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  1. tom-09

    Bummer for Stars and Stripes

    not a clue, things show up on the local event registration with his name on them and he competes in them - got to (sorta) match race with him in one event this last summer, downwind, he kept us pinned against the fenders over by the aircraft carriers (it is a SD thing) and then on the upwind leg he covered our tacks and stayed with us so we could not get over him. As someone who did the beer cans with DC all summer I can promise you we were not covering weren't even in our class.
  2. tom-09

    newbie bowman tips

    Let me rephrase that: Which douse do you prefer and why? Depends on the should never only rely on one douse. That being said, always a fan of a mexican.
  3. tom-09

    newbie bowman tips

    Or just make the Owner fit green and red halyards. small note: Green==> starboard Red==> port A great response 3+ years later. Newbie you are amazing, your insight is unmatched. FUCK OFF NOOB Welcome to SA