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  1. In your first post you say you live east of Tahoe. But your location and later posts indicate a fair bit west of Tahoe. Makes a difference... I live a fair bit north of Reno, and occasionally hear sonic booms. But I can also sometimes hear the freight train 15 miles away and on the other side of a mountain range. If you've lived in a city most of your life, recently moved to a quiet area, you may underestimate how much sound can travel. Especially if you've recently retired, and aren't used to being around during the daytime. Low frequency sound travels better, and what you hear from a long ways away might not resemble what you hear from closer. If you spend time wandering around cental Nevada you will occasionally get buzzed for real by the Navy, but they're pretty decent neighbors. Much better at sharing than the AF.
  2. ACARS didn't transmit data. But some three letter acronym heard it trying to connect.
  3. Sounds like a spy satellite heard the ACARS system either pinging a ground station and getting no reply due ro being out of range or pinging a satellite and getting no reply because the airline didn't subscribe to the service. Either way, it probably took a lot of digging and analyzing recordings, hence the delay.
  4. They must be superheros, because they're wearing their underwear on the outside.
  5. You were posting links to Australian crime stats and claiming to be able to see the effect of gun control in the overall homicide statistic. Clearly we can see through comparison to other countries that have not introduced gun control during that time period that line of reasoning is horseshit and you're now trying to misdirect. Smarter people than you have tried to see the influence of gun control in crime statistics and come up empty handed. Your also full of shit when you say that the US homicide rate has increased from 1999. There were slight increases in three of the years in the 2000s, but the overall trend is still down, with the 2010 rate being significantly below 1999. Just look at the data I posted. That wikipedia graph is not terribly helpful - for one thing it doesn't show homicide rate which is what you were talking about. 1991 is not a spike, but it is one of several peaks associated with he overall crime increase since 1965 (and not the highest one either). And yes, in most forms of math, 4.8/9.8 is less than 1/2. This graph is a little more helpful: (from http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/glance/hmrt.cfm) The point is that the homicide rate is very variable, and the effect of gun control will be swamped out by various other factors. A couple of things: This graph only goes out to 2006. If continued to 2011, you'd see the rate just about equal to the 1950s lows. The big jump in the rate after 1905 (the rate almost quintupled over about four years) - it's hard not to believe that this is due to a change in the way data is collected or reported. Another thing, these two sources of data that I posted, complied by different US Justice Department agencies, vary significantly. While the trends are very similar, the actual figures vary by about 10%. These are two bureaus in the same department of the same government. How variable do you thing the data is between two different countries on different continents? While there is good reason to believe that the US homicide rate is significantly higher than Australia's, the exact difference is pretty uncertain. I'll give you an example of a potential source of these differences. A person is killed, another person is tried for his murder, and the jury acquits. Here's another example: A person is killed, another person is charged with manslaughter, and the charge is pled down to assault. Should we include these events in the homicide statistics? In the US they would be included, in the UK they wouldn't. Both approaches are supportable, but they aren't easily comparable. Not sure what the Australian approach is, but I would guess it's more similar to the UK one than the US.
  6. http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2010/crime-in-the-u.s.-2010/tables/10tbl01.xls "Murder and Non-negligent Manslaughter" is equivalent to Homicide.
  7. Thanks for the non-trollish response. I'm looking at the 2nd graph in your second link. Steady decline, according to the caption. Is the post-1996 trend, any different from the pre-1996 trend? It looks to me like the changes in gun laws had no effect, one way or the other. Yes the graph looks a little flat, but have a look from 1997 onwards it's steep. Government plunker statisticians graphs., but to quote the summation: The percentage of homicides committed with a firearm continued a declining trend which began in 1969. In 2003, fewer than 16% of homicides involved firearms. The figure was similar in 2002 and 2001, down from a high of 44% in 1968. 2nd graph, not third. Homicide incidents in Australia, 1989-90 to 2006-07 (number) not Homicides involving firearms as a percentage of total homicides, 1915-2003 Not getting killed vs getting killed, is an improvement. Getting stabbed or bludgeoned vs getting shot, isn't. In 2009 new knife carrying legislation was put in place.. I got that from an article. Still trying to find govt stats post 2009. Must do some work.. You should also look at the homicide rate in the US over time. For example, the homicide rate in 2010 was less than half of what it was in 1991. The trends are similar for other categories of violent crime. Why has the rate declined so much faster in the US than it has in Australia? What are the implications for your argument?
  8. So, on what charges should they be arrested? I'm not familier with US law, but is there nothing about "having knowledge and failiure to warn the authorities of a criminal act" especially of that magnitude? It must be in the latest Homeland security laws? Not being a prick, just asking. Wouldn't be covered by Federal law, but by State law. If they had specific foreknowledge of this crime that would be one thing. Knowledge that their adult son was nuts and potentially a danger to others is quite a different thing.
  9. Still doesn't beat Norway last year - 77 dead, 319 injured. For those that think I'm picking on Norway - Last year Belgium had a massacre with 7 dead 125 injured which also beats this one by the way you're counting victims.
  10. Apparently, statistics are not your strong suit! Anomalies are not statistics. Take the equivalent - ALL of Europe - over about 20 years and let us know how it adds up.... And, oh, the Norway guy was a Tea Partier (type). Just to be fair I looked at mass murders in the US vs. Europe for the last 100 years. Europe is up in the tens of millions, the US is in the thousands. Norway is a tiny sample group to base your argument on and if anything it's the exception that proves the rule. It has been a society worried about the loosening of gun ownership laws for some time and now we see an `American style' mass killing. Anecdotally I was in Denmark 2 years ago and my Danish hosts said that Norwegians aren't tight enough on their gun laws.. Surely we are talking about the post war modern world ? Your weird logic about centuries gone doesn't wash in a sensible discussion about modern politics.. Girly logic on your part so far. We'll have to update that old joke that Americans think 100 years is a long time and Europeans think that 100 miles is a long distance, now that Europeans think that seventy years is "centuries gone". But I will admit that the modern Europe has this wonderful single currency, one of whose selling points was that it will prevent all of that unmentionable unpleasantness of "centuries gone". So you all have that going for you.
  11. Apparently, statistics are not your strong suit! Anomalies are not statistics. Take the equivalent - ALL of Europe - over about 20 years and let us know how it adds up.... And, oh, the Norway guy was a Tea Partier (type). Just to be fair I looked at mass murders in the US vs. Europe for the last 100 years. Europe is up in the tens of millions, the US is in the thousands.
  12. Want to talk about stats? One of these events could happen every day in the US for a whole year, and it still wouldn't equal what happened in Norway last year on a per-capita basis.
  13. Two sheets of 5/8" drywall equal just one and a quarter inches of whimpy ass gypsum. Next question, please?.... What about the insulation? Don't theater walls have insulation to deaden the sound between the shows? And doesn't it take muzzle velocity to have any real penetration? AR15s and Glocks are pretty short barreled right? I think theres a Mythbusters show being written as we speak. Yeah, because if there's one thing an AR-15 lacks, it's muzzle velocity.
  14. Sorry, I thought I posted in the "Joke" thread. This must be the "Stupid myths that my grandma emailed me from her AOL account 10 years ago" thread. Anyway, apologies for derailing things.
  15. NASA bought the space pens of the shelf, and paid $2.95 each, same as everyone else. NASA didn't pay any development cost - those were paid for by the manufacturer. The Russians also bought and used Fisher "Space Pens" when they became available. http://www.snopes.com/business/genius/spacepen.asp