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  1. And in today's fake news section..... What a load of baloney. Thrusters without a backup mode? Sim cards that can connect to a wifi connection when removed from the phone? Nice story though, good one to keep the tinfoil hat wearers happy.
  2. SV?
  3. It would be a gamble that ordinary posters could get restricted. I'm betting that the spammers know how to make each post different enough to get around filters.
  4. Modern cars, when you go down hill and take your foot off the gas realize that no fuel is needed to keep the engine running and cut fuel off completely. You could argue that the alternator charging the electrical system is regen braking. So. No. And given the arguments further up this thread, you could definitely argue this point.
  5. I think we should. Do brake lights use extra fuel, or do they help reduce brake pad wear by assisting the brakes by providing a sort of dynamic braking effect? This is an important question that must be answered.
  6. O.k. a quick google search give just under 10Kwh per liter of gas. 150 Watts (tail lights etc.) 150 / 10K = 0.015. At around $2 a liter here in NZ your looking at 3 cents an hour in gas to be seen. No extra lollie at the end of the week if you drive with your headlights on.
  7. The $80 that the HID headlamps cost in my wife's car, LED daylight running lights are in her near future.
  8. wowe, linkey to o-tanke soarce? No link Snags, I made it up myself.
  9. I installed a removable overflow tank in my car, once a week I pour the excess electricity into the mains system at home, I can run the lights of my house for around 30 minuets. And all for free!
  10. That a good idea. Two crews. Crew "A", Your job is to hit things. Crew "B", Your job is to not hit things.
  11. Start a thread. Write a book.
  12. 17.5
  13. I still think a simpler system would be to have the number of people who have you on ignore to be displayed under where the number of posts you have made. When someone is being a fuck-apple and their "number that have this user on ignore" goes up it can become like a vote, it's human nature to put someone ignore that most of the other users have too. And the fuck-apple can also see that nobody is reading their shit anyway and hopefully give up.
  14. Unless the criminaly stupid take them self to the firing squad!