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  1. Turbo Etchells

    Or you could get 1 and convert it in to a nice cruiser http://afloat.ie/sail/sailing-classes/etchells/item/36279-ireland-s-boatbuilding-magician-to-cast-a-new-spell
  2. Older well known IOR Boats

    I think that batteleur/strictly business is for sale down in southwest ireland. Imp is or was owned by an irish guy from cork and took the boat to america to sail her over there.
  3. Rescue 116

    Body recoverd from the cockpit this morning 40 meters below the surface
  4. If trying to boost Irc numbers why exclude the small boats under .900 for any event? The likes of j24s, 1/4 tons, mini tons and others are then left out. Seems like they're more interested in the glamorous bigger boats
  5. Rorc really dont like small boats do they. Not really a europeans if they exclude a load of low rating boats
  6. Paul Whiting designs

    Keel looks very small for the size but nice looking boat
  7. Composite boatbuilding school in Europe?

    Don't think there's any. Lots of wooden & traditional boat building schools. There was a course few years back on boat building in Southampton institute but was a varied course in boat building
  8. ton fun

    Would you belittle a classic car run/race coz the cars dont have power steering or up to date electrics? The halfs & quaters still rate under irc and are competitive for their sizes so what the fuck if theyre 30 odd years old and still able to keep up with likes of x302s & 332s. The bigger ior boats might have been winch farms back in the day but these arent those boats. Theres plenty of crews and even an owner or two on those half ton boats at that event who got in at the end of ior or is even so young they missed ior totally and are loving their sailing.
  9. Older well known IOR Boats

    In fairness the 1/2s are still expensive boats to be competitive in.
  10. Brenta 60 Minnic stoned

    4:43 it seems the Swedes like to bang their boats into big rocks https://youtu.be/gTVdHzIgGZg
  11. RORC Commodores Cup

    Problem is no one in ireland has money anymore and if theres any one with money they aint spending it on fun
  12. Bad Boat Names

    Spotted 3 different power boats all called foreplay on a marina in spain a few years ago. All spelt differently but what twat thinks thats a good name for a boat
  13. black cloud

    We,re sailing today not kite surfing you langers
  14. Coolest spinnakers?

    The graphic on the spinnaker of the corby 36 mustang sally in in mid 90s was very good. Just cant find a pic of it
  15. Dingle (Ireland) batten down yer hatches!

    Lock up your Dolphins