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  1. Dont take the boot off....you will be extremely sorry.....your boat will fill with water. I am assuming that you are using the Melges part and not some one off custom. Vasaline....or KY.....LOTS of it. We clean with acetone and then lube er up with vaseline and make sure lots in the inside of the seal. Also look at the rigging inside the boat on how its coming in, sometime the pole twists and it will become hard. There should be two lines; an in and an out. No bungee. Also keep in mind as you bear off to flat and DW the kite helps pull the pole out. Frankly we dont have an issue with ours, we carry two boots, one attached to the boat and the other that floats, so when the pole is in we can minimize water intake.
  2. spoke to the dude at aps. i verified that the length was for the purchase system yet is seemed long. he said that was the length. sorry if i am wrong. seemed more like a spinnaker sheet length to me. Purchase System?!?! I have never seen that on a 24; maybe he was talking 32?
  3. Ok. My crew consists of up to five. Including one female. All in late forties, early fifties except one in early thirties. Not entirely consistent. So I can see racing with 3-5 on any given night. I would consider us all In decent shape. They crewed on my J105 before this boat. Some on my J36 before that. We are all pretty novice sailors in my opinion. One has a Boat of his own and is quite active. One never sailed before last year. My biggest knock on my crew is that they don't take initiative. They rely too much on me to tell them what to do. So my biggest goal is to get my crew to the point where I don't have to say much of anything. Just steer. So the more info I can give them the better. The J 70 videos are a pretty good start. I think I'll forward those on. Practice and more time in the boat will help that. But as you come up to the weather mark; say 1/4 left talk wtih them on the plan as you round and talk through who is going to do what. By doing that it helps everyone remember what they are doing and when. Do the same thing on the douse. When we are going to do a gybe set we talk about who is going to be doing what just as a reminder. Same thing if we are doing a late or leward take down; for us basically the high risk moves. The more you all talk about it and do the maneuvers that more second nature they will become. Also keep in mind when its blowing about 12 and you are a step up from base you can almost not trim the main hard enough and we pull a ton of vang on.....just to it hinges.
  4. Email Melges; their site is not always up to date
  5. LOL Zane......driver maybe. Love always!
  6. What are the issues when going up wind; sepcifically. There are many factors other than the keel to making the boat go higher and faster. Pm me and I can try and give you some pointers. Not on here a lot right now with Christmas around the corner
  7. One race today. 10 knots flat out of the north. Two races tomorrow. 14-20 knots forecast. Should be great. With three races left anything can happen still. Follow along on the tracker and event FB page
  8. Guys. Quick update from the action. Been a great two days of sailing in Miami so far. 74 total boats and over the past two days and 6 races we have seen 12-20 with 4-10' seas. Pretty epic stuff. Stu just has a different gear right now, mostly downwind.....so fast....but everyone can still make mistakes; especially with 6 more races and no more drops. The rest of the forecast is very fuzzy, its the short term forecast is changing many times a day leading up. Couple answers to comments. The Melges 24 Worlds FB page has all the most recent info, live and updates. We are doing the best we can there; I have watched some; you all need to remember when they are running between marks they are dealing with a pretty good swell. There were three break downs today, rudder, rig and one more issue which I forget. The class does not have an owner driver rule, just the corinthian rule where all people on the boat need to be CAT 1. On it not being a spectacle, there was a management change back in the summer; for the exact reasons I am not sure, but with Peteys moving on a lot of the marketing dropped. Hitting the 120 or so "registered boats" was always a long shot (there were people registered who didnt even own a boat) but 80 - 100 was doable; but we are 74; which is still the second largest in the US. But what people are overlooking is the 39 total CAT 1 teams....that shows the boat is back at the grass roots level. USA 547, John Brown and Kevin Jewett, hit the rock off Smith & Wolinskis. Again, best info is on the EVENT FACEBOOK PAGE during the day. That is the only thing updated during the day; the results, pics and more info is on the International M24 FB page. Fling questions and I will try to answer when we can. Travis Weisleder Lucky Dog 848
  9. Training this past weekend was good, saw a range of conditions from 5-20 from Friday to today (Monday) NW - ENE. About 8 boat +/- our sailing each day; most all set up their own groups; so no hard to say who was going well or not. People there; Mikey, Monsoon, Lucky Dog, Sling Shot, Decorum, Tim Healy, Dark Energy, Embrar, Argo, 515. Most everyone will be there Friday the 25th; but people will be trickling in this week, mostly the europeans. Weather was, as usual 75-80 and sunny........didnt suck. There will be a thread for the event with links etc.
  10. For those who want to see what it could be like.....this was a practice day taken off the coach boat.
  11. Sign up on the yachtscoring crew board. Also send me a PM we may need a 5th for this weekend training.
  12. Not sure why you are hating, especially if your not an owner or going to be sailing there. I can't comment on the money side with what there is or may be, but there are 80 boats paid and racing; so your math is a little off. Front page of SA has our first marketing piece in a lead up for an event that is still a little less than two weeks away. It will all be getting ramped up soon.
  13. All is fine with the event. Lots of good things going. With a change of leadership in the middle of the summer there was also some change with the yacht clubs etc. Both on and off the water stuff will great. We have a great PRO and team and looking forward to good off the water stuff as well; lest we not forget that we are in Miami which has an awesome night life that is hard to duplicate. Crane time at MYC is for the people, like us, who are coming in tomorrow and need a way to launch our boats. Follow the various FB pages and eventually the TracTrac site for the most up to date info as its easier to update people there vs changes in the web site. Lucky Dog USA 848
  14. Traveler all the way down and we have the block on the vang just below where the male piece goes into the female for the most part and it moves about 1-1.5" depending on the puff. In planning with wind 18+ we are pretty much backstay hard so we dont get inversion; especially if we stuff the bow.
  15. Gotchya, I know I had a larger racing deductible; I looked that up last week it was like $2,500 vs $1,000. We had a claim, not through Gowrie, on one of our Melges 20 rigs, so that could be the reasoning. Its who ever you are comfortable with for sure; I use Gowrie for my powerboat stuff.