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  1. Doug Halsey

    Hervey Bay A Class Worlds

    That makes more sense to me, because yesterday they did have results for 2 races (with Ashby winning both).
  2. Doug Halsey

    C-Class Little Cup news

    It's so nice to hear V-foils referred to without all the usual negative prefixes. Of course, I'm not biased or anything The pluses & minuses of the old-style V-foils (which attach at both ends) are debated further in this thread: Blunted: Do you have any comparisons of how the boat behaves with the inboard tip above or below the surface of the water?
  3. Doug Halsey

    Hervey Bay A Class Worlds

    What happened to race #2 in the Open class?
  4. Doug Halsey

    C-Class Little Cup news

    The foiling scow Moth is an earlier version of the Skeeta : I think the dual-foil system was an unsuccessful experiment. Look for posts by Phil S, who knows all the history. I'm sure they use T-foils, not L's.
  5. Doug Halsey

    C-Class Little Cup news

    Similar to this (but with 2 wands)?
  6. Doug Halsey

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    I've seen >100knots while recovering from a capsize! Sometimes, especially when underwater, the signals from one or more satellites will get lost & then give bogus speeds as they blink back on. (the positions can jump slightly, giving huge spikes in speed if the device doesn't filter them out).
  7. Doug Halsey

    nacra 5.8

    Sounds like you really worship your wife. That's nice!
  8. Doug Halsey

    Looking for Sail Magazine articles from 1973

    You don't have to keep looking! You can get 17 of Arvel's articles from the site I referenced yesterday. That might be all of them.
  9. Doug Halsey

    Looking for Sail Magazine articles from 1973

    Here's a link where you can download pdf's of several of his articles:
  10. Doug Halsey

    Looking for Sail Magazine articles from 1973

    Those articles were collected & published as part of the book The Best Of Sail Trim, which can be ordered online at several places You can Google it, but here's one:|dc&pcrid=70112909712&pkw=&pmt=&plc=&gclid=CjwKCAjw0ujYBRBDEiwAn7BKtyV_Jq90XaxJpLTnLyaaYCoHkLdEawWGx7nQzWmhyo9790NIajhsJxoCZeQQAvD_BwE#isbn=1574091190&idiq=7510614 My copy of it has a different cover, but the number of pages is about right so maybe it's the same. It has 7 articles by Arvel (out of about 50 total). There may be more in another collection. I'll keep looking.
  11. Doug Halsey

    caption contest

  12. Doug Halsey

    Beginning Moth - first attempt = failure

    When there's no wind is absolutely the hardest time to get into the boat. I would definitely advise you to learn when there's a little more breeze. But if you insist on trying, and you find that you can't make either method work, here's something else you can try: a variation of the waterstart, where you start from much farther aft & pull yourself in with a forward motion. Without the line between the wingbars, you can even start from the transom. You'll find that the boat is much more stable fore & aft than sideways, and you should be able to get in that way even when there's no wind at all.
  13. Doug Halsey

    Foilers: brushing off seaweeds?

    Reattaching flows are very tricky though. What helps for one type of boat in certain situations may possibly be the wrong thing for another boat or in other situations. I would like to see some hard data about it.
  14. Doug Halsey

    Foilers: brushing off seaweeds?

    Is this true? Can you explain it or point me to any references?
  15. Doug Halsey

    Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    There's an old thread on the boat design list with lots of examples of multiperson monofoilers: