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  1. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    It's only worth something today because it's worth more today than it was yesterday, leading to the belief that it will be worth more tomorrow than it is today. If we think that it will be worth less tomorrow than it is today then it will be worth nothing. There are a million websites selling bit coin on the interweb, trying to drive up demand to keep the price up, bit like a money pyramid really. But hey, if folk are into that then that's fine too I guess. Just remember, the folk who have made a lot of money with bit coin have not actually contributed to the world in any meaningful way for their money.
  2. Voltage regulator blues

    Well you seem to be doing rater well on the 4 times front.
  3. firefox v57 quantum

    Bugger. How will I look at the random picture thread now?
  4. Voltage regulator blues

    Lefty, are those prices you said a typo or are you getting shafted on the price that bad?
  5. Baldness anarchy.

    I see you like Bruce's traditional "thigh marks".
  6. firefox v57 quantum

    Thanks Bud Bundy.
  7. Community Reputation Points

    I just scrolled up, gave him a few down votes, seems to be pissing him off. Had to put woody back to 666 while I was there too.
  8. Voltage regulator blues

    ^^^ Well that explains a lot.
  9. S/S EDMUND FITZGERALD 42 years ago today

    Oh well then. I guess that makes it O.K. then. Load capacity before crew safety is only an issue if it does not include LOA. Dead seaman be dammed!
  10. Random PicThread

    Electrical generation. I tried to post this before but SA seemed to go down, Seems I still have to post it to clear it.
  11. Random PicThread

  12. Random PicThread

    Ya know, we do do more than just sink ships in this little corner of the world.. Thanks Hobot, love your work.
  13. Community Reputation Points

    That is a shit load of votes...... And 666 is annoying him enough.
  14. Community Reputation Points

    No fucken way you are any of those, except maybe GiGi Family sailor, could you please stop down voting Woody. I'm keeping the twit at 666. Thanks.
  15. Community Reputation Points

    BJ, if you do the vote reset, could you please reset Woody to 666. And disable his socks from voting to maybe.