made Sails in those days when we built the sails for it.
  5. Harry Pattison

    RIP John Conser

    Last week John Conser passed on in his sleep at home. He and Jeri were married for 59 years. John owned Windward Custom sails for many years and was well known for designing and building the Conser 30 and Conser 47 Catamarans. Not only was John a great sailmaker and boat builder, but more importantly he was one of the best people you could know. He was a wonderful friend and I will miss him greatly, the sailing community has lost another of the really good ones. Harry Pattison
  6. Harry Pattison

    Tuff Luff Aero vs. Harken Carbo

    A #5 foil is 5/32 or 4mm
  7. Harry Pattison

    Ordering new sails - set wind speed?

    Absolutely always talk to your sailmaker about the conditions, both wind and waves, you want a sail to be optimized for. Also make sure you talk about the maximum wind you want to be able to use the sail in.
  8. Harry Pattison

    SoCal PHRF Corinthian rating

    While they may not be a bad idea the implementation of the adjustments is terribly out of line. Two Cal 40's; one with a brand new tri-radial dacron main and genoa, and a flat deck furler that has a plastic foil and looses only 4.5' of luff length. The other with a laminate main and genoa with hanks. The Corinthian boat rates 18 seconds per mile better than the other. Does anybody really think you can do anything to make one Cal 40 18 seconds a mile faster than the other one? In the above example I have a hard time believing it would be worth 3 seconds per mile just because the genoa is a bit heavier and maybe a second or two because of the weight of the main. Of course if the laminate sails have taffetas on the outside then probably no difference. PHRF needs to talk to a lot of people and do some serious research about how much the listed items actually increase performance. Then Corinthian ratings could be a good thing.
  9. Harry Pattison

    Genoa question

  10. Harry Pattison

    Capo 30 rig

  11. Harry Pattison

    Capo 30 rig

    I would wait for Ballenger.
  12. Harry Pattison

    N2E Wx Thread- Could Be Interesting

    Make sure you don't set your auto pilot at 2 in the morning and take a nap. There appears to be some dirt on your route. :-)
  13. Harry Pattison

    Production MORC boats

    Perfect Timing and Easy Go, both great boats. We had one race in the MORC North Americans in MDR on Perfect Timing in 5-6 knots of wind and had the 2nd fastest elapsed time on the course behind the Davidson 30 Star Dancer. But Easy Go was easily the best all around boat, possibly even better than the 30 foot Invincible.
  14. Harry Pattison

    Production MORC boats

    Love that boat in the Olson 911s version. All though the best two MORC boats I ever sailed were the N/M 26 "Easy Go" and the N/M 30 "Invincible". However the Andrews 26 may have been the best light air boat ever.
  15. Harry Pattison

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Ditto, finished just after 9:30 on SC50 Flacka, right behind Dave Voss and just in front of Bolt.