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  1. floating dutchman


    And considering the topic, I don't think we need this story in that up coming book...
  2. floating dutchman

    stupidest criminals

    Well Mr Bobbit sure sounds like a dickless wanker.....
  3. floating dutchman

    forming a new business model who wants in

    So then, Why not the sex robots?
  4. floating dutchman

    forming a new business model who wants in

    Real girls or sex robots?
  5. floating dutchman

    Electrical cost/consumption question, home use.

    In NZ (and I assume the rest of the world) you get charged for KWH not KVAH so for the consumer, it doesn't matter. And capacitance is usually added for power factor correction.
  6. floating dutchman


    Car immobiliser wiring diagram from a Chinese shopping website: Well if a car did have an electric oil pump, I guess this would work eventually.
  7. floating dutchman

    Bike Rack Anarchry

    Good point... Here in NZ you can get a supplementary plate that you attach to your bikes for that reason, or some people just make one.
  8. floating dutchman

    Any cool bicycle builds lately?

    Today's Project. Still got to clean it, put the handlebar tape on and replace the chain. 25 year old bike getting resurrected from the past just to get my lazy old ass fit again. Hopefully I can fit some 28mm tires in that frame to soften the ride, the 22 mm don't do anything for me any more.
  9. floating dutchman

    Well, the front didn't fall off...

    Yea, but he(/she) lost points by not leaving the sticks in "ahead" you need to do that in-case you have made a hole, then what you hit keeps the hole plugged and you can also blame engineering for the sticks not working......
  10. floating dutchman


    Yea, It's ferro by to looks of it. That boat was someones dream, their pride and joy. Now it's a sad liability.
  11. floating dutchman


    That's amazing, Because Vanilla is my favorite ice-cream and Vagina is my favorite genital!
  12. floating dutchman

    Dash Cams ?

    Close, just needed a little tweek.
  13. floating dutchman

    Dash Cams ?

    No, I don't do those things, just makes it one level harder but not impossible I agree for the powers to be to work out your speed. I bother because the video of sumcunt who tried to kill me buy being a self centered piece of shit and swerving into my lane in their SUV with oncoming traffic at 100 Kph should have been made. I still don't know how I didn't trade paint with someone that day.
  14. floating dutchman

    Dash Cams ?

    Another thought about the dash cams, I intentionally got one without GPS so my speed cannot be recorded. It's very easy in modern cars for your speed to creep up above legal speeds. If the cops start looking through your footage after an incident there is always the chance they will find something incriminating. It's a double edge sword because the speed being recorded can also make you the innocent party. Something else to think about.
  15. floating dutchman

    Dash Cams ?

    Yup, nothing like a quick tap on the horn to let them know you're there BEFORE they hit you, just keep trying to squeeze past!