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  1. toecutter

    Tide Rising 7 m at your place

    " Now go and check out the facts - which all come from validated sources - then come back and debate them like a grown up. "
  2. toecutter

    Tide Rising 7 m at your place

    You haven't hooked anyone. Shooting the messenger is the mantra of your type. Embarrassing attempts to besmirch the presenter within minutes of a posting is unequivocal proof that you're nothing more than a zealot. Besides, DeSmogBlog (you really should include your links with these things) is hardly going to be complimentary of anyone that presents as a skeptic in any form. Now go and check out the facts - which all come from validated sources - then come back and debate them like a grown up.
  3. No one can deny the visit got him closer to God.
  4. toecutter

    Tee Vee on a boat. Stoopid question

    Ba-Humbug! Don't listen to these guys. TV is great. TV with great sound is even better. Get a plug pack telly that runs on 12 volts and it will work fine plugged into the 12 volt supply. 24" is about the best combination of size and power consumption for most purposes. It'll have a good enough picture (although unlikely to be full HD), but crap sound. To fix that, either get one with bluetooth audio output built in or buy a cheap usb powered bluetooth converter off ebay and stick on it. Next, get hold of a decent bluetooth speaker and bingo! - cinematic experience on a boat. And anyone that says a laptop is better for movies has never experienced the above setup.
  5. toecutter

    West Systems Shelf Life (and other epoxies)

    Yes. For modesty purposes, I photoshopped a toenail onto the picture of the forcibly removed appendage.
  6. toecutter

    West Systems Shelf Life (and other epoxies)

    Good grief, yes! I've got a mangey old set that I use, but they were on the boat one time and I needed to do some glassing at home so I snuck into the house and borrowed the missus's brand new scales she uses to mix her hair dye concoction and who knew that mopping up spilled epoxy with acetone causes paint and numbers and plastic and stuff to dissolve??
  7. toecutter

    West Systems Shelf Life (and other epoxies)

    I was actually stating in my original post that I got sick of Wests, per se, and referred to over heating (and associated rapid kicking) of it compared to the other brands of epoxy I use. Now, I don't want to be critical of West epoxy, but IMHO it's not as good to apply as other brands when used within the environment in which I personally use the stuff. Some of their fillers are good, but fumed silica, ground glass and wood flour are a lot cheaper to buy directly. Mechanically, West's may, or may not, be better? My boats haven't fallen apart Gilligan's Island pancake glue style as yet, though, so I'll stick with what I use now, for now. Be that as it may, whilst epoxy is indeed a chemical reaction and not a catalytic one, I'll grant you that, try adding 10% more hardener to your mix in a tropical environment and see what happens.
  8. toecutter

    West Systems Shelf Life (and other epoxies)

    I was talking about the resin I use. Not yours. Newsflash. Adding more hardener than needed to epoxy causes it to kick faster. Try it sometime.
  9. toecutter

    West Systems Shelf Life (and other epoxies)

    If you're going to mix epoxy by weight (which I've always done) don't be like me and discover that the reason you always run out of hardener before resin after years and years of mixing epoxy is that quite often, the hardener is lighter in weight per a specific volume than the resin. In fact, the brand of resin I use these days has a 5:1 by volume mixing ration, but the needs to be mixed at a ratio of 100 grams resin to 17 grams hardener when measured by weight. AFAIK, Wests doesn't mention compensating for density for 5:1 mixes (although the 3:1 epoxy/hardener combos need to be mixed at 3.5:1 by weight), but I found that I run out of hardener sooner using West epoxy and always had issues with it overheating in cup much more so then the brand I now use even though I was using it at a 5:1 ratio by weight, too, at the time. This was actually the reason why I actually gave up on Wests in the first place. I got tired of running out of hardener and having my cup of epoxy getting steaming hot and kicking to soon.
  10. toecutter

    Songs/Groups that Suck but You Still Played Them

    40 years later this is still one of my faves and a regular on my playlists
  11. toecutter

    Change # posts per page????

    Thanks Mid. First the headphone jack and now this. Gotta love new and improved. Sooooo..... Is there a hack?
  12. toecutter

    Change # posts per page????

    Years and years ago I changed my settings to display 100 posts per page. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Fast forward to now and not so good (damn you youtube, high resolution imagery and posters that quote and requote and requote posts containing all the above). Problem is, I can't seem to find the setting to change my posts per page preferences anywhere. Help?