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  1. This is BS royale! Maybe majority of Laser owners do not belong to the ILCA, but then, we don't give a FF for plain dumb Laser owners! They can do whatever they want, but they have NO SAYING in anything related to ICLA. If they don't want to race with the rest, it's their choice. But if they do, then, please, be so kind and either join the class or GO AWAY! It's the RULE, like all other RULES! http://www.laserinternational.org/rules/classrules/parttwo/classmembership WOW.... So 200,000 plus Lasers built if the majority are members then they have a membership of over 100,000!!! If they have under 100,000 members then the majority are NOT members. I do not know or care, just surprised by your claim that the ILCA has such a big membership. Learn something new every day!!
  2. And so do I, I sail the Blaze for convenience, would much rather sail Merlins, N12's, Norfolk Punts..... (Too small for I14's, tried them!)
  3. Well slight correction may be needed, It's about the medium to long term welfare of the Laser sailing dinghy. The rest of our sport will manage (shock, horror!) with or without the Laser. Slight correction. The sick and dying sport will continue to lie face down in its drool until any affordable well promoted " toy for everyone " is supported by a builder, local dealers, and a vibrant well organized promotionaly driven class association. Only if you believe that sailing can take part ONLY in SMODS. I enjoy sailing handicap races, knowing that some days the wind will favour me and some days it will not. Maybe you prefer to sail, an uncomfortable boat, which has sails that last a season only, but it is the same for all of you (If so then the Laser/Torch/Kirby Dinghy is for you). I also enjoy class racing in a boat that is comfortable, has a residual value, and has sails that are competitive after a seasons use, as is every one else in my class of boat. The sport is only "Sick and dying" (Your words not mine), because people are not prepared to get thier heads out of thier arse, and say that there are plenty of other better boats to sail than the Laser, and to give them a go. This is partly down to old farts in clubs not allowing handicap racing and also old farts who have been too involved in SMOD classes and who can not see the bigger picture. We do not seem to have this problem too often in the UK. Jon
  4. Well, maybe, if you can time travel.... They are an excuse to get around a poor rig.....
  5. Well slight correction may be needed, It's about the medium to long term welfare of the Laser sailing dinghy. The rest of our sport will manage (shock, horror!) with or without the Laser.
  6. Royal Norfolk and Suffolk YC - Although Russ is retired now, he was probably the best known barman on the east coast Jon
  7. Just seen on the news that Ross Brawn has lost his job in F1 next year, is it just me, or would, Ross Brawn, Adrian Newey and Sir Ben Ainslie be a dream team, to get the UK challenge started?