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  1. floating dutchman


  2. floating dutchman

    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    It's not the Will Power you need, It's the Won't Power! I used Vaping to quit, I just didn't have the won't power and Vaping gives me a alternative that is less harmful. Keep at it Chester. One of the big power moves when quitting is to tell people. If you keep it a secret then you kind of know people won't think you have failed if you start up again. Tell everybody then you have really made the commitment. It kind of motivates you. And biff out that lighter and ashtrays. You are quitting. You will never need them again. Don't keep them "just in case", You do not need any smoking associated crap. Throw it all away.
  3. floating dutchman


    I wonder just how many years Blue Oyster jokes have been around for now. 3rd decade?
  4. floating dutchman

    LONQR 2

    Gentlemen gentlemen. Trolls only survive because you feed them.
  5. floating dutchman

    Minimal Camping Trailers

    Mac 26... Actually I saw someone using one the other day, full oxygen tent and all, hadn't even bothered to put the mast up, they had (Mum Dad and two young kids) spend about 4 or 5 days in the Able Tasman having and absolute blast, just drag the thing up the beach at high tide and your done. For what they were using a boat for, it was actually the right tool for the job.
  6. floating dutchman


    Bark side down dries faster and bark side up stays dryer if it gets rained on a little, so it depends.
  7. floating dutchman

    Should I dump my music CDs?

    Don't throw away you old CD's. they are your collection, part of who you are. Just don't throw that away. Ripping them to MP3 is not as bad as other posters have said. Just adjust the level of compression to what suits you. Windows Media Player lets you change the compression level and honestly, with an average sound system a higher (lower?) level of compression doesn't kill the sound quality as much as some people would leave you to believe. But keep your hard copies. It's part of who you are, Gives authorities proof of ownership of the rights to listen if needed, and one day you might want to build a bad ass sound system and play those tunes from the original source, just like the cool folks are doing with LP's these days.... I still actually buy music on CD. I like owning the physical thing that I have bought. First thing I do once I buy an album is rip it to a higher quality MP3 so I can add it to my memory stick in the car and listen to while I drive. Makes no sense what so ever but keeps me happy.
  8. floating dutchman


    No, only my knee for some reason. Those Datsun owners though. they always want to take it one step further.
  9. floating dutchman


    I just pay the Man. comes split dry and ready to burn. Just order early in the season to beat the rush and if it's not quite dry, I have time to sort that out. The man has the right gear, the time you spend splitting it with an axe is just not worth the savings in my opinion.
  10. floating dutchman

    LONQR 2

    Going by the look on the Bear's face, I think we are.
  11. floating dutchman

    Shite You Never Knew You Needed

    Cool find! That will go nicely with my Air Guitar.
  12. floating dutchman

    345,000 Used Condoms Seized....

    Where the fuck does someone find 345000 used condoms to sell? Even a few brothels would have trouble coming up to that number I would think.
  13. floating dutchman

    Shite You Never Knew You Needed

    And I thought this was going to be about this site: https://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/ Happy shopping all...
  14. floating dutchman

    Would you take the CV-19 vaccine

    Any vaccine wouldn't be available to everyone at once, there just wont be enough to go around. Partly because my family are all healthy enough we are unlikely to become majorly ill to Covid 19 and other people might be in more need, and partly because I want to see the vaccine proven. I will be waiting for the second wave of distribution.