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  1. Doug Halsey

    nacra 5.8

    Sounds like you really worship your wife. That's nice!
  2. Doug Halsey

    Looking for Sail Magazine articles from 1973

    You don't have to keep looking! You can get 17 of Arvel's articles from the site I referenced yesterday. That might be all of them.
  3. Doug Halsey

    Looking for Sail Magazine articles from 1973

    Here's a link where you can download pdf's of several of his articles:
  4. Doug Halsey

    Looking for Sail Magazine articles from 1973

    Those articles were collected & published as part of the book The Best Of Sail Trim, which can be ordered online at several places You can Google it, but here's one:|dc&pcrid=70112909712&pkw=&pmt=&plc=&gclid=CjwKCAjw0ujYBRBDEiwAn7BKtyV_Jq90XaxJpLTnLyaaYCoHkLdEawWGx7nQzWmhyo9790NIajhsJxoCZeQQAvD_BwE#isbn=1574091190&idiq=7510614 My copy of it has a different cover, but the number of pages is about right so maybe it's the same. It has 7 articles by Arvel (out of about 50 total). There may be more in another collection. I'll keep looking.
  5. Doug Halsey

    caption contest

  6. Doug Halsey

    Beginning Moth - first attempt = failure

    When there's no wind is absolutely the hardest time to get into the boat. I would definitely advise you to learn when there's a little more breeze. But if you insist on trying, and you find that you can't make either method work, here's something else you can try: a variation of the waterstart, where you start from much farther aft & pull yourself in with a forward motion. Without the line between the wingbars, you can even start from the transom. You'll find that the boat is much more stable fore & aft than sideways, and you should be able to get in that way even when there's no wind at all.
  7. Doug Halsey

    Foilers: brushing off seaweeds?

    Reattaching flows are very tricky though. What helps for one type of boat in certain situations may possibly be the wrong thing for another boat or in other situations. I would like to see some hard data about it.
  8. Doug Halsey

    Foilers: brushing off seaweeds?

    Is this true? Can you explain it or point me to any references?
  9. Doug Halsey

    Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    There's an old thread on the boat design list with lots of examples of multiperson monofoilers:
  10. Doug Halsey

    2018 moth worlds - bermuda (march 25 - april 1st)

    Some preliminary racing in Florida a couple of weeks ago...
  11. Doug Halsey

    Moth Foiler & Back bone issue

    Phil: I know that Chris Rashley had a serious issue with his back just prior to the 2015 Worlds, but was still able to compete & place very near the top. Do you know more precisely what his injury involved and what he had to do to cope with it?
  12. Doug Halsey

    Super foiled configuration

    Here's another moderately successful attempt with bow mounted foils. Gary Seaman (who also sailed sailboards in California) won a speed-trial against the D-Cat Beowulf in about 1972. That was in fairly light conditions (but still foiling). The boat was quite a handful when it blew harder though.
  13. Doug Halsey

    EC2018 Thread

    CCock & DeSea aren't shown as having made CP2 yet. They didn't skip it, did they?
  14. Doug Halsey

    EC2018 Thread