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  1. dinghydoc

    Need Chartplotter Recommendation

    ShipModul MinPlex 3 with WiFi and NMEA 2K. http://www.shipmodul.com/downloads/manuals/MiniPlex-3_EN.pdf
  2. dinghydoc

    Need Chartplotter Recommendation

    Ditching my now several year old Raymarine e7 for B&G Zeus 3. Raymarine was OK after warranty repair (they have been good with software updates) but they now want $500 to repair a faulty control dial. Time to upgrade. All my other stuff is now B&G although the Raymarine worked fine with the B&G stuff. Having added a multiplexer I'm finding I have a lot more options to integrate equipment and get data from its WiFi output. The iPad repeats data for anyone that needs to move around the boat. The plotter at the helm is on an adjustable mount so it can be turned to any position and not just facing aft. For a single wheel boat this is nice if you are sitting to one side and needing to navigate and steer. Below we use a laptop connected to the multiplexer. The multiplexer is turning out to be really useful as the boat still has a few NMEA0183 devices on it. Still exploring the options it provides.
  3. dinghydoc

    Taping rigging to prevent snags on cotter pins

    You mean this stuff - https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?id=323039
  4. What does your insurance company think of this plan?
  5. dinghydoc

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Visited Guangzhou once in the mid 80s. Incredible transformation. Thanks for the link.
  6. So we're not really going 11 knots upwind? Damn you B&G! Curious to see what options work. Appreciate the info.
  7. dinghydoc

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Maybe looking for someone from the boat they hit that fell in the water?
  8. dinghydoc

    PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    BTW, the 2018 NOR for Southern Straits (3.2) says PHRF NW ratings will be converted free of charge.
  9. dinghydoc

    jibsheets - line recommendation?

    If anyone buys MLX don't buy black unless you don't mind the mess it makes as it bleeds all over the place the first few months. The other couple colors I have didn't do that. Maybe just a bad batch of dye.
  10. dinghydoc

    My newest project

    It's the dongle. The boat will not sail without the dongle plugged in.
  11. dinghydoc

    My newest project

    Liberal dose of 5200 onto that lead plug and drop 'er in.
  12. dinghydoc

    My newest project

    That elephant drawing is brilliant. Can't believe I've never seen that one before. Thanks.
  13. It's cheaper, probably. Even the most high-class accommodations in Victoria have bull rail with single bolts on the blocks. Apparently friction works well enough, in mysterious ways. That looks like it was a very nice evening.
  14. dinghydoc

    My newest project

    You guys really disappoint me some times. I have no idea what you are reading. Sunday comics and the last 3 posts of any thread.
  15. Yeah, yeah, the metal rails aren't too bad although I've never used one, but the wooden ones totally suck. Period. They are usually nothing but a good way to catch a splinter. The bad outweighs the good of the damn things and the OP didn't say he couldn't figure out how to use them.