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  1. Jules Verne Trophy 2016

    Clap. Clap. Clap. Joyon is the most under rated sailor alive. Hero.
  2. VG Tracker

    I'm not a developer but all of this makes sense to me. The fact that people start insulting Yann for not doing things their way is beyond me.. but i guess we all love a SA shitfight (although this is my first post in may years). I don't know any of the parties involved, including the Geovoile team, but i would just like to say one more thing: many years ago, Geovoile created the first "nice" tracker. Back then, when i was following Joyon, this tracker was much more revolutionary than Forss' today. Thank you for that. Yes there may be things to improve now, but let's not forget what we owe Yann... and that unless i missed something he is not a million dollar-making developer in the Silicon Valley but a one-man show living in a small coastal city. C.
  3. Vendee Globe 2016?

    V&A Waterfront, in front of the Table Bay Hotel. thank you!
  4. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Hello, i am visiting South Africa for my honeymoon, and I am reaching Cape Town now for a couple of days. Anyone knows where the Imoca are parked?
  5. VOR 2017-18

    Great stuff Chasm. As often.
  6. Universal Tracker

    Merci !!!
  7. Excellent points. But even a B2B activation platform requires to engage the larger public, otherwise no executive will be interested to go as they will never have heard of it... C.
  8. VOR 2017-18

    great phrase to portrait the biggest issue of todays' VOR On the underpowered boat issue, let me disagree. The Whitbread was raced on 9-knot-shitboxes, with "comfortable" bunks and no carbon or pendular keels, yet has that undefined je-ne-sais-quoi that you guys are missing. I'm afraid these days are just gone, and the current VOR makes a lot of sense from many angles (ability to attract sponsors, high level racing, etc). But yes i somehow miss those days when a boat could be called L'Esprit d'Equipe (team spirit), when trimming was something that happened every half hour, once everybody had enjoyed a good meal, a good nap and a good cigarette, but at the same time the guys were going for an adventure that could last for three or five weeks, nobody knew as there were no routing softwares... On the other hand, we surely wouldn't get 3-hour tracker updates!!! C.
  9. New imoca boats

    in the video Josse comments that some CoG choices were made knowingly at the expense of deck ergonomy
  10. looks like the official tracker has slightly improved on laptops (wind and currents).
  11. Mostly agree (strongly). One correction--the data for minute by minute tracking can be reviewed in the desktop app or the Virtual Eye tracker on the Dashboard. However, unlike the geovoile tracker, I can't keep the Virtual Eye app open for long. Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 4.10.36 PM.png This virtual eye app sucks big time. Slow, constantly needing a software update and bugging, not compatible with most browsers... and the wind representations are hardly readable and not forward looking, while geovoile can be... (and geovoile is just a webpage, not some weird "app" to install) I assume VE is a software built by Knut's nephew or something like that, but still. And don't even get me started on the lack of a cartography that looks like maps... how do you get the greater public interested if they can't even recognise the countries the race is passing? And it's not even a new problem: 8 years ago (or was it last time?), the organisation had already to discard their disgusting semi-proprietary app in favour of geovoile halfway through the race... So you would think they wouldn't have done the same mistake again! More generally the website sucks as it has been built to the extreme for mobile compatibility, but then it totally lacks in frequency of updates (when i check on my smartphone, i expect something closer to twitter, where i can see a constant stream of new news, not some boring report sent at 0700UTC, as in the old days of telex...). I have no idea what the budget of the VOR is, but the allocation of it might not have been very smart. For instance even Francis Joyon, who sails on a shoe string, has a much more interesting website/tracker when he is doing a record! And the general advertising of the race in mainstream media has been extremely poor this time; in France nobody knows that the race is ongoing.
  12. No editing allowed on my android phone... I meant Groupama not grouping...
  13. I agree with the OP: this is a low budget operation, and that is so totally fine if you put it that way. Actually there are now so many rich brands that try to play the proximity game by pretending to be small and cute... So why can't the VOR do just that ? Probably hard to sell it to sponsors "hey we'll do what we can " but better than overpromising and under delivering. I also find it strange how few mentions of the VOR get into the general media. Here in France people heard about it through grouping last time, but this time nobody even knows the race is on. One of my hardcore sailing friends told me "what? I didn't know the whitbread had started?"... He is only 35yo... I know it's hard to compete with the vendee globe. But I guess that it's not wonder that we get the best media content and most engaging personalities from a (Chinese boat)... Whose communication is handled by Mark turner if I understand correctly. Offshore sailing is about personalities and about human struggles against the elements. Which doesn't mean bland superathletes athletes with smelly socks and a boring playlist, but real characters like escoffier, whom you would want to invite to dinner for a good chat! Short version: be pro in delivering on promises, not by creating an artificial super corporate image that satisfies neither the larger public nor the sailing fans. C.
  14. Team Vestas grounded

    Depends on the circumstances. For both personal and business reasons, Thomas Coville didn't seem too happy about hitting a container in the channel at the last route du rhum. I might even say he seemed much more depressed than Nico.