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  1. The Next Boat-----2020

    How fast can you put that technology into tack after tack, and consequently will that lead to close racing, or generally just banging the corners? To avoid failure the new design has to create as close or closer racing of the last design. I really don't know what the new boat should be, but quality-wise 70% of the racing from the 35th cup was due the immediacy of (closing) speed, not even non-foiling cats can provide that.
  2. The actual curse barring any mishaps, is waiting out the one extra race before LE's involvement in the AC comes to an end.
  3. Oracle Team USA

    Good work by NZ. Would never go against an American team, but I've never considered Oracle to be American. The sooner Coutts/Spithall follow the money out of country the better.
  4. What new AC 36 Class boat would you like ?

    Three to four man crew, take the non-sailing factor of human powered hydraulics completely out of the equation. A variation would be grinders strictly for sail trim.
  5. Live Racing Thread

    Dam lost my stream. Who won?
  6. I'm going to argue that whatever the AC was in the past, is no longer relevant anymore. It is what ever they, who ever they may be, decides what it is at any point in time. This "professional racing circuit" that you speak of, has garnered enough interest to turn the historical AC into a history that can be cashed in on.
  7. This is all about containing costs in order to increase participation in the LV in particular, and the AC in general. That's why the Defender was allowed into racing in the Challenger trials, and having an LV participant helping the Defender tune up for the Race. The alternative would've been OR having a two or three boat program, and there having been probably only SW and NZ in the LV. Its all fair and OR is not gaining any undue advantages, they would not have had staying with the AC34 boat design.
  8. Live Racing Thread

    Good race although one has to say its no more exciting that monohull racing. :shrug:
  9. I won't count Artemis out, although NZ would be the more confident choice. Lets hope the strongest team comes through with good racing.
  10. Oracle Team USA

    JS is Australian. LE is the embarrassment for the US.
  11. Letter from wife to Ben

    If BA is a loser its sports fans such as yourself, that created them and perpetuate their existence. Forget the heroism--its just a boat race.
  12. Artemis Penalty Fair or Shit?

    If the umpires reversed their call as in this case, there should be a mechanism for the results to have been reversed or at least thrown out.
  13. America's Cup Qualifiers Day 3 (May 28 2017)

    I wouldn't bet that was a mistake, unless I'd also bet everyone is setting up and racing 100% this early on.