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  1. The funny thing is that if the other douche bag protestor (douchebag 1) really wanted to get the Ed (douchebag 2) tossed he should have gone about it a different way, the Melges 32 OD (which this boat is currently rated as) is an owner/driver class. As such in OD spec (which this boat is currently rated as) the owner must drive the boat. Now in true M32 OD racing there has been cases at regattas where owners have not made it and someone subbed in but the standing rule has always been in the class no Cat 3 drivers come on as the sub. Alex is a Cat 3 pro at north. That would have been the way to go about getting the Ed tossed, if douchebag 1 had been smart enough to fly the flag while racing.
  2. For awhile there is seemed he was requiring his female crew to slob on his knob too while his long term girlfriend plead ignorance to the whole situation. At some point he had paid for some lady from the mid-west to move to SD, then dropped her later on with no money to move home. He is an all around grade-A douche. But so it the Ed. So maybe these two are destined to be best friends after the protest hearing. They can find some common douchebag ground in there.
  3. Only if someone pays for him too.
  4. The difference is Clean's buddy is the designated mouth piece for the M24 event so that makes it cool. MS Either that, or the fact that 80% of the M24 fleet doesn't have pros on it anymore and the fucking 20 year old class is growing like a weed right now. Whatever makes you happy. 2015 worlds over 40% of the fleet was pro'd up. Less than 60% of the fleet was Corinthian. Not sure there will be much difference this year.
  5. That boat is in San Diego right now with now mast behind the convention center.
  6. The kid is a Cat3. He gets paid to sail. The kid is not a cat3 look at the registration. Not to get into it here, I really don't care. Good on Kilroy and his son for signing a pay check to some sailors I know, race with and respect. The kid is a Cat 1, but one could say he is a pro in the respect that he has a team given to him and doesn't cut a check of his own...much like a nascar driver you could say. But I am all for Kilroy's kid doing well. I for one wouldn't change the melges 20 class. It is running just how it was designed. Ed is just getting pissed that he is getting made fun of for his M32 "program" racing beneteau's but knows that he couldn't come close to competing on the 32 circuit because he can't afford it. He got the boat from the DeVos' family for a steal, but he can't afford to run the boat out of San Diego. He keeps the boat in the water without bottom paint (likely the only Melges 32 to live in the water). Hell he is so cheap he is planning on doing Santa Barbara to King Harbor race, but having some poor schmuck deliver the boat on it's own bottom up the coast.
  7. I see your picture is Kokopelli, in SD, if you sailed it much you would know the Invisible Hand is in San Diego and racing as Azshou (I believe that is spelled right). Also a brand new TP/IRC 52 is set to hit SD in the next couple months. Farr 40s were only building up in SoCal due to the Long Beach worlds, I don't believe the numbers are that different to 2 years prior to worlds. Not that much difference to the racing scene as far as I can tell.
  8. Second just purchased by the creature himself. Ex-Ninkasi.
  9. Nothing like a cotton hoodie to take on a sport boat....
  10. not a clue, things show up on the local event registration with his name on them and he competes in them - got to (sorta) match race with him in one event this last summer, downwind, he kept us pinned against the fenders over by the aircraft carriers (it is a SD thing) and then on the upwind leg he covered our tacks and stayed with us so we could not get over him. As someone who did the beer cans with DC all summer I can promise you we were not covering you...you weren't even in our class.
  11. You all do realize woody isn't a member at SDYC right? I am not even sure if they let him on the grounds any more.
  12. Some clubs have "competition membership" for those who are already good sailors and the club gives them free or very very cheap membership so they will participate in club sponsored teams, i.e. Lipton Cup type yacht club challenge events. Those clubs usually required their "competition members" to do 1 event for the club a year. Those members are also free to request funding from the club to sail under their burgee at high level events.
  13. God you are a moron. This happened 2 blocks from your favorite haunt "Fid's". Why don't you go crawl back to "Fid's" where no one likes you, the bartenders think you are creepy and Steve barely puts up with you only to be nice to the neighborhood retard.
  14. I will be there. Hopefully a quick trip this year.
  15. Let me rephrase that: Which douse do you prefer and why? Depends on the situation...you should never only rely on one douse. That being said, always a fan of a mexican.