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  1. I feel like there is a pretty good chance that the widespread adoption of self driving vehicles will lead to or perhaps require the elimination of regular vehicles. A lot of people in cities, liberals, and tech minded people seem to welcome this, although out in the sticks where I live I can't see it happening. I do wonder about self driving cars though, if you ask google maps to take you from my house to my friend's house twenty minutes away, it'll try and take you over a "class 4" road (unmaintained) that we ride dirt bikes on, for much of it's length you are essentially riding in a stream bed, you basically need a dirty bike, seriously jacked up truck or atv to get through it. That would be a problem out here.
  2. Well, I ran into a little unexpected play money and decided to gamble it on some bitcoin, ether, and litecoin a few weeks ago. I'm up around 20% but the rally the last day or two is the majority of that. I sort of figured the bitcoin split wouldn't hurt bitcoin, at least initially, and that seems to be the case. It definitely gets a little addicting to follow when the market is charging up or down. It's interesting how stable litecoin is compared to the other two. I wonder if that actually drives away money because most people are chasing big gains right now.
  3. Did he say he doesn't have it or he never had it? If he had it and drank it, then it's still accurate to say he doesn't have it now. :-) He said though that he needs to be careful with alcohol when he get's back on dry land because he doesn't have it on-board. In that case, no wonder Neptune chewed on his foil. Not sure about the French. Probably old school sailors like JLC keeps a couple of bottles stored just in case, then again they might also rely on those lost containers filled with local liquor. Old school I guess... [edit: what do I have to do to show the video and not only the link to it?] France must be getting near as lawyerly as the US, what with the disclaimer about the dangers of alcohol in ALCs equator video.
  4. Not to change the subject from ALC and AT, but looking back a bit, does anyone else wonder if Jean Le Cam and Yann Elies are sailing in company as much as racing each other? If memory serves, they've been within sight of each other or close to it for thousands of miles. Are they and their boats just that well matched? Have either mentioned anything about it in that I've missed? Czo
  5. Man, looks like Conrad Colman and Nandor Fa are going to be in for quite the wild ride. Over 50 knots a 10m waves! Wonder if Conrads north heading right now is trying to get out of the way of the worst of it?
  6. How often does the SH tracker update?
  7. Significant UFO damage to LSDN. Source Starboard rudder broken, leak in the saillocker, structual damage to the deck(?). Needs some manual translation, google translate is not up to it. Here is a VG post in english about it: http://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/news/17267/structural-damage-to-le-souffle-du-nord-pour-le-projet-imagine
  8. How does volodiaja get his data?
  9. Well, having learned to sail at the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center as an adult, and then be lucky enough to get invited to race solings at another local sailing club, then getting a ride on a Tartan 33R, then on the Viper in question, Mojito, and then on another Viper with some of the guys earlier in this thread, I'll say I'm grateful for all the rides I've had, and I think we're really lucky to have the community sailing center here. I hope they continue to grow and provide more opportunities for people to get out sailing on our amazing lake. I learned a shitload sailing for a few years on Mojito, owner is a truly great guy. On occasion I moved on to other boats over the year, and that's ok. I try to give good notice and I commit to a boat for a season. I'm really glad I wasn't on sailing anarchy as a teenager. My politics are on the pretty progressive side, but I try to separate the political and personal as much as I can. Our sport does face economic challenges regarding people's income and free time, and access to the waterfront and facilities, but from what I've seen people on Lake Champlain are doing their best to overcome these and get people sailing. A lot of it is systemic stuff that no individual has control over. As for fast boats, speed costs money, how fast do you want to go? - Czo
  10. I wonder if it can carry a harleysaki?
  11. I'm pretty sure I could talk him into coming out for a wednesday night. If it makes it through the winter. Something about this reminds me of when the floating neutrinos built that raft here. I've seen him walking around town lately, I'll try and stop and get him to apply for a rating. Will he take a rating hit for using parmesan cheese as moveable ballast?
  12. I'm not sure I should do this. But years ago (around the time of the last DOG America's Cup match) I used to run into this guy in the bar, and we'd drink, and talk about sailing, and he'd talk about his adventures designing, building and cruising boats around the world and his very unconventional ideas for future boats. In particular he always returned to this one crazy idea, and I frankly didn't give it much thought. We were two guys getting drunk at the bar a long way from the ocean, even a long way from the lake I sail on. It was so outlandish that I basically figured it was just wacky drunk talk. But then I saw today in the online edition of a local paper... This: http://m.sevendaysvt.com/vermont/whats-that-weird-sailboat-in-burlington-harbor/Content?oid=3868458
  13. I'm enjoying watching Conrad Colman move up the fleet. And his drone pics are pretty cool too.
  14. Anyone else been having trouble with the http://gis.ee/vg/ tracker today? For me it is loading but with no boats on the map and none of the buttons work. First few times I was able to fix it by refreshing a couple times, now I can't get it to work at all.
  15. Maitre Coq seems strangely slow. Are the speed figures averages of some kind or instant readings?