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  1. Gladiator Sailing


    Try Richmond
  2. Gladiator Sailing


    Brand new never titled PDX build with carbon foils and spars, on a road trailer ready to go for less than you can build one yourself; just add sails! PM me for details
  3. Gladiator Sailing

    Looking forward to the invention of cleats in Canada

    Sorry, but you clearly have no idea how to tie to bull rails! Sitting in Port McNeill after spending 4 months touring BC & Alaska and now heading south. I've had precisely zero splinters in my lines or hands, but we do anchor out 90% of the time. However, we also don't let our moorings "chafe" on the bull rail either! It's not rocket science. Get to the dock, lay the boat along side, calmly step off and secure the boat. If the conditions are shit and you are short handed, anchor out! If you figure-8 around the bull rail (just like you do on a cleat) you get zero line chafe and zero splinters. Cast off the line from the top and pull the tail from under the rail; no snags, no splinters!
  4. Gladiator Sailing

    Stern tying in Desolation Sound - how to....

    I'm really glad we made the trip to Alaska this summer for this exact reason. We have anchored almost every night in a cove alone. Now if it hadn't rained damn near every fucking night since we left Anacortes in April we would have had some amazing stargazing this summer!
  5. Gladiator Sailing

    Marinas: Blaine, Bellingham, Sidney, etc.

    And a waiting list for 45' slips!! Was there October 2016 and tried to get a winter slip; 12-18 month wait. I asked the lady why there were 40+ empty 50' slips if they had a wait list. Oh, those are for transient guests at the daily rate. For the winter? Yep. I'm sure they sat empty all winter too. Its got to be the #1 problem with "port authority" marinas (Bellingham, Anacortes, Everett, etc), there is no incentive to keep them full so why try. If Everett was privately owned they'd have been happy to put me in a slip for the winter at the discounted monthly rate instead of letting the slip sit empty.
  6. Gladiator Sailing

    VC17 Alternative

    We loved the Petit SR-21 on our Martin 241. We applied it annually over VC Offshore that was burnished to a polish. Lasted all season with weekly wipe downs with a sponge. We did thin the paint with SailKote after mixing the copper by topping off the can and shaking. When applying it went on very smooth and thin and left a very nice teflon finish.
  7. Gladiator Sailing

    Junk on the trunk

    Poor little SJ 24. I thought someone had put an outhouse in the cockpit when I first saw it... nope... a full on "pilot house" out of corrugated black plastic. It was definitely an eye catcher when we were passing through in the fall!
  8. Gladiator Sailing

    Junk on the trunk

    I can't believe that there aren't any Anarchists in Edmonds, WA on this thread! What do I win?
  9. Gladiator Sailing

    New Boat Question

    Boat is way drier than a VX. Not much hiking unless you're racing and want to win. Ship it on its trailer on a fladbed or rail car for cheap.
  10. Gladiator Sailing

    what are your cruising plans for 2017?

    Left Anacortes, WA a week or so ago on our way to Alaska. Plan is to be in Glacier Bay mid June with a return to the Gulf Islands in late September. Heading into Princess Louisa in the next couple days. Guessing we will be just about the only ones there this time of year.
  11. Gladiator Sailing

    New Boat Question

    i550? I know where there's one for sale for a very appealing price!
  12. Gladiator Sailing

    2017 Viper 640 Pacific Coast Championships in the Gorge

    I'll be there as your PRO... its going to be 3 days of amazing sailing and great fun for everyone! Really looking forward to the event!
  13. Gladiator Sailing

    Anacortes Racing

    There's a single pick crane at Cap Sante with dry storage; looks like there's room. Sent you a PM. Talk to NWrig... he'll set you straight!
  14. Gladiator Sailing

    Melges 30 converted to Melges 32

    I assume you are in Astoria, or maybe Newport. Buy an Olson 30 (or even better find an Olson 29) and race OD/level with the local fleet and sail a ton and have fun. We brought the Cheetah 30 to Astoria a few times. Like a Melges 32 or 24 it will crush the Olson in most typical Astoria conditions, but it would be more fun to sail OD or level with those guys. Hell buy that Carrera 290 for cheap, clean it up, learn how to sail it and CRUSH the locals. That boat is a serious sleeper and has never been sailed even close to its rating. But if you are serious about a Pacific Coast/PNW road warrior OD boat the choice is easy... Melges 24.
  15. Gladiator Sailing


    Ear? I doh'n need no stinkin' ear! .,,mebbe eyes then. The blue dots represent plansets sold. And plansets turn into boats, eh? Uhhhh not very often... Eh