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  1. floating dutchman

    Transgender teens outrun track and field competitors

    " Great Britain’s Lynsey Sharp, second left, embraces Melissa Bishop of Canada after the Olympic 800m final, won by Caster Semenya, right " A picture says a thousand words as they say. No mistaking the body language here.
  2. floating dutchman

    Favorite Larson Cartoons

    And folks, that does include woman.
  3. floating dutchman

    Asian female driver

    I haven't seen those on a car since I was a kid! Wonder if I could find some, would look dead sexy on my Toyota with factory wheels......
  4. floating dutchman

    Socks Stink

    And Da woody is onto it again, using his sock to down vote me, even after he cried to Scott about me down voting him the stupid fuck still uses his sock to vote me down. Well everyone needs a hobby I guess.
  5. floating dutchman

    Socks Stink

    What about the really special ones that use socks to up vote them self and down vote everyone else. Aye Woody.
  6. floating dutchman

    Transgender teens outrun track and field competitors

    Why don't we just have three races? One for boys who were born boy, One for girls who were born girl and one for whatever's that were born whatever and have done whatever changes in between. They can even get their own sponsorship, just like we often see different sponsors in the same sport for girls and boys. That would be the fairest way.
  7. floating dutchman

    Tasmanian devil chews through metal

    And they usually pay for it with their life. There was a holiday home in this region, a few years back where when the owners turned up and turned the water on found the rats had eaten a fair bit of the plastic plumbing. Once the plumbing repairs were under way it was discovered that the electrical wire had been attacked as well. Funny thing was that the rats could tell what wire were live at the time and what wires were not, only the dead wiring got eaten.
  8. floating dutchman

    Favorite Larson Cartoons

  9. floating dutchman

    Weed or Hash ?

    Sounds like a positive change. Keep it going.
  10. floating dutchman

    Weed or Hash ?

  11. floating dutchman

    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    I thought that the energy needed is too low to actually combust anything, but again, I still don't know enough about this. When I combust a little oil, say on the stove, it leaves a heavy, noticeable smell. But the oil vapor off of the vape pen isn't even detectable once it dissipates. It seems a much lower energy kind of thing. And the vapor is noticeably cool compared to hot smoke.  The vape I use, I'm fairly sure just sort of boils off the juice. Definitely no combustion going on.
  12. floating dutchman

    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    You are right, you don't know much about it. Every Vape machine I've seen uses a heating coil, A watch battery would last all of 30 seconds. They use good old fashion heat to create the vape.
  13. floating dutchman

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    No we wouldn't be. Simply because in none of the cases above has the boy said NO. This girl did.
  14. floating dutchman


    Holy shit.
  15. floating dutchman

    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    When I changed from smoking to vaping I treated exactly like smoking, I never smoked in the family home so I vaped outside as well, same at work, vaping is treated like smoking so outside you go. Some people might not like you vaping around them and this way you still get that moment away from life. For me smoking was a habit, a ritual if you like, checking pockets for smokes before heading out the door is very much part of that, having the vape in my pocket instead was an easy switch. Now that I'm on zero nic, doesn't mater if I leave it at home, unless I'm going for a beer, then I gotta have it with me.