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  1. tweisleder

    melges 24 keel movement

    Do you have the strap in place and tight to keep the keel down? You do not need to move the delrans; I would recommend new ones.
  2. tweisleder

    Melges 24 turnbuckles and tuning

    Couple of comments on the thread: First. Different tuning guides have different wind conditions for “base”. So just keep that in mind. I would also recommend you use the guide, as a starting point, for the sails you are using. If you have North and use the Ullman guide your going to be off. With open TB and North we have put upwards of 22 turns on. When we had Quantum I believe we had put 24....FULL TURNS. It’s super fast BTW.... If your main rags or inverts; more lowers and then you can put more back stay. We sail with a TON of backstay almost all the time. When I max it out or are close we go up a step or even two depending on the conditions. Most people in my opinion are afraid to put turns on the rig. The top boats go quickly on their steps and hard on their controls. Keeping the boat at an average of 12 degree up wind or less in breeze you will rock. Travis Weisleder USA Class Prez Lucky Dog
  3. tweisleder

    looking for a melges 24!

    already sold......
  4. tweisleder

    looking for a melges 24!

    PM location and price ranges and I will send you what I see is out there....inventory is thin.
  5. tweisleder

    looking for a melges 24!

    Not for a boat that may only have the 2016 worlds on it.
  6. tweisleder

    looking for a melges 24!

    This was just posted. One heck of a deal: It should not last long as there are not a ton of high quality used boats on the market.
  7. The US M24 Class is working with NorthU to create a boat handling video series. We are beginning the process next weekend in Miami at our first event of 2018. There is not a timetable of when the footage will be completed but its in the pipeline. So stay tuned. Travis Weisleder US M24 Class Pres
  8. tweisleder

    Is an older melges 24 competitive?

    Interesting read. There are older boats, like Zane's, that can still be "competitive" for sure. I guess my question would be what does that really mean? On par with the top of the fleet (bigger budget teams) or on par with middle of the fleet (and budgets)? If your comparing to the top half, they certainly could be, but by the time you spend all the time and money your gonna have wanted a new boat. If mixing it up with the bulk of the boats and occasionally the front; you need to find a boat that either has had done or look at fixing the compression posts and shroud areas in my opinion. You want to make sure the boat isnt going to break. With the rest of the rigging, sails and parts; that stuff is easy to come by and many of the bigger budget teams sell off all their gear every event or two. We sell our sails when ever someone wants to buy them (always a good discount) and lots of times giveaway our running rigging when we swap it out. On our team one of the crew members is a rigger, so I buy half spools and he makes the stuff. In purchasing sails and being on a tighter budget I would recommend Jib first, boat sails off it, Main and then spinnaker. The spin should last the longest, then main and then jib. One / two event old sails can be purchased at around 25-40% off retail depending on how badly the owner wants to move them. (our 2017 North Worlds set is for sale; good deal to be had and ZANE, no I am not giving them to you). There are all sorts of ages in the fleet from the Mudratz youth program to folks well into their 60's or even older. The M24 is a timeless design that is one of the most fun boats to sail. Happy to answer any questions folks may have. SALES PITCH: there is a Melges 24 Racing / Training Regatta in Jan in Miami. It will include both on and off the water coaching, with the on water coaching being done while we are racing. The various coaches (we are anticipating 3) will be running around helping all of the boats with tuning right there on the course. Off water debriefs are good and we are going to do those; but when someone says "How much backstay did I have on?" and I say "as much as I could" its hard to truly understand what that means for that person to do on their boat the next day. The objective is to help the middle of the fleet people learn more on how to tune and sail the boat and get excited! We have 15 registered right now and have another 6-10 figuring out logistics. Regards Travis Weisleder USA 848 Lucky Dog and incoming US M24 Class President.
  9. Sorry my bad. Yes he was the only legit person last go around. Hopefully we will see more true americans on the next efforts.
  10. How in the world can you say only Rome?!?! Andrew Campbel 4 X College All American? Matt Cassidy; number of world championships a bow person and high end college sailor? Come on now....give some credit to the guys who were on the team and worked very hard and didnt get a chance to get out there.
  11. tweisleder stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Mine came last week, very fun, but needed a steady 10 to keep it on its feet. Out of curiosity, how much do you weigh? DRC 200 lbs
  12. tweisleder stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    The rigging instructions are not the best and took me waaaaaaay longer than 2 hours to assemble out of the box; more like 8.......but I did get interrupted a ton.
  13. tweisleder stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Mine came last week, very fun, but needed a steady 10 to keep it on its feet.