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  1. J70 236 will be registered soon. Hope some more 70's sign up...
  2. Just in case no one from EYC/CRW responds, here is my suggestion: get to EYC early today. Last thurs. the park was jam packed with cars, due to the music in the park etc. the shore way was backed up in both directions due to the massive influx of peeps. As far as I know there is no special parking araingement but I could be wrong, either way get there early. I waited a solid 15-20 min. last week waiting in line on the shore way and that was around 6pm.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cleveland-Race-Week/107727335928107 88 one-design boats invaded Cleveland Race Week at Edgewater Yacht Club in Cleveland, Ohio from June 13-15. Eight fleets competed, including 25 J/70s duking out the Great Lakes Championship and 18 Tartan 10s seeking the title of Lake Erie Champion. Both the J/70s and Tartan 10s began their series on Friday, which featured Northwest breezes in the teens and typical Lake Erie waves. Winds started strong again on Saturday morning when all fleets got in on the action, but died off throughout the day. Sunday dawned with light breeze but increased, making for a beautiful day of racing in Cleveland. The Race Committee ran three separate circles and was able to complete up to 11 races on certain courses. The Fleet winners: Tartan 10: Team Iball, Scott Irwin, North Cape Yacht Club (17 points, 11 races) J/22: Mo' Money, Vic Snyder/Kevin Doyle, Youngstown Yacht Club (17 points, 6 races) J/24: Black & Tan, Steve Hronek, EYC (9 points, 6 races) J/70: Team Bayview, Paul Hulsey, Bayview Yacht Club (49 points, 10 races) J/105: it, Jim Sminchak/Doug Moose, LYC (9 points, 6 races) Dragon: The Schmucks, Mike Mahar, Edgewater Yacht Club (17 points, 6 races) Ensign: Jager, Jim Collins, ECA (16 points, 6 races) Jet 14: Na Pame, Dave Michos, EYC (12 points, 8 races) For complete information, visit www.clevelandraceweek.com. Racing continues through next Sunday in RC Sailboats, Women’s, Doublehanded, Juniors and PHRF.
  4. sounds like we have enogh intrest to race tommorow, so if you want to race be at EYC @ 9:30 A.M.
  5. we rigged 4 boats, had enough rc people to make it happen. however, beside bluelaser2, no one showed. so spread the word frostbiting is on, be at EYC 9:30 AM this sun.
  6. And if you are not on the email list: we are meeting at EYC at 9am this sun. 10/27/13. Members as well as non-members are welcome. $25 cash goes towards fuel/boat parts for the season. This is not a learn to sail program. There is a refundable (as long as you don't damage the boats) deposit, paid via mem. num./ cash/credit... We have had pretty good turn out over the past few years. With a wide verity of participants male, female, young and old. Step up to the plate to see if you've got the stuff to get between the hot shot junior sailors and the finish line. After racing there is beer and food available for purchase in the club. See everyone out there. Have Fun!
  7. EYC frostbiting is on check your email
  8. Anybody that is not on the EYC frostbite email list should pm me your email so we don't have to copy/paste emails on this thread.
  9. I've never raced a Hobie 16 and I don't plan on starting now, it's just for fun.
  10. EYC frostbiting will be on this year. CC just sent out an e-mail, she is waiting for the green light from the yard, manager... as for a turkey bowl i would think it can be done at EYC, especialy since we will have crash boats and shit on the ready for the frosbiting. and we should be able to use the frostbiting boats too...
  11. good job CYC for hosting a fun weekend regatta for all to attend (including "r" rated boats that do not normally race at CYC). inclusiveness is the key to keep sailboat racing alive on our great lake erie
  12. Optimist Great LakesReport courtesy Ian Moran Congrats Ian Moran, powered by North DZero6! Congratulations Ian Moran USA 18578! The USODA Great Lakes being held at my home club gave me lots of confidence that I would be able to handle any conditions we would run into over the weekend. With the competition being as good as they were I felt it was really important to get out to a good start. The wind was blowing around 12 to 15 out of the south keeping the waves pretty small. With my North Dzero6 I knew I would be able to point just as high if not higher and go just as fast as my competition. I was able to win the first 4 races. This set me up nicely for the second day. The wind shifted around to the west creating much bigger waves on Sunday. I was leading the first race when I bow plowed on a wave and almost swamped my boat. I was able to recover and finish 2nd. The next race I finished in 3rd place. All I had to do on the last race was stay close to the leaders. I was able to finish in 6th place assuring me of my first USODA regatta win. http://www.onedesign.com/One%20Design%20NA/tabid/23032/Default.aspx?news_id=4573
  13. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=532184156830147 Ian getting it done son!
  14. the Nash Race happened yesterday at EYC. for those that do not know it is a mini-distance persute race, boats of all shapes and sizes participated using phrf ratings. a j22 won followed by 3 T-10's despite there being 2 M32's and some j70's out there. earlier this year the 1st anual Clair Memorial Day Race was held at EYC, same deal mini-distance persute. an Ensign won that race. 43 boats participated there were M32's and J70's in that one too. this does not bode well for the sport boat hating pussies like joli.