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  1. I am looking for some recommendations for gloves for cold weather sailing. Both for helming and for general sailing. Possibly 2 different solutions? Would really like a better solution for time at the helm. I have a pair of Neoprene gloves from Henri Lloyd that work pretty well for general sailing as long as I am active. They are not great for sitting on the rail or at the helm for long points. My hands can start getting cold. They are good for keeping warm when wet and are quite flexible as well. I also have a set of West Marine cold weather helming gloves. They are not bad for helming, but are not good for other sailing activities. But, I have been surprised to have my hands still getting cold even with these on. I have been considering trying some high end snowmobile gloves, but wonder how they would be in the wet. Any other suggestions?
  2. kcolborne

    Building a boom

    I am looking to build a new boom for my C&C 35 mk1. Current boom is original roller furling boom, modified over the years such that it doesn't roll. 5" round boom. The gooseneck is worn, sheaves are worn and reefing lines are external. I have found a couple sources for an aluminum section to make the boom, both new and used. Approximate size 4"x6" Goals: -move all lines internal. Outhaul and 2 reefing lines -Outhaul control would stay on the boom. Reefing lines are run back to the cockpit. -add purchase to the outhaul so it is adjustable while sailing -no more sloppy gooseneck -al always, would be nice to save a bit of weight I spoke with some rigging companies. I was told that they could sell me a boom section or a finished boom. But, they claim their ends are all custom made. I have not found anywhere to purchase the inboard or outboard ends for the boom. It is looking like I would have to make them. Does anyone make suitable ends for booms such as this? Anyone have information on the best way to go about making such ends? If I end up making or having ends made, what rating of sheaves should I be using? Sheaves seem to have a wide array of load ratings and costs. Or if anyone has or knows of a suitable boom for sale, I guess I would be interested in that too.
  3. kcolborne

    Engine size and fuel consumption

    Have you been happy with your current engine? Can I ask why rebuilding your existing engine is not an option vs purchasing an entire new one?
  4. kcolborne

    yanmar rebuild?

    I had my 3GM30F rebuilt 2 years ago by a local mechanic/machine shop outside of Sarnia, Ontario. No issue with parts availability at that time. Very good experience all around. I pulled the motor, delivered it to the mechanic, picked up the completed engine and reinstalled myself. Waited longer for the machine shop to clean up the bores than searching or waiting for parts.
  5. kcolborne

    RIB - adding bilge pump between hull layers

    Sail69: I have to admit, I was considering that option. I do not believe the leak is very fast. Then the bilge pump could remove all the water.
  6. I have an Avon 11' center console RIB as a tender for my sailboat. The RIB has an existing bilge pump that sits at the stern. It is mounted in a small well shaped into the floor. It works well, and is definitely better than bailing. The RIB also has a drain plug at the stern that lets water out that gets between the 2 fiberglass hulls. If I leave the RIB in the water for an extended vacation, it collects quite a bit of water in between these hulls. Currently, I can only drain this water after the boat is out of the water on its trailer by pulling the drain plug. I have a few questions on how to deal with this: Any suggestions on how to track down how water is getting there? Has anyone ever successfully modified a RIB to allow a bilge pump to pump this water out? Any tricks I am not thinking of for another method for emptying this water when the boat is in the water?
  7. kcolborne

    Helm mounted GPS recommendations

    A friend of mine stopped by on the weekend to show me the new GPS unit that he got for his motorcycle. It is a Garmin 276CX. Garmin markets it as an Outdoor Recreation GPS not a marine unit. But, at a quick glance it appears to have all the features I want, in a small package. They offer a marine mount and power cable for it. The interface on it is VERY similar to my existing 172C unit. Controls on the unit are the same. I can load marine charts on it. The only negative that I see is that it is not N2k compatible. But, I am not sure that I care about this for my application. This is what I will be looking at a bit more seriously to see if it may be an option.
  8. kcolborne

    Helm mounted GPS recommendations

    Jack, thanks for the clarification. I have used and discussed VMG while sailing for many years. Always as a VMG to mark as you describe. I have never seen (or understood) it to be used to the wind.
  9. kcolborne

    Helm mounted GPS recommendations

    Thanks for the input. I have displays in the cockpit that are easily visible to the helm in any position that show wind speed, AWA, Depth, Speed through water. I use my current unit only for location, COG, SOG, course to next mark and VMG to next mark information. I guess you are right, I do not want a MFD. I just want a chart plotter. I don't understand some say VMG requires external data or connection to the network? Insert waypoint in chartplotter, it should be able to calculate VMG to the mark. Might I use other functions? I suppose I might. Not sure I want to use much else when at the helm. But, I could be wrong. I do not want an IPAD or tablet type solution. I don't think I want a touch screen and for visibility and glare reasons. Anyone have much experience with the Garmin Echomap series that can further comment on them?
  10. kcolborne

    Helm mounted GPS recommendations

    I currently have an older Garmin 172C GPS Chartplotter mounted on a bracket on my wheel pedestal. This is a stand alone chartplotter with internal antenna that is not connected to my boat N2k network. The bracket is adjustable left-right and up-down so it is possible to adjust the screen so you can see it in any driving position. I can even turn it 180 degrees and have it visible when sitting ahead of the wheel instead of behind it. It is a setup that came with my boat when I bought it. I didn't expect to like it at first, expecting it to get hit often when racing and to generally be easy to damage. That has not been the case. I like having the GPS there and the flexibility of my mount. It has not been an issue for any maneuvers and has not come close to being damaged. My problem is that this unit is beginning to cause me problems and I have been started to look for a replacement. I did purchase a new Garmin 741 that I mounted below at my chart table as a redundancy. But, I believe this is too big to work mounted at my helm. This unit is wired into the N2k and works as my AIS monitor. I am looking for suggestions for a unit to replace my 172C. My preference has always been Garmin for chartplotters, but would consider others. I do have a Raymarine unit on one of my power boats. But I haven't used it enough to be comfortable with it. Garmin doesn't seem to make small marine GPS units except the fish finder combo units. But, I don't know if they would have the VMG and routing options that would be nice. Preferences: Great Lakes Maps available Adjustable mounting bracket. 4-5" screen (negotiable depending on overall unit size) I think I would prefer buttons to a touch screen for this location. But, would consider options. Internal antenna I do not think that I plan to connect this unit to my N2k network. I do not see a benefit to it at the moment and like the idea of a separately powered, connected unit for redundancy. Suggestions?