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  1. Dave S

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    I remember an Int 14 Supercup regatta once, where we started most races on port, ducking the fleet. Nice lift off the back of all the other boats, first onto the layline, and when they started tacking over, none was far enough ahead to cross us, so they had to duck. We led round the windward mark in most races, until people started cottoning on and copying us. Caveat: Only worked because it was a small fleet, everyone was on their game so we didn't have to duck any stragglers, and the course was short enough for shifts not to be a big factor. A bit like trying to cross the fleet on port, it worked best when we were the only boat trying to do it! To answer the OP's other point: calling out fake rules gets no respect from me. Win the race by sailing better than than the opposition.
  2. Dave S

    what is it?

    Very small keel bulb. If it's not the boat in Jon's video it's something similar - foiling Libera or similar crazy Swiss boat...
  3. Dave S

    Why don't more people race?

    Back when I was racing, I reckoned I sailed 100 days/year minimum. For every hour's sailing (whether training or racing) there were several hours of travelling, bimbling etc. It was great fun, but it was pretty much my life. Now I'm racing bicycles, probably at a comparable level. Still have to drive to most races, but I can ride to some. Not only does training start the moment I get out of the door, but I can do it on the way to work; yes - I get two hours of training for free, every day, just by riding my bike to work. Total cost is about 10% of what I was spending sailing; I could probably replace all my race bikes for the money we used to spend on sails in one year. Fundamentally, for me, racing boats was fantastic when it was the only thing I cared about. Now I have other responsibilities, I need something I can fit in around the more important stuff. That either means sailing a sheddy old Laser at my local club every Sunday morning, or switching to a sport that's less demanding of my time/money, and still being good at it.
  4. Dave S

    caption contest

    Bob had meant to enter his 4ksb in the local regatta, not the World Beard Growing Championships; having filled in the wrong online form he was determined not to let the entry fee go to waste....