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  1. The bottom line is this. If Led Zep wins it is a huge setback for those who create. While Spirit may not have written StH they made a significant contribution to its creation. While it may not have been overt, they did provide the creative inspiration, along with the specific riff that lead to StH being that mega-hit for Led Zeppelin. Plant and Page are fools to object and allowing this to go to court. All to protect some fragile egos. Pay Spirit and treat them fairly or risk being labeled the douches they are being. Spirit was in no position to sue Led Zep. If you want to argue about significant contributions, fine, but then Spirit would need to be sued too. A little research on the internet and youtube will reveal that there is music that predates Taurus that sounds more like Taurus than Taurus sounds like StH. The lawyers and expert witnesses made that point clearly it seems. I'm glad the jury got it right. Led Zep has lifted stuff before but did not lift this one from Taurus. See: Or: And perhaps the original from the 1600s (Giovanni Battista Granata, at about 30 secs.): So I think the Granata estate should sue the Randy California "Sprit" estate, and all the other estates, and Led Zep...
  2. They are just using the same chord (mainly, but Paige then switches chords and that is important because the melody is much nicer). Stairway is obviously different. And anyway, the whole song builds up to the final part which really makes that song. There is a reason very few know about Taurus. To say that they stole it is absurd. Now we could discuss other Ledzep songs where writing credits should have been given in the first place but were not (they did give credit later). But again, what they made out of the original was awesome. Awesome is what made them rich. It's like somebody drew a bird and then Picasso comes along and also draws a bird, sales his bird for 2 million dollars, then you claim credit. Not a chance. Not in the same league. If you want to discuss stealing, then we can talk about Chuck Berry. That guy was robbed. Spirit was not.
  3. So the badger escapes... Many times. How do you catch it and put him back in his prison every time? These things are mean mofos...
  4. Hey asshole, this is a no spoiler thread. Haven't seen the movie yet so don't know if this one is true or fake. Either way, go fuck yourself.
  5. Just landed in Geneva. I'm having some difficulties figuring out what is happening tomorrow. The program says "Geneva Fleet Race". What does that mean? Is the event held at SNG? Thanks for any info you can provide.
  6. It will be kidnapped and sold as a sexbot to oligarchs in Tajikistan.
  7. Yes, totally agree. Watched the replay last night and what was an epic MR battle suddenly was totally different when they came back after the cutaway. WTF? How did Alvi suddenly get so far behind? One thing I was wondering about was that as they were approaching the finish line, it was obvious Map was going to cross first. However, Alvi had DF on the outside and was on Starboard. Why didn't they simply hold course on starboard and prevent DF from gybing? They could have driven DF past the LL, gybed and crossed ahead. Maybe the camera angles were misleading and DF would have crossed Alvi on the gybe anyway. But why not at least try? I knew well before that if Alvi and DF gybed at the same time, like they did, DF was going to cross the line first. Before the gybe, they were outside the 3BL circle - so I believe that Alvi could have held onto starboard and prevented DF from gybing. Poor tactics from Enright from my cheap seats. Again, though the camera angles could have been misleading. Back to my match race question. If you got to the video at 1:30:45 - that was just as Alvi and DF were simo-gybing. If the trick for Alvi was to not let DF in between them, why did they no delay their gybe and hold DF out? If Alvi had stayed on Starboard - no way IMHO could DF gybe without a HUGE duck. They are well outside the 3BLC. I think they could have driven DF beyond the LL and finished ahead of them. As it was, they had zero chance to cross the line ahead by gybing at the same time. Not obvious to me that DF would not have crossed. I guess Alvi thought they could blanket DF or else it would have been worth a try. On top of this, they took a few more seconds than DF to jibe and lost speed.
  8. It is really too bad that we rarely seem to get producers who understand what the fuck is going on the water. The whole drama was deciding the positions between two boats, and somehow, you get into a dream match racing situation where an Olympian is doing world class sailing and you cut to an inconsequential finish. The critical part where Mapfre manages to squeeze DF in between them and Alvi was missed. I did not understand why Alvi was so far behind Mapfre all of a sudden. I presume Mapfre headed up and accelerated quickly. Can't they get a sailor in the production room who can tell the producer: cut to the Brunel now motherfucker and I will kill you. Fuck... Ok... Deep breadths... It was a nice Volvo, enjoyed seeing them in Newport.
  9. Canucks vs England. Match starts right after the visitors have had their tea (local time). 8th ranked team against 6th ranked team. Should be good.
  10. I think it will show up no matter at what zoom level they look at. So, we're good! (as long as they don't declare this island an "exclusion zone", then a couple of boats will probably hit it).
  11. +1 for the Farr 30. Fully powered very quickly. No furniture at all though...
  12. Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.
  13. Any thoughts on the boat's potential to develop an OD fleet on the GLs? Will 105 owners want to move to a 111? Seems a bit expensive for an OD fleet to take off...
  14. I can't find results for the Hood anywhere either. Anyone? Me neither... They're posted now at Susan Hood Results That was one of the best Susan Hood races in recent memory. Enough wind and rain to keep it interesting with one hell of a lightning show. Never thought I'd have fun flying a chute in a lightning storm in the middle of the night...