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  1. Doug Halsey

    best new foiler for beginner?

    There are Moths & A Cats (& a few others) in Southern California. You might consider joining the West Coast Moth FB group.
  2. Maybe it stands for "Fiberglass" & he's wants a fragile boat that requires a lot of repairing.
  3. What does "FG" stand for? All I can think of is "Field Goal."
  4. Doug Halsey

    Craigslist Finds

    These 2 photos from that listing can't be the same boat, can they?
  5. Doug Halsey

    Craigslist Finds

    I have a nice Bruder OK Dinghy mast (almost 50 years old now!) I might still use it for something though. Probably too small for what you want anyway. Plus thousands of miles away.
  6. Doug Halsey

    Multihull speed vs length

    I agree. I've sailed my 15' foiling trimaran a bunch of times without the foils, and the top speed for the day has almost always been ~14 1/2 knots. Never over 15.
  7. Doug Halsey

    Where to move?

    I guess you've never been to Cabrillo Beach (aka Hurricane Gulch).
  8. Doug Halsey

    Craigslist Finds

  9. Doug Halsey

    Whats the fastest you've ever been on a dinghy?

    You probably wouldn't have any trouble believing that thing could go 25mph if powered by an outboard motor instead of a sail. But if you sailed it on a broad reach in an extremely strong wind, you could have a similar situation. The heeling moment that would have limited you at higher angles would no longer be a factor, and the pitching moment that would replace it would be more easily controlled.
  10. Doug Halsey

    Worst/scariest moment in a dinghy?

    I just found a much better article about the crash (from the St. Pete Times):
  11. Doug Halsey

    Worst/scariest moment in a dinghy?

    I was crewing in a Thistle when a fighter jet from a nearby Air-Force Base crashed in the middle of our course. One of the pilots splashed down just a few feet from several boats.I remember the skipper of the closest boat continuing to race as normal, and a following boat stopping to rescue the pilot. It was unbelievable! I just found an article about it in the Tampa Tribune archives for June 17,1968.
  12. Doug Halsey

    Is this an I14?

    Good Grief! Here's a Moth with a daggerboard in 1939 - and they weren't a new innovation even then.
  13. Doug Halsey


    What's this got to do with foils? If the board has any, he wasn't up on them!
  14. Doug Halsey

    Rudders and roundup

    I agree with the 1st & last sentences in the quote, but the middle one could be a little different. Weather helm means that the rudder & keel (or centerboard) are sharing the loads, so any increase in rudder-drag also involves a decrease in keel drag. Since the induced drag is a nonlinear function of the load, this sharing results in a net benefit. However, induced drag is only part of the total, so other factors can mask the benefit (or even negate it).
  15. Doug Halsey

    Whats the fastest you've ever been on a dinghy?

    It makes sense that your fastest speeds would be reaching, with an apparent-wind angle too small for a spinnaker (unless it's really windy).