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  1. Have any of you sailed a beachcat with wings? I put them on my Mystere 6.0 2 years ago and have not put the harnesses on the boat since them. And sitting up on the wings are much more comfortable(and drier) than sitting out on the amas all day. In light air they make great back rests. I can easily put 3-4 people on the boat. My boat has the same height mast as the pulse. Almost the same sail area. Weights in at 475 pounds. Wife loves the wings. Nothing like sailing from a set of 10 ft lounge chairs.
  2. I'm not seeing the pulse has any advantage on a beachcat. Do you really think that sitting(or hiking) on a flat tramp(which is where you will be with any wind) is easier(or more comfortable) than being trapped out(and surly not as comfortable as sitting on the wings)? A beach cat with wings will be drier, more comfortable, Easier to rig, lighter to move around and launch, and lighter to tow. The only down side might be the 8-8.5 beam for storing. And you can pick up some really nice used 20 ft beachcats for under 10K(including trailer, sailbox, and cattrax). Spend another 1K to add wings.
  3. Acats, Moths, AC boats sail race WL courses. Sails are designed to go upwind then down. Throw in some reaching legs and everything changes. Cruisers love to go reaching.
  4. Swedish bikini team.
  5. I like it but at 35K it was much easier(and about 34K cheaper) to just add wings to my beachcat. Dry, don't need to trap, easy to launch. Same length, same sail area and about 200 lbs lighter.
  6. •Composite rudder and dagger-boards<br /><br />Single rudder and multiple dagger-boards?<br /><br />Spin/reacher tacked to the bow. Not even a short sprint.
  7. Just me or something does not make sense. A hard dodger for protection but a seperate UNPROTECTED cockpit for sail handling. Or is this just a seperation between owner and paid crew.
  8. This makes FH look respectable.