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  1. Looking grim for Ruyant. Currently both on the french and english version of the official site "The port shell has split open down to below the waterline,” declared Laurent Bourguès, technical director of Le Souffle du Nord. “The starboard shell is also delaminating. The structure of the hull is gradually deteriorating. The danger is that the front section may break completely away from the stern section. Thomas has attempted to fill in the holes. The boat is holding out thanks merely to its longitudinal structure. The starboard rudder is still in place, but only just. Thomas has been working on that. The idea is to get as quickly as possible to the southern tip of New Zealand in order to shelter, as the wind will be becoming much stronger tomorrow morning. Thomas has still not asked for assistance, but the Race Directors are keeping a close eye on the situation, should he asked to be taken off, which is quite possible.” Original French version wording is slightly different, stating that the deck is slowly failing as well (translated as "the structure of the hull is deteriorating), but the general idea really is that the front is about to fall off. These are gonna be 250+ looooooooooooong miles to NZ Edit: and judging from the picture, by "front" they mean everything more than 1,5 meters in front of the mast, that's basically 40% of the boat.... M.
  2. Yup, last news on the VG site states that when/after the top of the mast broke, the halyards seriously cut into the mast tube and they consider the mast's integrity as too compromised to be safe in the southern ocean, it could/would split when stressed . They think he should be able to nurse it home by turning back now and sailing conservatively, though. That's too bad, Tanguy really is one of the good guys. M - uncommon failure mode as well...
  3. Not related to the next edition, but an article in the french sports magazine L'Equipe yesterday mentioned a potential french entry for the 2020 VOR, led by Lionel Pean (winner of the '86 Whitbread). Pean has been running SFS II (VOR 70 ex-Puma from 2011) in the french IRC(!) circuit for the last two years, after SFS I, ex Abu Dhabi, burnt on the hard in January '15. Obviously wins line honors in anything he enters (closest competition being a couple of TP52s), hopefully is a good platform for his sponsor at least.... Not quite sure how he plans to fund it, the article is very vague at this point, I fond it doubtful his current sponsor (http://www.sfs-groupe.com/en) would be able to pony up for that on its own. http://www.lequipe.fr/Voile/Actualites/Lionel-pean-pense-a-la-volvo-ocean-race-2020/672546 M. - for what it's worth....
  4. Any hope for us Android users ? M.
  5. Literally, the way it's written in french could mean both that his foot was partially severed from the ankle/leg, or that a part of the foot was partially cut away. It must be noted that it's a conditional form, meaning that this is not considered a fact but hearsay / uncorroborated information / subject to caution. M - in any case, it sounds serious enough
  6. This last article includes "right foot may be partially severed", using a conditional syntax. Let's hope for the best M.
  7. Ouch Apparently F. Cammas injured himself today, described as "serious" in this article. Badly cut his ankle on a rudder blade after falling in the water "from a foiling catamaran" (type not specified). Had to be airlifted to an hospital. M.
  8. A bit here too : A tour of a MOD70 by Yann Elies. Obviously in french and maybe pre-dating some further modification / improvements (published in 2014), but if you go to 1:30 : orange/pink line is traveler, pedal is mainsheet hydraulic release, and blue/dark line the headsail
  9. I did NOT detect any easing of the mainsheet, nor the traveler? Do you really want to 'dump the mast' ? Considering it's a canting rig, yes, you might
  10. Speaking of Koster, Voiles et Voiliers just posted a video about Eight Cube. Unfortunately for most of the audience, it's in french...
  11. There is a topic going on in CA that touches this point in a...visual fashion, you might want to check it out.
  12. And then you have small things that are not that important per se, but are part of the whole sponsor exposure thing. Such as in La Trinite sur Mer, where a couple racing multis or monos are based (Spindrift, IDEC, Sodebo, Safran, Matmut...), the city council installed information panels on the dock in front of the boats' berths providing basic information about the boat & skipper, and offering the sponsors permanent exposure, even when the boat isn't docked. As it's on the main pier, basically everyone wandering around the harbor will be walking between these panels. Talk about "free" advertising... M
  13. Interesting, from the outside imoca is looking like a class in decline, curious to how many boats are going to get built this cycle. Class health is directly linked to money available, while the the VG impact remains huge (topping Google searches in France in 2013).Both these team-owners have piles of dough and never won the VG As usual, Moody was right on the money (no pun intended) : Banque Populaire and Safran officially announced today that they were joining forces in the development of their new boats ( http://www.ouest-france.fr/voile-safran-et-banque-populaire-sassocient-1886108 ). From the press thing, the extend of said collaboration is not clear: sister ships, common R&D or whatever, it's not specified ("we're happy to collaborate to share costs, risks and efforts" is a bit vague at this point). Maybe somebody has some more precise info, now that the cat's officially out of the bag ? M.
  14. Just FYI, mine arrived earlier this week (France), posted 01/01/12 according to the stamp M