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  1. Sodebo foiling

    This looks like an upwind configuration. On LendingClub 2, going upwind we messed around with putting the windward foil down to soften the windward float slap in rougher conditions. It seamed to have a window that it helped in. This was without T rudders, with Ts I think it would have a good result.
  2. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Just seen on Craigslist https://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/boa/d/50-foot-sailboat/6370727567.html
  3. Sailrocket 3 - The Offshore version

    I remember seeing it as IW after hitting the rock at Ke'ena point, in the around Oahu race in the early 90s. She was a fast boat back before that.
  4. Olson 40 Euphoria - Total Refit at Finco

    The boat looks great! Mahalo for sharing the update.
  5. Transpac 2017

    F27 Makalii
  6. Transpac 2017

    Does the tracker go live at some point as they approach? With the tris all going so fast the four hour delay is a big time spread. Thinking of launching the RIB to go chase the finishers this evening.
  7. Tornado supersize

    Look into Beowulf V... http://www.setsail.com/multihull-history-how-cruising-started-for-us/ Sounds like fun to me.
  8. How do they reef the main on Ultimes ?

    Thks Lanikai, ​And what happen at the tack ? As Schnick said above, it is likely that there is some sort of line ? (or a huge strap, as I believe can be seen the BP5 video mentioned by Chasm - "jour 5 - prise de ris dans le pot au noir") ? The "Cunni" is angled forward and below at an angle that allows it to tension down and forward. The reef points line up with a batten so that the batten car is able to control the tension along the mast. I don't remember any strap around the mast just the "Cunni". What I see in the video is the "cunni" being run to the next position, there where separate spots for it to go for each reef. That being said, I have no photos of the mast when reefed as there wasn't a lot of going forward when reefed. Most of the trip was upwind so if we where reefed it was "sporting"... My instructions where to keep the boat speed below wind speed. When reefed that got harder to do.
  9. How do they reef the main on Ultimes ?

    On LendingClub 2 there are halyard locks at each point, You tighten the "Lazy Bag" with a rope clutch on either side of the bag, Ease the "cunni" Cunningham, Halyard up, and it will now drop past the "lock", the trigger line for the "lock" that you want would be pulled, Reef line for the reef point that you want is ground in as you ease the Halyard. This is continued till the locking shackle on the boom/reef line clicks into place. (This is a cool piece of kit with trigger line release) Ensure that the halyard is locked into the "lock" Go forward and reroute the "Cunni" through the new location and hook off, ease the "lazy bag" return aft Grind in the "Cunni" Grind back in the Main, Clean up and set up for next maneuver. I hope this helps. If I got it wrong, Ryan, Stan or Jan can speak up. Aloha Lanikaisailor
  10. Tow a Hobie

    We towed the Nacra I20 from Oahu to Maui for the Maui return race in 2014. This was with a rib doing over 16kts with the dagger boards wedged so that they are just 9" down and rudders tied up. I would pull off the rudders and the mast, if you have room, and you should be fine, The mast can try to sail on its own at times and can be an issue in swell. Set up a bridal from the bows and go for it.