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  1. ACARS didn't transmit data. But some three letter acronym heard it trying to connect.
  2. Sounds like a spy satellite heard the ACARS system either pinging a ground station and getting no reply due ro being out of range or pinging a satellite and getting no reply because the airline didn't subscribe to the service. Either way, it probably took a lot of digging and analyzing recordings, hence the delay.
  3. They must be superheros, because they're wearing their underwear on the outside.
  4. Sorry, I thought I posted in the "Joke" thread. This must be the "Stupid myths that my grandma emailed me from her AOL account 10 years ago" thread. Anyway, apologies for derailing things.
  5. NASA bought the space pens of the shelf, and paid $2.95 each, same as everyone else. NASA didn't pay any development cost - those were paid for by the manufacturer. The Russians also bought and used Fisher "Space Pens" when they became available. http://www.snopes.com/business/genius/spacepen.asp
  6. So the administration can break the law if one of its senior officials approves?
  7. Rats. I was going to link to a newspaper article stating that about 20% of the crew was from India. But I forgot that means much less than some internet fucktard's ravings.
  8. international airport air traffic control (plains ) - certainly. But this was onboard a fucking great ITALIAN ship on an ITALIAN cruise. FFS. Do you imaging the crew HAVE to speak English? Was the conversation between the Captain & the Italian Coast Guard in English? Have you ever been anywhere where the local language is not English? ( Spanish excluded) Or even out of your country. Johnny I have been in several countrys that english is not the local language. Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Kenya, Abu Dhabi, UAE , Japan , Singapore , China, Russia, Somalia, Columbia , Puerto Rico , Mexico, Canada , New Zealand, Australia (even Hobart I love the restaurant on top of the casino) Venezuala, Brazil. I may have missed somewhere but I don't have my map here. If they operate in international waters there is a call for english in all official entry and exit of ports. That was my point as to why the inquiry was in english. I am not saying the ships crew is required to speak english in everyday operations but for official ship to shore port entry and exit is required to be in english. Thank you for the concern as to where I have been in the world. I am however looking for an Antartica trip, that's my last continent I want to set foot on. Then you are well travelled enough to know that most of the crews on cruise ships are on virtually subsistance wages and just plain and simple, do not speak any English. And you post was in response to me posting a passengers complaint of "Why can't the crew speak English" At least she didn't say "why can't these people speak American" I heard that in Italy years ago and I've never forgotton it. I'll bet that a greater portion of the crew spoke English than Italian.
  9. The Plymouth Colony was a bunch of hippies, and was eventually taken over by its more aggressive and expansive neighbor, the Massachusetts Bay Colony. One of the factors in the success of the Bay Colony was effective zoning laws, which forced children to move out into the boonies to find new farmland. In the Plymouth Colony they just kept subdividing and subdividing, and the new generations got poorer and poorer.
  10. So I call down to the front desk of the hotel, and ask if the porn channel is disabled. The lady says "No, it's regular-people porn you sick fuck!".
  11. Sorta like the cornfield bomber - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornfield_Bomber
  12. Maybe in the nick of time. Qadaffi is routing the rebels in Zawiya and on the coast road. Backed the rebels up about 70 miles there in one day. That battle is sort of like the WW2 Africa campaign, it's all about that road. The specter of France entering the war may encourage the Qadaffis to dig in somewhere around Sirte instead of extending themselves all the way to Benghazi in a head-long rush. He has to know that if the 13th Demi's, based in Dijibouti, enter the fray.... 13th Demi's??? Not familiar with them. SOF, I assume? Anyway, I can't imagine france or any country entering into a ground war - although, it wouldn't be much of a fair fight. I would expect the FAF to just do airstrikes if it came to that. An air campaign could easily roll back the gov't forces into a little ball within days. Might not dislodge them from Tripoli with Air alone, but it would make them ineffectice as an offensive force. FFL. Sarkozy has pretty much double-dog dared Qadaffi to declare war on France with this, and unlike the Brits, they have the ability to quickly field a mechanized brigade in Africa, but I do not think it will come to that, unless Qadaffi is nuts. On second thought... They have opened the door for various entities to supply the rebels through France. Somebody had to step up, and in a lot of ways it was better France than us anyway. Things are moving fast right now - the government forces are already well past Sirte. I'd guess in a few days it will be too late for an intervention.
  13. He should check out Gonzales v. Raich
  14. Yeah, corporate and government fascism by the LIBERAL members of the court - Stevens, Kennedy, Souter, Ginsburg, Breyer Dissenting - Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist and O'Connor, the conservatives you love to hate, except that they were the ones who stood up for individual private property rights. Besides the fact that the administration had no role in the issue, and President Bush denounced the ruling and issued an executive order for the Federal Government not to use the power that the courts granted it. Oh and the City Council of New London, which did the taking (the case is known as Kelo v. City of New London), was controlled by Democrats at the time.
  15. A guy in my neighborhood has two tigers. Nothing at all like pit bulls, or anything in a zoo for that matter. Their gaze triggers some primal "don't move or you'll get eaten" instinct. You see deer and bunnies do that, but it's very disturbing when you do it yourself. Another neighbor came by a few weeks ago to let me know his pit bull got out again, and that he wouldn't take it personal if I shot it. Ok, that's the price I pay for living in the boonies. But if one of those tigers got out, I doubt I'd be able to do anything - I'd probably be paralyzed with fear.