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  1. cill123

    what is it?

  2. They did an event over here in Ireland a few weeks back aimed at getting majority women crews out to race. The driver & at least 50% of the crew had to be women. It got a good turn out but they dumbed the event down by using a local crappy handicap when alot of the boats entered would race off IRC primarily
  3. cill123

    what is it?

    Another computer generated image
  4. cill123

    Caption Contest

    Doing the bows piss easy
  5. Are you trying to assist people getting into Europe & the EU without visas??? If so you can fuck off we have enough of you shower & your trouble as it is
  6. cill123

    Sun Fast 3600

    3 entered in the round Britain 2 handed class.
  7. cill123

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Some video of Sorcery from 1996 at 2minutes. Quality isn't great
  8. cill123

    Turbo Etchells

    Or you could get 1 and convert it in to a nice cruiser
  9. cill123

    Older well known IOR Boats

    I think that batteleur/strictly business is for sale down in southwest ireland. Imp is or was owned by an irish guy from cork and took the boat to america to sail her over there.
  10. cill123

    Paul Whiting designs

    Keel looks very small for the size but nice looking boat
  11. cill123

    Older well known IOR Boats

    In fairness the 1/2s are still expensive boats to be competitive in.
  12. Eboats arent exclusive to dublin. Good few sailing on the south coast of England. Also few Pupeters & Ruffians up the North. As for the shitmans do they even have a class anymore?
  13. cill123

    US team @ 1979 Quarter Ton Worlds

    sailed a modified bolero for few seasons. Was involved with a 1/2 tonner for years and bought myself a Ceccarelli mini tonner a few years ago. Her 1/4 ton sister is in my club aswell and shes been modified for last while with keel and rig. The old tonners are great fun and great to play around with
  14. cill123

    US team @ 1979 Quarter Ton Worlds

    Any recent pictures or even more old ones?