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  1. Odd post, apologies! A small group of us will be in Barcelona on Sept 3rd. I'd love to get out for a sail, and see the city from the water. Any chance someone would be willing to connect?
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    hey Cats, since our boats are so stable and easy to sail compared to a Moth, we must be the ideal candidates for wing experiments. the C-class cats clearly wish they could get rid of that other useless hull, and we are already there! I like the wing idea, but have no desire to sail a boat wider than my car, or sail two boats at once! cheers, K I will never put a wing on a canoe. However, I will be in Germany for Worlds this summer. Currently my foot is broken and in a protective boot. Hopefully be recovered for HPDO on Columbus day. Best, Willy hey Willy, off topic here, but the trailer is semi finished. windows and screened door for camping to come Epic Kenny! Looks great!
  3. (703): fucking a dude (703): i mean: fucking a, dude (703): wow, that comma made all the difference there
  4. Bethwaite is the father of modern high performance sailing, and this book is the bible. Unfortunately its tough as hell to read. When I first got this book, the advice I got was find a section that interests you (weather for me) and start there. Good Advice!