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  1. Gravity Stroms

    moderate air I'm on the trap, a puff comes, along nicropress, fails boat settles, mast starts its downward journey and I'm pulled up and with one giant step I standing in the middle of a 12 foot wide cat scratching my head. no damage, all ended well.

    well now they know where the weak part of the steering system is, they can take carbon out elsewhere and make it lighter
  3. The winning foils

    screen shot from today's Team NZ video ( with 4 cycle driven hydro and winches.) PS. Doug it looks like the tiP-will_be*Down when the foil is in the down position.
  4. Light Air Foiling!

    what do you think the rest of the time?
  5. Doug Lord to get his own Anarchy

    diPPshiTanarChy hope I spreLLed that right.
  6. Tempesta's Broken Mast

    get out the buffing wheel
  7. Maserati on Foils

    Doug don't you think it's time to put down the keyboard and finish your prototype and get some testing miles (yards) on it??
  8. Foils

    Doug, who are you talking to? You post as if everyone on here is on your block list. Why do you quote him? how would you know what he said if you had him on block? do I need to block you as well?
  9. Foils

    Nice looking boats and good video. I think I see douG's problem. Those videos where shot in the Southern Hemisphere where the wind clocks in a more advantageous direction
  10. Alinghi 5 cat

    Sorry for bad screen capture. This is the Oracle Corp. HQ.
  11. Olympic Classes

  12. Sunny Side Up

    around your neck and snug to fit.
  13. S-Glass source

    I was under the impression Comp One did not sell to retail customers. I think all the local yards buy or have bought from the local branch, but I can't think of any DIYer who has mentioned them. I'd love to be proven wrong. Depending on where the OP is located, Fiberglass Supply in Burlington WA carries almost everything including warp UD S-Glass and carbon. Best E-Glass prices I've seen posted as well. I picked up some foamcore from them last year, with no problems. I think what you need to do is not call them up and start asking a lot of questions. Make it sound like you know what you need and you should be ok. also try http://thayercraft.com/ That's interesting. You were referring to Comp One, right? Did you pick up an odd lot of core or a case? Just curious because they are one of the few sources I've seen for Core Cell in North America. Noahs Marine Supply in Ontario used to have a decent variety at one time, but they seem to have very limited stock now. Sorry for the delay. Yes Comp One ( Millville, NJ ) I tried to order a case of Divinycell PVC foam core but they had 3/4 of a case in stock which was more then enough for the boat I was building. I was able to negotiate a discount because the could not fill my initial request.
  14. 50/50 dual rig cat --problems

    I love those guys, they show us it all. The good, the bad, the ug...
  15. Acat continuous loop control lines

    I asked this question last week on North American A-Class Catamaran Group. The only reply I got was "excel control 4-5mm" http://www.marlowropes.com/leisure-marine-products-1/dinghy-windsurfing/excel-control.html a better howto then Marlows is at