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  1. dinghydoc

    PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    BTW, the 2018 NOR for Southern Straits (3.2) says PHRF NW ratings will be converted free of charge.
  2. dinghydoc

    My newest project

    It's the dongle. The boat will not sail without the dongle plugged in.
  3. dinghydoc

    My newest project

    Liberal dose of 5200 onto that lead plug and drop 'er in.
  4. dinghydoc

    My newest project

    That elephant drawing is brilliant. Can't believe I've never seen that one before. Thanks.
  5. It's cheaper, probably. Even the most high-class accommodations in Victoria have bull rail with single bolts on the blocks. Apparently friction works well enough, in mysterious ways. That looks like it was a very nice evening.
  6. dinghydoc

    My newest project

    You guys really disappoint me some times. I have no idea what you are reading. Sunday comics and the last 3 posts of any thread.
  7. Yeah, yeah, the metal rails aren't too bad although I've never used one, but the wooden ones totally suck. Period. They are usually nothing but a good way to catch a splinter. The bad outweighs the good of the damn things and the OP didn't say he couldn't figure out how to use them.
  8. Man, this one location is serving up some incredible images. Sad for the locals though. Good bet a few haven't paid rent in a while either.
  9. Can you imagine the lawsuit if someone tripped and fell on that? Seriously. Holy shit. Where is this so I NEVER make the mistake of going there. I wonder what the story behind the ripped off stantions is. Now there's a picture. Your crew is trying to fend off the concrete monster, loses their balance, falls backwards over the lifelines and lands right onto those exposed rebars. Ouch. Forked for sure. Like one of those TV dramas where the guy is found stuck on a spiked iron fence. This exists in the land of lawsuits?
  10. dinghydoc

    My newest project

    <laughing> I what would be the fate of Bob if he chucked Kim's new table over the side ... No worries, it floats. So you can use your table for MOB practice!
  11. OK, while I'm at it, I don't like the rain either. Can't do anything about that but cleats have been used in civilized countries for several hundred years. And tits are required. I agree. I'll take tits on the docks and the cleats. Always in pairs. No odd numbers. Bad luck.
  12. dinghydoc

    My newest project

    The block feature makes this place a bit more tolerable. It's like some people don't exist. It's why some people don't seem to see my posts! LOL Not sure how I pissed anyone off but I probably did.
  13. dinghydoc

    Restoration Ron Holland IOR racer Flirt of Paget (2)

    Very nice to see the updates with all the photos of the deconstruction and rebuild. Thanks for taking the time to post them!
  14. dinghydoc

    Restoration Ron Holland IOR racer Flirt of Paget (2)

    Yeah, holy cr*p. That is a nice place to work on a boat in a cold climate. Bet it's heated. Worth the drive if the other choice is working outside in the cold.
  15. dinghydoc


    Wow, I never saw this thread until today. Amazing. Yes, both the project and my ignorance. Starting at beginning and reading about how far this project has come was a trip. What a great accomplishment! I'm a bit of an aluminum geek and that got my attention. Composites are awesome but aluminum is nice to work with. Still have lots of posts in the middle to catch up on. Look forward to more next year.